The Holt Lions Club provides many service to the citizens of Holt/Delhi Township, the nation and the world in many different ways.

Lions Service Projects can benefit individuals and/or the community in many different ways.  Some of the local, national and International project are listed below.

Used Eyeglass Collections - Lions throughout the country and in the Holt/Delhi area collect glasses no longer needed and then recycle them in a unique way.  Used eyeglasses cannot reused in the United States, but Lions collect them, sort them, repair if they can and take them overseas to many different counties where they are distributed free of charge to people who could not otherwise afford them.  Holt Lions have gone on many "Eyeglass Missions" around the world.  The cost of the trip and their expenses are paid by the individual not the Lions Club.  The Holt Lions has even been the sponsor of a series of "Eyeglass Missions" to Latvia.

Eyeglasses - Lions International and local Lions Clubs have been involved in sight issues since Helen Keller challenged them to become "Knight of the Blind" in 1925.  The Holt Lions can assist people from the Delhi township area in getting eye exams and glasses when they meet the needs tests and they may have to pay a small co-pay.  Contact the Eyeglass Chairperson show on the "Contact Us" page of this Website.

Holt Lions Student Athletic Award - At a special awards meeting every first Thursday of June for the past 45 plus years the Holt Lions have had the coach of each sport at Holt High School recognize a graduating senior who exemplifies the best in a student athlete.  Not the top scorer scorer or leading rusher but the student that the coach wants to recognize for hard work, support of the sport and all around efforts to help the team.  This award has been referred to by the Holt Athletic Director as the "highest honor that a coach can award". 

H.O.L.T Scholarships - The Holt Lions club participates in the H.O.L.T. scholarships by making a generous donation to help assist a Holt area student go on from high school to college.

Emergency Aid - In times of emergency the Holt Lions Club can rendered some financial assistance.  Fire victims in a local trailer home park and another home owner suffered totals losses during 2009 and received some money and other items from the Holt Lions.

Delhi Township Brush Drop Off - During the spring and summer months, Holt Lions man a site in Delhi Township where only Delhi residents can drop off yard waste and brush for free.  Lions work at the site once a month, otherwise the Township would not be able to offer the service free of charge or at all.  See the Calendar Page for dates and times.

Touch-A-Truck - An activity coordinated by the Holt Lions Club, coordinated with the Holt Home Town Festival.  Everyone, kids and adults can come and touch, get in and climb on those big vehicles that your not allowed to touch in everyday life.  Kids Don't Try This On A Normal Day!


Kids Don't Try This On

A Regular Day!




See the Calendar Page for date and time.

Halloween The Park - A fun afternoon at Veterans Memorial Park the Sunday before Halloween.  Kids get to pick up candy and show off their costumes in a safety.  Kids off all ages dress up and have fun.  

See Calendar Page for date and time.











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