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Or (Almost) Everything You Want to Know about the Lake Sumter Lions Club

Who are the Lake Sumter Lions?       

     The Lake Sumter Lions Club is a group of men and women volunteers who serves our community and the bigger world community through activities and projects that help meet the needs of the citizens.  The motto of all Lions Clubs is “We Serve.”

Click here for the Lake Sumter Lions brochure.

When did the Lake Sumter Lions Club form as a group?

     The Lake Sumter Lions Club was chartered in 2007 and is the second Lions Club within The Villages.  Members of the Lake Sumter Lions Club generally live south of Route 466.  The Orange Blossom Garden Lions is the other Lions Club in The Villages and its service area generally encompasses the City of Lady Lake and The Villages, north of Route 466. For a brief history of the Lake Sumter Lions Club, click here.


Is the Lake Sumter Lions Club governed by any rules or regulations?

            Yes. The Club followed a member-approved Lions Constitution and By-Laws, patterned after Lions Clubs International.   Click here to view the Lake Sumter Lions Constitution and By-Laws.  


What kind of activities and projects do the Lake Sumter Lions participate in?

     To see an example of our activities, click on Projects located on the menu on the left side of this web site.   


I heard that a key focus of Lions Clubs is sight.  Why?

      In 1926, Helen Keller challenged the Lions to become “Knights of the Blind.”  This started Lions Clubs everywhere on the path of assisting needy individuals with eye exams and glasses and, in a global scope, eradicating preventable blindness.  That is why Lions Clubs provide assistance to needy individuals with eye exams and glasses and collect used eye glasses for recycling, especially to third world countries. 


I see Lions eyeglass collection boxes in recreation centers and certain businesses located throughout The Villages.  What are these boxes and what do the Lake Sumter Lions do with the used eyeglasses?

     Specially-marked Lions collection boxes are located at The Villages Recreation Centers, south of Route 466, for the collection of used eyeglasses, eye cases, and hearing aids.  The public is welcome to deposit these used items in the boxes located near the entry.  The eyeglasses and hearing aids are cleaned, sorted, and distributed to needy individuals, either in Florida or third world countries. Click here for a list of collection sites. 


What are some of the sight-related projects that the Lake Sumter Lions do?  

     Lake Sumter Lions screen young children's eyes under a program called KidSight.  Using a specialized digital camera, Lions conduct eye screenings at day care centers and other youth events.  Parents are notified by a licensed Ophthamologist if their children are "referred" and need treamtment, such as glasses or procedures.

     Click on Projects on the left menu of this web site to see photos and information about recent screenings. 


The Lake Sumter Lions Club conducts fundraisers.  What are the monies used for?

     Proceeds from the Lions fundraisers are used to support many community activities, such as eye exams and glasses, scholarships to local students, and financial support to community organizations.  Note that all net profits from fundraisers go back to the community.  Lions Clubs maintain two separate accounts, one for community fundraisers and projects and the other for administrative operations of the club. To view the current fundraisers of the Lake Sumter Lions Club, go to the Fundraisers section of the menu located on the left side of this web site.


Do the Lake Sumter Lions welcome new members?

     Yes! Membership is by invitation as perspective members must be individuals who are willing to provide their time (and even some money) for service to the community. 


How often do the Lake Sumter Lions meet and where?

     The Lake Sumter Lions hold a membership meeting at 9:00am every first and third Wednesday of the month at the Canal Street Recreation Center in The Villages.  Meetings last 1 to 1 ½ hours and sometimes include a guest speaker from the community.  The club also holds a Board meeting at 9:00am every second Wednesday of the month at Canal Street Recreation Center.  In addition to club officers and board directors, all club members are welcome to attend Board meetings where specific operations and business procedures of the club are discussed.  The location of these meetings and other Lions activities are posted on the Calendar section of the menu.

            The Lake Sumter Lions also gather together for social events, such as holidays and pot luck dinners, local parades, miniature golf, air boat rides, steam engine train rides, and other fun events.  You can read about these social events in the Happenings section located on the menu on the left side of this web site.


As a member, do I have to attend every membership and board meeting, as well as all fundraisers and activities?

     People who join Lions are expected to provide their time and effort to support the activities of the Lions Club.  However, the club recognizes that there are other priorities in members’ lives and these priorities sometimes conflict with Lions activities.  Members who are away from the area for several months are often placed temporarily on Member-at-Large status. Lions who are “snowbirds” staying at The Villages may join the club as Associate Members.


Who are some of the men and women who have been leaders of the Lake Sumter Lions Club?

     For past Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers of the Lake Sumter Lions Club, click here.

     For deceased Lake Sumter Lions, click here.


Who are the members of the Lake Sumter Lions Club who have been recognized for their community service in Lionism?

            For Melvin Jones Fellows, click here.

            For Lions of the Year, click here.


Where can I find additional information about Lions Clubs?

     Official web site of the Association of Lions Clubs

     Listing of Lions Clubs web sites throughout the world

     Lake Sumter Lions FaceBook group


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