Holt Lions Club


Holt Lions Foundation

Board of Directors 2021 – 2022

President                      Ken O'Hara                    517-694-5158

1st Vice President         Kelly Bean                     517-294-0051

2nd Vice President        Gail Robins                     517-694-1926             

3rd Vice President         Barbara Sherbino           517-694-7650           

Secretary                      Denise Davis                  989-614-0549

Treasurer                      Robert Tetzlaff, PDG      517-388-2145

Membership Chair        Ray Robins, PDG           517-648-2648

Tail Twister                    Steve Delaney                517-285-5338

Lion Tamer                    Mark Bielinski                 906-235-5282

1 Year Director              Betty Smith                     517-694-3556

1 Year Director              Glen Etelamaki               517-881-3499

2 Year Director              Henry Kjentvet                517-574-3767

2 Year Director              Randy Maiville                517-2024919

Immediate Past Pres     Chris Kloecker                517-230-4796


The Holt Lions Club and Holt Lions Foundation Board of Directors meetings are held the second Thursday of the month starting at 7:00 PM and are held at 4410 Holt Rd (old library) in Holt.  The meetings are open to all Holt Lions Club members.



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