Lions Face Shields for First Responders

Leveraging a $10,000 Emergency Grant from the Lions Club International Foundation, the Harvard Lions Club and Massachusetts Lions District 33A Leadership are partnering in an ambitious service initiative to manufacture and distribute 1500 highest quality NIH-approved face shields for community first responders and frontline workers who serve at-risk populations in the towns comprising and surrounding our district.

  • 33A’s network of clubs will identify local needs for professional grade face shields and place orders for qualifying organizations (Lions Face Shields Order Form).
  • Trained volunteers from the Harvard Lions Club will manufacture the face shields to order, assembling a 3-D printed headpiece with a plastic visor and adjustable headband.
  • The sponsoring Lions Club will pickup the completed faceshields when ready and deliver them to the receiving organization.  They will also coordinate with local media to recognize the gift.

Face Shield Description

The NIH DtM-v3.1 Face Shield is a clinical-grade reusable product that meets rigorous National Institute of Health standards (Model ID 3DPX-013359).  

  • 3rd Generation 3D design is the ONLY one tested and approved by NIH clinicians; NIH provided manufacturing specifications and instructions, NIH quality control procedures and instructions for sanitizing
  • 10 mil thick heavy-duty visor using thermal laminate material
  • Heavy duty 3/4" button-hole elastic for rapid adjustment
  • Comfort padded headband uses 3/8" closed cell foam for extended wear
  • is comfortable to wear and easy to don and doff (as it will be taken on and off dozens of times in a twelve-hour shift)
  • is re-usable for a single user (can survive multiple daily washes; transparent visor can be replaced from readily sourced materials when worn out)
  • provides protection to broader area of face compared to standard safety goggles or glasses

This project was made possible by a generous donation from our sponsor!


Who to contact

Fill out this form to place your order for First Responder Face Shields.




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