For many years Knutsford Lions have organised a Variety Show for local Senior Citizens at the beginning of February.   Tickets are free and are available from selected shops or Club members in early January.  The Show usually contains a mixture of music, singing or dance, often involving local youth groups.

In 2014 the show had to move to the Knutsford Methodist Church, Princess Street and was held on the first Saturday in February (prior to that it had been the first Sunday at the Civic Centre).   Unfortunately the change of venue resulted in us not doing one of our 'acclaimed' Lions sketches in 2014 (for which we received some adverse comments!) - so in 2015 we presented 'News from around the world' and in 2016 a 'radio comedy sketch' - including a pair of Goons, Ron and Eth and Archie Andrews sound-a-likes?!  2017 had a return to Watch with Mother!

Some examples from earlier Variety Shows are shown below:


The Swing and Jazz of the Fish Lip Soup Big Band proved particularly popular in February 2012.   They also performed in our Charity Concert in September 2012.



A troupe of young dancers were also well received by an appreciative audience




A popular part of the show is the LIONS SKETCH which always provides additional amusement - 'performed' by members of the Lions. Rehearsals for Lions start after Christmas and there is always a keen core of people willing to take part (with a bit of persuasion!). 

Recent performances have included Synchronised Swimming (specially included in 2012 Olympic year), pantomime sketches (chance for us to dress up!), Come Dancing competition, Albert and Lion sketch etc.

                  and Crazy Gang singalong in February 2013

and News presented by KLWNC (Knutsford Lions Worldwide News Corporation) in February 2015

This selection from the rather unusual/eccentric newsreaders shows Manuel from Madrid, Shane from Australia, Dolly from the Big Apple and Fiona from UK - can you spot which is which?

Not shown are Abdul from Saudi Arabia who also brought a '2-Lion' camel and an 'attractive'? Diane presented a very localised weather forecast (but refused to wear high heels!).

For more pictures of our Variety Shows please visit our Facebook page:


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