The North Pole Lions are the principal advocate for the Aurora Borealis Lions Eyeglass Recycling & Vision Center in North Pole, Alaska.  They are joined by the Lions of Multiple District 49.


Aurora Borealis Lions Eyeglass Recyling & Vision Center

The North Pole Lions Club have a long standing legacy dating back to our chartering by the International Association of Lions Clubs in 1958.

From conception, our club has had a reputation for community service. We are North Pole!   We are patriotic families and community partners with vision in our hearts, time, labor & means.  These key values translate to a selfless commitment to being the go-to-guys when there is a need in our community. To that end we expended 3,415 volunteer hours.

While we are involved in a multitude of community service projects, our signature projects are:  Supporting the Aurora Borealis Lions Eyeglass Recycling & Vision Center; Helping complete the Trooper Gabe Rich and Trooper Scott Johnson Memorial Park; Conducting the dog mushing North Pole Championships and Junior North American Championship races; and as of late, Renovating the Terry Miller Memorial Community Park.

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