The Wilmington Lions Club was so pleased to have the assistance of the Theta Gamma Chapter of Delta Gamma at UNC-W helping at the Azalea Festival Boat Raffle today and tomorrow on Front Street in Wilmington. They are hard workers and their help is welcome to help raise money to assist the visionally impaired and other Lions projects.


The Wilmington Lions Club was at the Azalea Festival Street Fair on Front Street. Come and see us on Saturday and Sunday, August 21 and 22.

We sold raffle tickets for a 2020 18-foot BaylinerF18 , with trailer and a Mercury Engine. The tickets are 1 for a $5 donation, 3 for $10 and 15 for $20. All money goes to help the blind and visually impaired and Lions Projects. This is a joint project of Lion’s Clubs in Southeastern NC with the Southport NC Lions Club.

This year there is a great second prize thanks to our friends @GSFreedomBoat. The second prize is a one year’s membership in the Freedom Boat Club, good at any Freedom Boat Club location.

The drawing for first and second prizes will be held on the Community Day on September 25, 2021, in Southport, NC. You do not have to be present to win



Snacks for Front-line Heroes

The Wilmington Lions Club wishes to thank all our front-line heroes, who answer the call to service to be there for us and to keep our community safe. 

We especially want to honor and thank the Wilmington Police Department and the officers and staff who work to keep us protected and safe during this global pandemic.  They leave their homes each day while their families worry about their safety while they serve us. 

The Wilmington Lions Club of Wilmington, NC, is proud to take “Snacks for our Front-Line Heroes” to the Wilmington Police Department.   A total of 42 cases of sports drinks, power bars, chips and other snacks were delivered to the Southeastern Patrol Division and the Headquarters.

These frontline heroes make the selfless decision to protect and serve during this unprecedented health crisis.  We thank them and their loved ones for their devotion to duty.








Here are the numbers from eSight evaluations in Wilmington that was held on April 12 and 13 2019.

— 52 people evaluated. 1 person has eSight and received coaching, 10 individuals not candidates (totally blind or bare light perception) and worked for 34 of 41. That’s 82.9% success rate.

The clinic was co-sponsored by the Wilmington Woman's Club and the Wilmington Lions Club.

The electronic glasses restore or enhance sight for individuals living with vision loss. Conditions eSight users have include macular degeneration, cataracts, ocular albinism, retinal detachment, and many other according to the eSights website. They are worn like glasses and allow a person with low vision to see in the same manner as someone who is fully sighted can.


Wilmington Lions Club Held VIP Thanksgiving Banquet

A chance to meet friends, a chance to socialize, a change to have fellowship are just some of the reasons the Wilmington Lions Club sponsors the VIP Banquet for the New Hanover County VIP Group. VIP refers to visually impaired persons.

The VIP Thanksgiving Banquet has been held for over 37 years by the Wilmington Lions Club

The Banquet was held on November 2019, at the Pine Valley Methodist Church. A full Thanksgiving meal was served to over 45 VIPs, family and guests.

Many individuals and groups helped with the banquet. Lion Frank Lem cooked the turkeys and gravy. The Rev. Kim Collins offered grace. The Pine Valley Methodist Church generously allowed use of their facilities. Transportation assistance was provided by  the Wilmington Parks and Recreation.  Lions Archie and Delores Barringer Chaired the project.


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