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Wisaconsin Lions Foundation (WLF)

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The Wisconsin Lions Foundation, Inc. (WLF) is a charitable non-profit Wisconsin Corporation organized and maintained by the Lions of Wisconsin and is in charge of all statewide service and fund-raising activities. The Foundation began in 1956 as the administrative arm to the Wisconsin Lions Camp. The Foundation now has a total of six statewide projects; The Wisconsin Lions Camp, the Eyeglass Recycling Center, Diabetes Education, the Hearing Program, Vision Screening, and Youth Projects. The Foundation has grown to be the pride and joy of the Lions, Lioness, and Leos of Wisconsin. It is also the envy of the Lions throughout the Country and very much appreciated by the people whose lives have been, or are being, changed by its projects.  This was all made possible because Clubs and individuals believe in what the Foundation has to offer and because of the watchful administration of the Board of Directors.  The operation of the Foundation is directed by 24 Directors, two from each of the ten districts, one from the Council of Governors, and three Lioness Representatives.

Lions Club of Sayner-Star Lake

Events, Accomplishments, Contributions, & Projects

Under Construction 

International ---

Lions Clubs International - Committee // Lion Roger L Weber

State ---

Wisconsin Lions Eye Glass Recycling Center - Committee // Lion Jerry H.

Lions Pride - Committee // Lion Rick

Leader Dog for the Blind - Committee // Lion Brian

Restoring Hope House - Committee // Lion Dave Olmsted

Wisconsin Lions Camp - Committee // Lion Andrew McKay

Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin - Committee // Lion Scott

District ---

Hearing Aid Program - Committee // Lion Randy Smith

Screening - Committee // Lion Jeff Wejiman 

Diabetes Awareness - Committee // Lion Clint

Wisconsin Lions Mission - Committee // Lion James Thomas

Youth Exchange - Committee // Lion Dan Butts

 Community ---

Lions Joint Meeting, Saint Germain/Sayner-Star Lake - Committee // Lion Jim K.

Lions Christmas Gathering - Committee // Lion Gary, Roger

Boulder Junction Shooting Range - Committee // Lion Tom T.

Lakeland Food Pantry - Committee // Lion Ron Capacio

Vilas Food Pantry - Committee // Lion Ron Capacio

Kids Soccer, Baseball, Scouts - Committee // Lion Jim M.

Ronald MacDonald House, Madison - Committee // Lion Roger Weber

Big Brothers-Big Sisters Bowling Event, Eagle River-Minocqua Committee // Lion 

Independence Day Fireworks, Sayner - Committee // Club

Student Honor Roll Pizza Party, Northland Pines School District - Committee // Lion Ron Capacio/James Krieck

Bobber River Race, Plum Creek - Committee // Tom Reed

Plum Lake Public Pier Refurbishment - Committee // Lions William Maines, Doug McKay

Lions Educational Scholarship - Committee // Lions Roger, Paul, Wayne

Cabin Fever Bikini Race - Committee // Lion William Maines

Lions Roses in April - Committee // Lion Gary Kaphingst, Lion Paul Novorlosky

Lions Ice Jamboree - Committee // Club Tom R.

Wisconsin Lions Camp Rosholt


 The Wisconsin Lions Camp is dedicated to providing a quality camping experience free-of-charge to Wisconsin residents with disabilities.  In addition, the Retreat and Conference Center programs provide an opportunity for all to experience the Wisconsin Lions Camp while benefiting our summer camp programs

Razorback Ridges Clubhouse Construction

 The Lions Razorback Clubhouse was constructed in 2001. The building now provides cover for the trail grooming equipment, a warming house for the many winter activities, restrooms, and a meeting place for Lions and other organizations.




Committee - Maintenance // Lions Tom Reed/Gary Kaphingst

Committee - Building // Lions Charles Figer, Jim Thomas, Richard Brooker, Bud Burns, Bernie Van Acker


 Dedication - Planning - Hard work - Cooperation - Sayner/Star Lions are up for the task





Lions Ski and Bike

Razorback Ridges Ski Trail and Mountain Bike Trails are located two miles west of Sayner. The Sayner-Star Lake Lions have developed over 15 miles of ski trails and 30 miles of mountain bike trails. Half the ski trails are groomed for classic stride only, while half are groomed only for skating. The bike trails are a blend of ski trails and single track loops suitable for everyone from beginner to expert. The Lions welcome all trail users and invite you to make use of the warming building and skating rink at the trail head.

Committee /Lion William Maines

Lions Community Supports Trails

Razorback Ridges Trail Map Brochure assists with ads to supplement the expenses incurred in maintenance of the many trails.   Committee // Lion Will

Lions Razorback Ridges Skating Rink

The Bernie VanAcker Memorial Ice Skating Rink has provide visitors with outdoor enjoyment in the Wisconsin winter. The Lions are in the process of constructing a pavilion over the rink.


 Committee // Lion James Thomas,



Lions Razorback Ridges Trail Grooming

Committee /Lion William Maines

Volunteer Lions spend countless hours grooming the trails in the winter and summer. Equipment needed to groom, brush and provide the warming facilities at the club house are funded through Lions fund raisers.

Lions Eye Bank & Transport 

Sayner-Star Lake Lions committee on Eye Bank, commit to an on-call procedure once a month during the year to transport enucleated eyes. Medical facilities alert Lions clubs on call that a donation is available, when then the eyes travels through a relay system.
A Lions member picks up the tissue, which is packaged in a cooler, drives through established corridors and passes the package to other transporters at relay sites, including hospitals, hotels and Kwik Trip convenience stores.
Each leg of the transport is fewer than 70 miles, so communication and timing are very important. A kind of modern-day Pony Express runs throughout Wisconsin.

Committee // Lion Scot Thompson


Lions/Lioness Children's Christmas Gathering, Sayner Town Hall





Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony - Lions & Lioness have a Christmas present for all. Caroling, refreshments, sleigh rides and a visit by Santa, of course.



Committee // Lion Douglas Mckay, Kathy McCaughn, Mitzi Pockat




Lions Sayner Ice Palace

Each winter, Lions volunteers put in more than 100 “man-hours” to cut nearly 200, 12-inch-thick ice blocks from a local lake, haul them to downtown Sayner, Wisconsin, and build a huge ice palace.

The ice palace has become a popular attraction for motorists, snowmobilers, locals and visitors, as dozens of people stop each day to photograph the 10-foot high structure along Highway 155.

The ice castle has been appearing in Sayner on and off since the late 1960s. It is now built annually, weather permitting, on the weekend closest to New Years.

Below is a photo of the 2011 Ice Castle constructed in Eagle River WI

“It’s a wonderful project,” comments Weber. “We take pride in our community - and we do the ice castle for the same reasons we’re volunteer Lions - to serve the community and the people of the area.”

First, the ice is scored and cut on Crystal or Plum Lake. Then, over 200 blocks of ice, each measuring 10 x 10 x 20 inches and weighing 60-70 pounds, are removed from the lake. The ice blocks are trucked to the site, and the construction work begins. All done by hand! And although the number of blocks of varies with the structure, up to 200 are used each year.

Depending on weather, the Ice Castle normally stands until late February, when the remains are taken down.

These old photos show how the ice harvest is still done today


Committee /Charter Lion Dick Brooker




Wisconsin Leader Dog


Our Lions have supported the Leader Dog program for many years. A local Lions community member has trained and sent puppies to the Center in Michigan in recent years.


When You Meet a Leader Dog
Our mothers taught us to “mind our manners,” and most of us still follow those early lessons. There is one situation, however, your mother probably didn’t cover – how to act when you meet a Leader Dog.
A Leader Dog is a working dog
Leader Dogs are friendly animals that like attention. However, it is important that most of this attention comes from their human partners. When you encounter a Leader Dog:
o                    Do not pet a dog in harness.
o                    Ask the owner’s permission before touching the dog or making eye contact. Eye contact can distract the dog, so always interact with the person not the animal.
A person using a Leader Dog is independent
Often, if a visually impaired person needs assistance, he will ask for it. If it appears the person needs help, ask first, then:
o                    Approach the person on their right side, as the Leader Dog is usually on the left.
o                    Never startle them by grabbing their arm.
o                    Do not take hold of the Leader Dog or its harness.
Assisting with verbal directions
When delivering directions to a person who is blind or visually impaired: 
o                    Speak to the person, not the dog.
o                    Do not use hand signals such as pointing or broad statements like “It’s over there.”
o                    Use detailed, easy-to-follow indicators like “Go north two blocks then east” or “Turn left and go two blocks.”
Never offer food to a Leader Dog
Leader Dog owners follow a veterinarian-prescribed diet for their animals. Treats should only be given to a Leader Dog by their human partner.
Acting as a human guide (aka sighted guide)
At times it is safer or easier to serve as a human guide instead of giving verbal directions. To act as a human guide:
o                    Initiate contact by offering your elbow by brushing it against the person’s arm.
o                    The person will hold your arm above the elbow and drop the harness handle, signaling to the dog that it is temporarily "off-duty." 
An alternate method is that the Leader Dog user will instruct their dog to “follow” you. 
o                    Walk ahead of the person at a normal speed, informing them when they are approaching turns, doorways, stairs, and drop-offs.
o                    At street crossings, walk with them across the street and onto the opposite curb. The Leader Dog will resume its duties once on the sidewalk.
Appreciating independence

Leader Dogs provide independent travel for thousands of people across the globe. As friends, family and coworkers of these people, we must respect the role the dog guide plays in their life. Leader Dog owners realize that their dogs create unique social situations. However, there is more to the person than just the dog. To help fulfill each person’s potential, we also must remember to engage the individual as you would anyone else – sighted or not.

Lions Golf Outing, Plum Lake Golf Club

   Committee // Lion James Krieck











Lions Bernie Van Acker Memorial Golf Tournament


Committee // Lion Roger Weber

In memory of Bernie Thank You Cheri - Cheri Anderson owner of Sister's Saloon in Sayner/St. Germain, presented a check for $3,000 to Sayner - Star Lake Lions Club. The money was raised at the ninth annual Bernie VanAcker Memorial Golf Outing at the Plum Lake Golf Course. More than 60 golfers helped raise the money in memory of VanAcker who died of a heart attack in 2000 just two weeks before the first golf outing that he and Anderson were setting up as an annual Lions event. VanAcker was a member of the Sayner/Star Lake Lions. Anderson has raised more than $21,000 for the Lions in the past nine years. The Lions Club uses the money for items such as new Christmas lights, playground equipment, Fourth of July fireworks, and trail Maintenance of the Razorback Ridge bike and ski trails in Sayner. In 2002 the Lions Club had constructed an ice skating rink in Lion Bernie’s name. In 2010 completion of a pavilion over the rink will be a major project taken on with the proceeds from this years golf tournament.

Plum Lake Library Large Print Books

Committee // Lion Gary Kaphingst


Plum Lake Library School Transportation, Library Day


Due to budget restraints with-in our local school district, the bus service from the Saint Germain Elementary school to the Plum Lake Library was cut. Our Lions turn a page in that chapter and supported with funds to provide transportation for all the students.


Committee // Lion Roger L Weber

Wisconsin Lions Foundation



The Birch-Sturm Fellowship is a way for districts, clubs, or individuals to honor a person who displays dedication and commitment to Lionism. In order to become a Birch-Sturm Fellow, a district, club, or individual must donate $1,000 to the Wisconsin Lions Foundation. The $1,000 may be made in one payment or in installments. If you have any questions, please call the Wisconsin Lions Foundation Office, toll-free at 877-463-6953.

Lions Ice Fishing Jamboree, Plum Lake







 Sayner/Star Lake Lions Club members, from left, Chuck Figer, Terry Glass and Gary Schmidt, helped distribute prizes during the club’s 10th annual ice fishing contest recently held on Plum Lake. More than 200 fishermen set out to catch the prize fish in the recent Sayner/Star Lake Lions Club’s 10th annual ice fishing contest on Plum Lake.
Two new contests were held within the ice fishing event.
The Chefs on Ice contest convened in the fish registration tent. The Ice Shack Queen contest had 3 fisherwomen compete for 2012 honors.



The winter fundraiser has attracted many fisherman and families for fun on the ice. 

 Committee / all Lions

Plum Lake Ice Fishing Tournament in February, 2011

Hours: 6 am to 4 pm
Registration Fee $25.00
Register fish at South Plum Lake Public Boat Landing
Fish to be judged on length. Any ties broken by 1st registered.
$700.00 in Cash prizes for fishing tournament.
Registration Ticket Prizes include: 3 power augers, 2 shelters, 2 TV’s, 2 sleds, Vexilar fish locater (need not be present to win these prizes)

Many other door prizes given at the 5pm award ceremony at the Sayner Community  Building.

An additional raffle at the Community Building Award Ceremony will include: auger, shelter, TV-VCR-DVD combo, under water camera, sled and more.
The drawing for the additional raffle will take place at 6:30

The Plum Lake Volunteer Fire Department will offer: Food, Beer and Soda for sale at the on the ice and at Sayner Community Building during the Awards Ceremony

Proceeds to benefit area lakes improvement projects.
Call 715-542-3501


Lions Appreciation Dinner, Plum Lake Fire & Emergency Medical Services

    Committee // Lion Roger Weber

Volunteers members from the Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services enjoy a specical Dinner in appreciation for their dedication to community safety.


Lions Ball Park Concession Stand


Committee // Lion Douglas McKay

The stand is used for fundraisers during ballgames and special events. Inside is a walkin cooler assembled and purchased by the Lions Club.

Lions Pavilion Construction, Star Lake


Committee // Lion Gary Errington

The joint effort of many local organizations help bring this building project a great addition to the beautiful picnic area.

Lions Ball Park Score Board



Committee // Lion Thomas Reed, Lion Roger Weber

The scoreboard is used by many sports teams from Little League to Mens & Womens Softball.



Plum Lake Bicycle Trail

Committee // Lion James Thomas

The Sayner/Star Lake Chamber of Commerce and Sayner-Star Lake Lions Club are proud of the Plum Lake Bicycle Trail. Part of the "Heart of Vilas Co. Bike and Hike Trail System".

The Plum Lake Trail links the Boulder Junction Bicycle Trail to Sayner and St. Germain. Paved trails extend from McKay's Corner Store winding east on highway N, crosses Plum Creek's charming wooden bridge, and continues into the Sayner. The blacktopped trail then turns onto Froelich Drive and continues south to the Sayner/Star Lake Chamber of Commerce building, where it links to the St. Germain Township boundary trail system.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation awarded the Town of Plum Lake a $280,000 federal grant to extend the existing bicycle trails between Boulder Junction threw Crystal Lake and Muskellunge Lake campgrounds to Sayner.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Stewardship Fund awarded the Town of Plum Lake a $58,000 grant. The Sayner/Star Lake Chamber of Commerce and Sayner-Star Lake Lions Club generated $68,000 in donations and fund-raising proceeds towards the matching fund grants.

Lions Sayner- Star Lake Eye Glass Collection Drop-off Locations

Sayner Mobil - Sayner Post Office

Committee // Lion James Krieck


Lions Poem
I met a man, who couldn't see,
And the thought of darkness frightened me.
I saw another who couldn't hear
And I found I had a second tear.
A little voice inside of me
Asked, is this how  it has to be.
The answer is no, cause in God's great
Some take time to chase a dream.
So, I began a quest to see
If others felt the same as me.
Who would join together and form a plan                    
To try and help our fellow man.
People who would work to help someone
Not for whom they are, or what they've done
But to make life better for all to live
By acts of kindness we can give
I searched and searched through
Thick and thin
Then I met someone wearing a Lion's pin
He said, there's lots of other folks like you
They all have fears, but they chase dreams
And on this earth God gave to man
In every nation, a Lions stand
They serve those with less, you see
And I am very proud to be  A Lion           

Author Unknown

Lions 1st Ever Billboard

Lions joined with noted community groups to sponsor a billboard leading into town. Our efforts dwell on the Razorback Ridges Clubhouse facility. We have, for community use, a warming house, ice skating rink and picnic area. Summer use provides hiking trails and mountain bike trails for the avid biker.

Committee // 

Lions Club of Sayner-Star Lake

Events, Accomplishments, Contributions & Projects

Wisconsin Lions Camp / Lions Eye Bank & Transport / Wisconsin Leader Dog / Wisconsin Lions Foundation / Lions International / Lions Camp Rosholt /  

Razorback Ridges Clubhouse Construction / Razorback Ridges Skating Rink /

Razorback Ridges Trails & Grooming / Razorback Ridges Ski & Bike Trails /

Razorback Trail Brochure and Map / Razorback Picnic Table Refurbish /


Children's Christmas Gathering / Sayner Ice Palace / Plum Ski ter's Water Ski Show /

Sayner Boy Scouts / Little League / Soccer / Men’s Softball Tournament /

Lakes Association Evasive Species Project / Lakeland Food Pantry /

Vilas Food Pantry / Lions Billboard Community Project / Lions Golf Outing /


Bernie Van Acker Memorial Golf Tournament / Plum Lake Library Large Print Books /

Plum Lake Library School Transportation, Library Day / Lions Play Ground Equipment /

Lions Ice Fishing Jamboree, Plum Lake /

Lions Appreciation Dinner, Plum Lake Fire & Emergency Medical Services /


Lions Ball Park Concession Stand / Lions Pavilion Construction, Star Lake /

Lions Sayner Pavilion Construction / Lions Ball Park Score Board /

Plum Lake Bicycle Trail / Sayner- Star Lake Eye Glass Collection Drop-off Locations /

Independence Day Celebration – Fireworks – Raffle / Boulder Junction Shooting Range /


Ronald McDonald House, Madison / Big Brothers Big Sisters / Bobber River Race /

Cabin Fever Bikini-Snow shoe Race / Lions Blood Drive / Student Honor Roll Pizza Party /

Lions Joint Meeting, Sayner – St Germain / Lion – Lioness Holiday Dinner /

Lions Fundraiser Dinner, Ski’s Restaurant / School Destination Imagination /

 Sayner Ice Rink

Lion Roadside signing / Refurbished Lions Charter / Girls Softball / Bicycle Tour /

Crayfish Feed / Hidden Treasures Hunt / Ladysmith Disaster /

Mel & Elmma Long Lions Park / Educational Scholarships /

Roses in April/Scout Expedition / Veterans Honor Flight / Citizen of the Year

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