Look at What's Happening at our Meetings
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We remember Lake Sumter Lions who passed before us.  Click here for their names.

Club Meeting Guest Speaker

Lake Sumter Lions welcomed Ed Latimer from the Friends of the SOZO Kids.  Program Chair Lion Ron and the Club's SOZO Kids Coordinator Lion Eileen posed with Speaker Ed.



Lion John Hanna Honored

Congrats to Lake Sumter Lion (and 2VDG Candidate) John Hanna who was honored by the Global Action Team (GAT) with a Certificate of Appreciation at the District 35-O Cabinet Meeting.


Club Meeting Guest Speaker

Lake Sumter Lions welcomed Amber Lamoreaux as their guest speaker for the Club meeting. Amber is President of the Citizen Support Organization for the Dade Battlefield Historical State Park. 



Years in Lions Service

DG Vivian Henegar (far right) visited the Lake Sumter Lions Club and presented the following recognition to members:
Years in Service...Tim Phelan-10 years; Dave Walton-20 yrs; Sharon Nelson-25 yrs; Gary Nelson-25 yrs; PDG Patrick Pignataro-35 yrs; PDG Bob Disinger-35 yrs; PDG Ed Mello-35 yrs; John Angiolo-40 yrs; and Esther Tranby-45 yrs.

Club Excellence Award

Current King Lion Chuck (right) presented Immediate Past President John Hanna with
LCI's Club Excellence Award for 2022-2023.


Lake Sumter Lions Induct Another New Member

Melinda Zeman was inducted into the Lake Sumter Lions Club.  Her sponsor was Lion John Hanna. 
The Induction ceremony was conducted by PDG Jacquie Tripp.



Lake Sumter Lions Induct New Members

Lake Sumter Lions welcomed four new members today: Doug Seiders, sponsored by Lion John Thomson; Cheryl Pavell, sponsored by Lion Jean Hatten; Michelle Fournier, sponsored by Lion Sonia Saylor; and Patricia Lewis, sponsored by Lion Jon Joel. PCC Curt Kjendalen inducted the new members. 


Club Meetings Guest Speakers

Program Chair Lion Ron Clark set up two great guest speakers for the November and December Lake Sumter Lions meetings.

Kacey Edmundson
Educational Foundation of Lake County
Dennis Kellenberger
Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches

Guest Speaker

Lake Sumter Lions welcomed guest speaker RaeAnn Bethel from the Girl Scouts Trefoil group in The Villages. The Girl Scouts Alumnae group is running their annual Pajamas and Books Drive now. Folks can drop off new PJs and/or books in the red boxes, located in each Rec Center. Deadline for donations is Dec 10. Lion Ron Clark is our Programs Chair this year, arranging guest speakers...Thanks Lion Ron.


Zone 3 Meeting

Nineteen Lake Sumter Lions attended the Zone 3 meeting, hosted by the OBG Lions Club. Zone Chair (and Lake Sumter Lion) John Hanna was the MC for the meeting, with PDG Jacquie Tripp as the guest speaker. Lion Jacquie is running for International Director for our area.





Certified Guiding Lion

At the Zone 3 meeting, District 35-O Governor Vivian presented Lake Sumter Lion Sonia Saylor with a Certificate of Achievement for completing training to be Certified Guiding Lion. Congrats! 



Guest Speaker

Sally Moss, Sumter County School Board Member, was guest speaker at a recent Lake Sumter Lions meeting.  She was introduced by Program Chair Ron Clark.  Ms Moss explained the structure of the Sumter County School District.  She emphasized that the goal for all high school graduates was that they were employed, enrolled or enlisted. 


Induction of Two New Lions

District 35-O First Vice Governor-Elect Bob inducted two new members into the Lake Sumter Lions Club: Lion Sandy, sponsored by Lion Esther Ann and Lion Barbara, sponsored by Lion Dennis.  King Lion John presented each of the new members an Alabama quarter, which features Helen Keller on it.


Installation of New Club Officers for Lions Year 2023-2024

District 35-O First Vice Governor-Elect Bob made a special visit to the Lake Sumter Lions Club to install the new officers for the next Lions Year.  An outdoor breakfast was held at the Evans Prairie Country Club restaurant.

Club President's Scrapbook

Lion Annette presented outgoing John with a scrapbook of his past year as President. 


2023 Lake Sumter Lions Club Awards

Lion Jaci presented Lake Sumter Lion Art a Melvin Jones Fellow in recognition of his special service to the Club and the Community.  Lion Jaci was last year's recipient.
Lion of the Year Chuck Rookie of the Year Bob

Outgoing Club President John presented Certificates of Appreciation to club members who provided that extra service to the Club and to the Community.


Topic is KidSight at Zone 3 Meeting

Zone 3 Chair and Lake Sumter Lion Sonia hosted the last of the Zone 3 meetings for this Lions Year. Guest Speaker was Lake Sumter Lion Chuck, who was assisted by LSL Dennis. Topic was KidSight and a demo of the camera used in vision screenings. LSLions Jon and Linda walked around with the camera to show attendees the use of the camera.




Guest Speakers: Sumter Co Sheriff Office

What great guest speakers we had from the Sumter Co Sheriff Office at the last Lake Sumter Lions meeting...Under Sheriff Pat Breeden and Capt Robert Seimer. Capt Seimer briefed us on the various programs that the Sheriff Ofc sponsors, to include the Vial of Life and the Peace of Mind. There was a robust discussion afterwards on the round-abouts and golf carts driving in The Villages. Thank you Sumter County Sheriff Office!



Years in Service to Lionism

At a recent meeting, DG Glenn recognized several Lake Sumter Lions for their many years in service:  10 years - Mike Nelson; 15 years - Doris Brennan; 20 years each - Harriet Hansen, Mary Kearney, Kevin Kearney, Dan LeBlond, and Cecile Mills.


Tour of the Southeastern Guide Dog Facility

Thirty-seven (37) Lake Sumter Lions, OBG Lions, Eastport Lions and guests traveled to Palmetto, Fl to visit the Southeastern Guide Dog (SEGD) facility. Attendees were broken into smaller groups for the tour, seeing the main building, visually impaired student rooms, preschool puppy play, and demonstrations by tour guides. Lions were extremely impressed with the "highest degree of comprehensive training" that is provided to the dogs and their visually impaired handlers. A worthwhile trip!





Lake Sumter Lions Welcome New Member

Lake Sumter Lions welcome new member Lion Donna. She was inducted into the Club by PDG Bob. Her sponsor is Lion Jean.


Zone 3 Winter Meeting

Lake Sumter Lions supported Zone Chair Sonya by attending the Zone 3 Meeting. Hosted by the Tavares Lions Club, the meeting featured 2VG Bob Armstrong who spoke on Leadership.




Membership Keys

Lake Sumter Lions John and John were presented with membership keys.   Membership Key Awards recognize individual Lions who invite new members.  Lion John B (left) was presented with the membership for inviting 2 new members.  Lion John T (right) was presented with the membership key for inviting 5 new members. 


Lake Sumter Lions 15th Anniversary
and Christmas Celebration

Lake Sumter Lions Club celebrated it's 15th Charter Anniversary, along with Christmas, at the Lake Miona Rec Center.  King Lion John reviewed the Club's past achivements, while members eagerly awaited the potluck dinner.  Music was provided by the Rich Tones, who got some Lions and guests up and dancing.








New Lions Club: Eastport Lions

Lake Sumter Lions Club is the proud sponsor of the Eastport Lions Club.  The new Club was chartered December 8, 2022 at the Homestead Rec Center in The Villages.  King Lion John presided over the Charter meeting and installed the new Eastport Club Officers.  Lake Sumter Lions also presented the Lions bell and gavel to the new Eastport Club President Charlie.






Lions Clubs in the News

Lions Clubs in The Villages were featured recently in The Daily Sun newspaper.   



Zone 3 Lions Meeting

The Lake Sumter Lions enjoyed an evening of fun and info at the Zone 3 meeting at Fruitland Park Lions Den. Zone Chair (and Lake Sumter Lion) Sonia spoke about Membership Matters, with packets of M&Ms for each attendee. Lake Sumter Gary assisted her in identifying those who had questions.  (ZC Sonia is visually impaired.)  PDG Harry briefed us on District 35-O events....and Knights of the Round Table (??).


Sumter County Special Olympics Visits Lake Sumter Lions

Coaches, staff and an SO Athlete recently visited the Lake Sumter Lions Club meeting.  They spoke about their local games and activities, some of which are played in The Villages.


 Lots of Years in Service

District 35-O Governor Steve Van Varick visited the Lake Sumter Lions Club and presented chevrons denoting years of service to the following Lions: 10 years of service - Sonia Saylor and Bunny Hanna; 20 years of service - Glenn Ridenour, John Hanna, Linda Bradshaw, Bob Mills, and Ruth Creamer; 35 years of service - John Thomson and Judith Newman; 40 years of service - Bob Irvine; and 45 years of service - Don Newman. [Note: Bob Irvine received his certificate later at the Installation Breakfast.]



New Lake Sumter Lion

Lake Sumter Lions welcome new member Ron Clark to the Club. PDG Ed inducted Lion Ron and his sponsor was King Lion Bob. Afterwards, Lion Gary presented Lion Ron with the Alabama quarter which features Helen Keller. Lion Gary reminded Lion Ron that he may be asked to show the coin at any time during the meeting (or be fined) so keep it safely.



New Lake Sumter Lions

The Lake Sumter Lions Club is growing with two new members:  Lion Annette, with her sponsor Lion John; and Lion Dianne, with her sponsor PCC Kurt. These new Lions have already been participating in Lake Sumter Lions activities.  Congrats.


Welcome New Lake Sumter Lions

The Lake Sumter Lions Club welcome five new members into Lionism:  Lions Bob, Jean, Robert, Todd and Pat.  Congrats!  We look forward to your participation in the Club's activities.

Past Council Chair Greg inducted Lions Bob, Jean and Robert.  District 35-O Governor Steve inducted Todd and Pat.


Lake Sumter Lions Open House

Lake Sumter Lions Club held an Open House at Everglades Rec Center.  The objective was to showcase the many activities of the Lake Sumter Lions Club to potential members living in the southern part of The Villages. Club members set up displays of the club's various community projects.  There was also a PowerPoint slideshow highlighting the club's projects and fundraisers. 


Zone 3 Lions Meeting

Over 20 Lake Sumter Lions attended the first Zone 3 meeting of the Lions Year at the Fruitland Park Lions Clubhouse. The Fruitland Park Lions served a great meal and even greater desserts (see photo below).  Club President Bob reported on our Lake Sumter Lions Club activities. In addition, Lion Art talked about the marbles youth program and Lion Chuck presented the latest info on KidSight. After the meeting, Lion John won the 50-50 raffle.

Newest Members of the Lake Sumter Lions Club

Four new members recently were inducted into the Lake Sumter Lions Club.  1VDG-E Glenn inducted Chris into the club in early June. (left photo) DG-E Steve inducted John, Marcia and Pat into the club at the second meeting in June. (right photo)  


55 Years in Service!!

At our first in-person Lions meeting of the year, 1VDG Steven Van Varick presented Lake Sumter Lion Norman Rose with a service chevron for 55 years in Lionism.  Wow!  

Lion Norman first joined the Hialeah Industrial Lions Club having been invited to join by a VP of a local bank.  At that time, Norman was Secretary/Treasurer of a family owned printing business and was the youngest member of the Lions Club.  The Hialeah Industrial Lions Club merged with the Palm Springs Lions and Norman's second Lions club became the Greater Hialeah Lions Club.   In the mid 1980's, Norman joined the Hialeah Miami Springs Lions Club until 2001.  Then, Norman moved to the Miami Lake Lions Club which was in a residential community.  In 2013, Norman and his wife Carreen moved to The Villages where he joined the Lake Sumter Lions Club, his 5th Lions Club.

During his 55 years in Lionism, Lion Norman has served as Club President and Club Treasurer for 3 of the clubs.  He also was a Deputy District Governor (aka Region Chair) and a Zone Chair for several years.




Lions in the News

Lion Jaci was featured in a recent article in The Daily Sun newspaper.


Years in Service Awards

Congrats to the following Lake Sumter Lions who have provided many years of service as a Lion. [Note that Lion Norman has 55 years of Lions service!]  Well Done Lions.

Lion Years in Service
Kaye P 10
Paul O 15
Roe O 15
John B 20
Linda R 25
Dennis R 25
Bob B 25
Jan B 20
Chuck LeG 30
Norman R 55


Join the Lake Sumter Lions on FaceBook

The Lake Sumter Lions Club now has a group page on FaceBook.  For the more current info and photos, go to FaceBook and ask to join the Lake Sumter Lions group.  You will get a response to join the group, usually with 24-48 hours.  (Yeah, I can be a little slow at times to respond.)


The New Normal...Zoom Meetings
Update:  In-Person Meetings Now Being Conducted
Due to the COVID 19 pandemic and the Rec Centers restrictions for large group meetings, the Lake Sumter Lions Club has been holding both Board and Membership meeting over the Zoom video conferencing app.  This is expected to continue until at least late summer/fall.  Attendance has been quite good with an average of over 30 members attending Membership meetings.



It's a First - Membership Meeting via Zoom

On April 15th, King Lion Chuck led the first Lake Sumter Lions meeting via Zoom, a video conferencing app. Thirty-one (31) members were online, along with a few dogs (heard in the background). King Lion Chuck led the 40 minute meeting. Thanks to Lion Jan Bassett who set up the meeting on Zoom.

It was also the first new member induction via Zoom. Congrats to new Lion Laurie. She was inducted by PDG Bob.


Sponsoring a New Lion via FaceTime

Lake Sumter Lion and PDG Ed proudly watch real time (via FaceTime) the induction of his son Steve into the Aberdeen (Maryland) Lions Club. Formerly a member of the Aberdeen Lions club, PDG Ed sponsored his son into Lionism. Congrats Lion Steve!

Also....Thanks to the Aberdeen Lions Club and PDG Rowe for conducting this induction and enabling PDG Ed to view this special new member induction.


Another Super Bowl Winner!

Lion Jim Creamer (left) was the winner of the 2020 Super Bowl game.  Congrats!


Zones 3 & 4 Combined Meeting

Fifteen (15) Lake Sumter Lions attended the combined Zones 3 and 4 meeting at the Leesburg Resource Center.  Zone 3 Chair John Hanna was the MC for the meeting while Zone 4 Chair Dr. Glenn Brown conducted a trivia contest.  Guest Speaker was DG Greg Evans who also inducted a new member into the Mount Dora Lions Club.


Years in Service Awards

DG Greg Evans attended the Lake Sumter Lions Club meeting and presented Chevrons (awards for years in service) from Lions Clubs International to the following Lake Sumter Lions.  Lion Ralph was not at this meeting with DG Greg so he recieved his Chevron later from King Lion Chuck.

Lion Years in Service
Jerry VK 10
Diana Z 10
Jon J 10
Clyde T 10
Elaine T 15
Ralph L 15
John (aka Walter) W 20
Jan B 20
Eileen D 25
Jane G-M 30


Guest Speaker: Education Foundation of Lake County

Audrey Dick from the Education Foundation of Lake County was a recent guest speaker at the Lake Sumter Lions Club meeting.  The Education Foundation operates for the benefit of students and teachers in Lake Co. Public Schools. It's mission is to serve as the connection between the community and public education, evaluating needs and securing resources to enhance the quality of education.  Click here for more info.




Guest Speaker: Helping Hands

At a recent Lions meeting, Bill Gottsphalk presented the program on Helping Hands, a medical equipment loan service of the VHA.  Villagers can obtain a variety of medical equipment on loan, free of charge. Villagers can also donate medical equipment to this non-profit organization.  Click here for a list of equipment and contact phone number.


Meeting Lions in Ireland

Lions Diana and Kathy traveled to Ireland for a brief visit and met with Lions from Galway, Ireland.  Lions Diana and Kathy were presented their the Galway Lions Club banner which, in turn, they presented to King Lion Chuck upon their return to the States.


Guest Speakers

At a recent Lake Sumter Lions Club meeting, Dr. Shelly (Director) and Cantel Buck (CEO), from the New Vision for Independence, presented a interactive program to members.  Ms Buck demonstrated techniques that visually impaired people deal with money and with eating and serving drinks to others.  Below blindfolded Lion John (right) learned how to pour water for himself and others. Then, blindfolded Walter (left) learned how to handle both paper and coin money.   A donation check was also given to New Vision from the Club.  (See Giving Back section of the web site.)



Members Travel to Visit LV Lions Club (among other things)

Lake Sumter Lions John, Glenn, Larry, Gary and Ed traveled to Las Vegas, NV to attend the Las Vegas Host Lions Club meeting.....among other things.

Five old Lion geezers left Florida and came back as five young studs!???



Lions Are Recognized for Their Service
First Vice District 35-O Governor Helene Thompson presented certificates to the following Lake Sumter Lions to recognize their years of service in Lionism: 

Doris Brennan - 10 years
Mary Kearney -15 years
Cecile Mills - 15 years
Kevin Kearney - 15 years
Marty Slotnick - 35 years
Esther Tranby - 40 years



Lake Sumter Lions Celebrate Their 10th Charter Night

It was in December 2007 when the Lake Sumter Lions received their charter from Lions clubs International with 30 Charter Members.  Ten years later the Club is prospering with over 50 members.  To celebrate our 10th Anniversary, the Lake Sumter Lions held  a special Celebration on December 1 at the Canal Recreation Center in The Villages.  Guest Speaker was District Governor "Tito" Navarro.  Master of Ceremonies was Lion (and Charter Member) Bob Mills.  King Lion Ralph Long presided over the meeting.  Each Lake Sumter Lion received a 10th Anniversary pin.





At the 10th Anniversary Celebration, DG Tito also inducted a new member Lion Mary Alice into the Lake Sumter Lions Club. Her sponsor is Lion Bob, the MC for the event.

Charter Members from 2007 were also recognized.

Below is a news article from The Daily Sun, dated Dec 6, 2017.


 Lions - Always Looking to Serve


Lions Just Wanna have Fun!

News Reporter Drexler noted out Club's fun at a recent meeting with Happy Dollars.  A great way to earn $$ for our Admin Account.  (Note: All $$ raised from the public at Lions fundraisers goes back to the public in some way.)


Years in Service to Lionism

During this Lions year, five Lake Sumter members have been recognized for their years serving in the Lions Clubs: 
Howard - 20 years; John - 15 years; Glenn - 15 years; Ruth - 15 years; and John - 30 years.  Congrats!

  Club President Elaine presents a 30 year chevron to Associate Member Lion John.


Lions Years of Service Awards

Five Lake Sumter Lions were recently recognized for their years of service in Lionism.  Congrats goes to....

Lion Norman Rose (left)
50 Years of Service


Lion Bob Jones (right)
40 Years of Service


Lion Sherri Quimby
10 Years of Service


Lions Paul and Roe Occhipinti
10 Years of Service each


     A Salute to Lion Veterans

USMC George Wanberg, Coordinator of the Veterans Salute Program at Cornerstone Hospice and Army COL Paul Farineau, Volunteer at Cornerstone, presented Lake Sumter Lions Club with a special program at a recent Club meeting.  Each Lion Veteran was recognized and given a coin and a Certificate of Appreciation for their military service to the United States.  Two deceased club veterans were also recognized as their wives were presented with coins and certificates too.  Afterwards, USMC Wanberg and COL Farineau honored the veterans with a salute.       






What is Pink and Roars?

Lion Gary strikes a pose for folks to read the back of his pink Lions sweatshirt.  Our thoughts and prayers go with those who have or who have had breast cancer. 





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