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Our members attending other clubs in the area!

Ask Dane-It is not all WORK with the Lions in Columbia County.

Lions Diana and Dane meeting with the Lake Grove Lions recently.

Lion Dane appears to be breaking in his new knee!

Lion Gretchen was able to secure a used refrigerator for the L.O. Lions.   Past Pres. Lion Dane

and his Grandson transported the refrigerator to the Coffee Shack at the George Rogers Park.


Lion VP Dean at the LO Chamber of Commerce August 2016

Note the flyers on the table advertising the Lions as being the servers at the

Heritage Council's Car Show on the 28th of August.

Members from LO Lions meeting with other neighboring Lions Clubs.  Get involved and ask Pres. Gen or P. Pres. Dane how to hitch  a ride to future visitations.

Lion's Pres. Gen, Garry Charbonneau, DG, P. Pres. Dane with Gresham Breakfast members Art Abbot, Don Adams and Pres. Glen.  The Club had a full agenda and discussed existing programs, planning for future programs and community involvement in helping the needy.  The club provides an average of 8 to 10 eyeglasses to those in need every month.

Lions Dane Parreira,  Diana Richardson  and Warren Heathman volunteering at the Asian Health and Service Center.  Hundreds of community residents attending and participating in the Screening Events.



February 20th MD 36-O Conference

A nice gathering convenied for a one day conference in Gresham to hear and see what is happening in our district.  New  members from Lake Oswego, Dean Surface and Creg Olson were sworn in by the District Governor.  More information will be forthcoming.   The following pictures were taken by Lion Sarah. 

Scrap BooK planned and assembled by Lion Lynnie

Picture Board by Lion Sarah

Lion Sarah's Favorite

Lion Lynnie winner of baskets!


Lake Oswego Lions and Guests make the Christmas Potluck and Auction

Lions celebrate Christmas with a potluck on December 18th at the Heritage House in Lake Oswego.   A nice crowd of members and guests enjoyed the food, singing carols and the auction.   The $675.00 raised benefits the Administrative Fund.   The following pictures were taken by Lion Sarah:

Megan stole the show by signing two verses of Silent Night!

Pulling whiskers is a fun thing says Megan.

Bingo: One for Fun and Two for Money!

Lions members took a day off from the regular meeting for a day  just  to play BINGO.  The three Bingo events this year have produced $339.00.  This helps our club's Administrative Fund which in turn helps by keeping our annual renewal fees stable.  Lion Sandy was the caller for this event  and seemed as though we had a lot of double winners.   The following pictures were taken by Lion Bill:


July 4th brought out many to the annual event for a hearty breakfast and fun time for many of those in attendance.   The Lions Clubs of Portland Downtown, Beaverton, Oregon City and West Linn helped the 35 members of the the Lake Oswego Lions.    Below are pictures that were taken by Lion Bob Gordon.


After 64 years, they still come out the same!

Lion Marlene offers to help someone by getting coffee. Lion Joe passing out butter.

Lion Roger at the Rotary VIP Table.

This is great time to share food and conversation.

Guess who got a break for breakfast?  Lions Barbara, Eric, Sally & Martha.

Lion Barbara explaining the Lions providing help to the needy.

Lion Jim still smiling after nearly seven hours at the site.

PDG Joyce explaing that much cooperation and shear joy is the norm of the day.

All smiles even after mixing the batter for 6000 pancakes.

Lions Sally with PID Sunny

Lions Mike, Hal, Renee and PDG Mary Lee at the cash line.

A popular featue was the local neighborhood band.

Lions Melita and Hal just about ready to go count the money.

Lion Jan is happy as how the day is going and enjoying the relaxed smiles on all the faces.

Brother Thomas tooking down the line to see what else needs to be done.

Lions Bill, Paula and Renee commenting on the beautiful weather we had today.

Lion Dane offering a pancake to a hungry man.

Lions Martha and Eric checking how much juice is available.

Lions Sarah and Patrick at the Flag Sales station.

Lion Patti helping at the Rotary VIP table.

PDG Joyce, Lions Raema, Barbara and Jan all thinking the best way to serve 2700 hungry souls.

Eric looking to see if there is anymore juice left.

"Just a simple smile for a job well done by all involved today!" says Lion Sally.

Lion Gretchen loading up supplies from home.

Lion Melita and Melaney, Gretchen's friend handing out the rolled up tableware.

Do you see the Weberg family members?

Recent Update on the Grave Marker Discovery--Lion Sarah

For anyone following my discovery of the gravestone on Kruseway last summer-  The following pictures are  of the McAlister Clan having a reunion and lecture at the Eugene Masonic Cemetery.   Then followed by visiting the restored gravestone of Samantha McAlister back in it's proper place!  The people pictured with me next to the stone are Bruce McAlister and Karen Offen, who came to Lake Oswego to rescue the stone.


 Backyard Wildlife Scenes

Credits: Sarah DeMerritt (Sd)  Hal Schmidt (hhs)  Tom Sutrov (TS)  Neighbor  (n) Dane Parreira (DP)

 I know you want to take a perfect picture with us looking alike!   DP

I rather hide in the shade with these temperatures!   DP

I prefer roses.   DP

Vultures at rest.  DP

Missed another Thanksgiving.  DP

Bunch of Gobblie Gook!   DP

 A Christmas loaf sent to a neighboring squirrel.  sd

Lots of gall to rest on someone's car.   hhs

Resting before I look for my lunch!    hhs
Best be looking for a seed or two.   hhs
Nope!  I left my skates at my nest.  Note the ice on the tail and beak?   hhs
Love to stop here when there is ice and snow on the ground.  hhs
Don't call me Wild life--I make my home here near Wallowa Lake.  hhs
Wildlife hiding and destroying a nice lawn.  hhs
Early a.m. guest in our back yard.   (n)
Heron resting on the banks of the Willamette River.   TS

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