Location of Lion's Eye Glass Collection Boxes in Wilmington, NC

All Walmart Opticial Shops-including Leland
New Hanover County Senior Center, Shipyard and College Rd
Cape Fear Institute/Dr James Fanelli
Vision Works, Oleander Drive
Eye Center of Wilmington, Oleander Drive
Dr. Klaus, Shipyard Blvd
YMCA Bridge Center  (New Hanover Co Government Center)
Dr. Scott Tunis at Mayfaire
Dr. Matolla, Wrightsville Ave
Doctor's Vision Center, 17th St
Disability Resource Center, 140 Cinema Dr.
Sam's Club
My Eye Doctor, Carolina Beach Rd
1st Baptist Church Activity Center
Pine Valley United Methodist Church
Eye Care Center 17th St/Medical Center Dr.

If a collection point is no longer in use or a collection point needs to be added-please contact George Holston   at







Lions help to conserve sight by providing usable eyeglasses to children and adults throughout the world. Donated eyeglasses can help millions to experience corrected vision for the first time, enabling them to read, attend school, gain employment and take care of their families.  Eyeglass recycling is one of the Lions' most popular activities. Although the program was officially adopted by the association in 1994, Lions have been collecting glasses for more than 80 years.  There are sixteen collection centers throughout the world. Glasses are tested for prescription, sorted, packaged and made available to medical teams for distribution in foreign countries




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