November 25 2021 - Havre Lions donated $1,000 to Havre Food Bank expecting that Town Pump would match money. Donated $1,500 to Close Up Students of Havre High School to buy the necessary ingredients for their Tamale money making sale. Donated $1,500 to Havre Lions Swim Team toward an upgrade in their computer counsel for the touch pad computer system.

October 8 and 10 2021:  Havre Lions did their 21 year of cooking for the 21 annual Northern Lights Professional Sports Legends Scholarship hunt, Started and sponsored by the the late Mike Tilleman, who passed in September of 2020. Friday night Havre Lions cooked 160 breakfast burritos for the hunter's breakfast on Sunday the tenth of October. On Sunday they cooked Shrimp for the final meal after the pheasant hunt. 

August 11-13 Havre Lions had their Annual Steak Fry celebrating another successful year and Great Northern Fair. The event was held at Lion's Campground at Beaver Creek Park.

July 21-25, 2021 Annual Pronto Pup Booth cooking for the Grean Northern Fair. Great Year even with the covid-19 restrictions. 

July 20, 2021 LIons Booth Clean-up 


May 22, 2021 Lions Mark Rowlatt, Jerry Kuhn, Tom Klein and Tom's son dropped many trees at Lions Campground to begin clean up of Lion's Campground. Main group of Lions attended Memorial Day Campground cleanup. 5/29-5-31

May 5, 2021 Lions poured 11 yds of concrete on final pour for slab and side walk in front of soup kitchen 611 2nd st.

May 3, 2021 Lions prepared for final pour of concrete at soup kitchen

April 16 -17 2021 17 Lions formed and poured  a 7 yd slab in front of Feed My Sheep Soup Kitchen

April 10, 2021 Lions Mark Rowlatt, Bob Patera, Jerry Kuhn and President Becky Toth worked the Lions Havre Track Meet. 

April 7, 2021 17 Lions picked garbage from Highwya 2 ditchs East of Havre. 22 bags of garbage were picked. Jim Lowen, Steve Jamruszka, Kelly Jones, Jim Heavey, Ray Toth, Becky Toth, Wanda Meredith, Roger Meredith, Doug Larson, Jerry Kuhn, Gary Stremcha, Scott Doney, Russell Stinnett, Amos McLain, TerryStoppa, and Jim Rowlatt with Grand Son Ryan Rowlatt

Spring 2021 Different Havre Lions drove over 1200 miles going to the 8 different eye testing sites.

April 7, 2021 Doug Larson adn Tom Allen tested eyes in Gildford at North Star Elementary Child Find: 30 were tested with 4 referrals. . 

April 6, 2021 Doug Larson and Tom Allen tested eyes in Chester CJI  Elementary School Child Find: 17 tested with one referral

March 31, 2021: Doug Larson ,Kelly Jones Saco Eye Testing: 3 tested all pass.

March 30 2021, Whitewater eye test: Doug Larson & Mark Rowlatt 7 tested, 2 failed. Dodson 3 tested 1 failed. 

March 29, 2021  Roger Meredith, Jim Heavey and JIm Lowen. 8 tested 2 failed. 

Lions Roger Meredith, Jim Lowen and Jim Heavey made the trip to Hindsdale to test eyes. 8 children were tested and all passed.

March 26, 2021 

Lions Roger Meredith, Wanda Meredith and Tom Allen tested preschoolars eyes in Big Sandy.. 34 Children were tested. 4 children were referred.

March 24, 2021 

Lions Doug Larson, Jim Heavey, Bob Patera and Roger Meredith tested preschoolars eyes in Turner and Harlem.  In Turner 15 children were tested.. 2 were referred, and one younger than one would not test.

In Harlem 9 were tested. There were 2 that passed and 7 referrals. 

March 12, 2021

Lions Roger Meredith, Steve Mclain, and Jim Lowen tested 30 preschoolar's eyes with 2 referals

November 24, 2020

Lions Donated $1,000 to the Havre Food Bank. The amout was matched by Town Pump. 

Lion President Becky Toth Presents a $1,000 check to Hayley Freide of the Food Bank

September 18-19, 2020 

Lions, because of Covid Pandemic,  had their first Drive Through Pronto Pup / French Fry Sale. Lion President Becky Toth planned and headed the sale up. It netted $18,500. Lions Donated High School Group, Close Up $1,500, for their help. 

August 9, 2020

Lions moved storage shed donated by Lion Jim Heaveyfor Lion's epuipment to Mclains Cabinets property

Money Donated 2019-2020

Fort Assiniboine Preservation Association $1000

Local Sight and Hearing: $274

LCIF $4000

Montana Leader Dogs for the Blind $1000

Leadership High School $1500

Montana Actors Theater $300

Community Night Out(meal) $900

Salvation Army Red Kettle $1500

Lions Swim Team $1450

Havre Youth Baseball 5 teams: $1425

Havre Girls Fastpitch $600

Havre High Class of 2020 $750

4H Tracy Gorecki Lamb $416.58 Lam donated back to 4H foundation sor secon acution. 

June 18. 2020 Officer Instalation at Lion Steve Mclain's House because of COVID19

All Lions: President Becky Toth, 1st VP Mark Rowlatt, 2nd VP Scott Doney, 3rd VP Jerry Kuhn, Secretary Doug Larson, Treasurer Steve McLain,  Directors Kelly Jones, Mark Peterson, Gary Stremcha, Laura Gomex, James Lowen, Wanda Meredith, Lion Tamers Steve Jamruszka, Kaden Keto, Tail Twister Holly Haas and Max Vogel, Membership Team: Craig Tilleman (chair) Holly Haas, Jim Heavey, and Jim Bennett

Pictured: jIm Ward 2019-2020 Melvin Jones Award along with Judy Ward and Jim Rowlatt(presenter)

5/22- 5/25/2020

Havre Lions had a successful campout and campground cleanup. There were more than 30 Lions, spouses and friends camping out and cleaning Lion's Campground in Beaver Creek Park. Lions Tom Klein, Lion Steve Mclain's son-in-law Tom Kline, Jerry Kuhn, and Mark Rowlatt dropped over 30 dead trees. These were cut up into fire wood for other campers to uses over the camping season. 

Above: Acting Lion President Becky Toth Supervises Lion  Ray Toth.

Below: L/R Amos Mclain, Ray Toth, Jerry Kuhn, Mike Purkett(Kakes), Tom Klein, and Russell Stinnett(Photos by Lion Sec. Doug Larson)



Havre Lions had Dinner meeting in Lion Scott Doney's Diesel Dr parking lot with Social Distancing, then picked ditches along Highway 2. Pictured L/R Max Vogel, Roger Meredith, Dan Korb,


Mark Rowlatt, Gary Stremcha, Ray Toth, Leonard Deppmeier, Becky Toth, (seated) Wanda Meredith, Steve Mclain, Tom Klein, Jerry Kuhn, Jim Bennett, Bob Patera, Kaden Keto. Not Pictured: Steve Jamruszka, and Doug Larson(Photographer, The Shadow)


Havre Lions donated $750 to Havre High Graduating Class for graduation celebration. 

Havre Lions donated $1000 to Fort Assiniboine Preservation project. 


Havre Lions met online due to COVID-19 Pandemic. First ever online meeting 18 members attended.


March 10-13 

Lions Doug Larson, Gregg Carlson, Jim Heavey, Steve Jamruszka, Roger Meredith, Wanda Meredith, and Bob Patera were ath the Annual Havre Young Child Check Ups at the Methodist Church. 

Amanda Christopherson holds Piper while Lion Doug Larson and Dr. Erica Farmer evaluate Piper's eyes.

March 9, 2020 

Lions Doug Larson, Gregg  Carlson and Jim Heavey  went to Hinsdale to do eye screening on preschool.

February 20, 2020 Kids night with bingo, heads and tails and lots of fun.



January 4, 2020 Havre Lions Christmas Party - Havre Lions took bus to Big Sandy for annual Christmas party at Pep's Bar. 


December 7, 2019 

Havre Lions Raise $1486.77 rining bells for Salvation Army Red Kettle Drive. Lions matched donations with $1500 giving total from Lions work being $2986.77 for Salvation Army.

Lion Secretary Doug Larson presents Salvation Army manager Tina Crawford with matching funds Check of $1500

Sunday October 12 and 13 2019

Northern Lights Athletic Scholarship Foundation Pheasant Jamboree: Havre Lions helped Kiwanis cook breakfast on Saturday and  were responsible for cooking breakfast and shrimp for dinner on  

Lions John Quinlivan and Bob Patera mix pancake batter for Sunday Breakfast.

Lions L/R Roger Meredith, Wanda Meredith, Mark Rowlatt, and Ray Toth cook shrimp for 19th Annual Pheasant Jamboree

October 5, 2019

Lions L/R Russell Stinnett, Wayne Bolken, Mike Wajtowick, Mark Rowlatt, Doug Larson, Jim Heavey, Steve Jamruszka, Bob Patera, and Jim Rowlatt, pose after Ace Towing delivers shed built by Lions to North Montana Senior Citizen's Center


9/23/2019 Construction Crew for Senior Center Shed L to R: Lions Steve Jamruszka, Roger and Wanda Meredith, Tony Dolphay, Bob Patera, Doug Larson, Jim Rowlatt. Picture by Lion Gregg Carlson. 

Reverse date order starts here!!!


January 2016: bought new Eye Testing machine and donated old to Sidney Lions.

March 23, 2016

Lions Gregg Carlson and Jim Ward look over test results during Chinook Eye Testing, March 23, 2016. Testing gave a referral rate around 16%. Lions Steve Jamruszka and Doug Larson also worked the testing. Around 200 students and teachers were tested. Only 2 students could not be tested with PlusOptix tester.


Havre Track Meet 2016


Lion Gregg Carlson works pit at Havre Lions Track Meet. Also Working were Lions Doug Larson, Jim Bennett, Steve Jamruszka, Tom Brady. 


April 12th - 14th

Lion Roger Meredith tests childs eyes at Havre Child Find. Also working were Lions Wanda Meredith and Doug Larson. 142 toddler and preschool children were tested. 119 passed the eye test and 23 were referred. 


April 16, 2016  Fresno Walleye Banquet

Shown are Lions Jim Ward with back, Craig Tillemna, Gregg Carlson, Tony Dolphay, and Mark Rowlatt.

Lions Doug Hollingshead, Tony Dolphay, Mark Rowlatt, Jim Rowlatt, Jim Heavey, Jim Ward, Doug Larson, Craig Tilleman, and Gregg Carlson cooked fish for close to 400 people. ,


Festival Days 2016

Havre Lions support Havre Festival Days Sponsoring Canadian Bag Pipers and Driving Lincoln in parade

Lion Becky Toth passes out candy as Lions Gregg Carlson & Ray Toth ride in Late Cameron Worstel's Lincoln




Lion Jerry Kuhn in Lion and Lion Alan Roush in Delivery Truck


Lion Bob Patera and Lela 




Havre Lions Sponsored 2016 Girls T Ball Softball


Havre Lions Sponsored Havre Girls Soft Ball B League Team



Lions Terry Stoppa, Jim Ward, Jim Bennett & Jim Heavey, cook Fries and Pronto Pups 

Lions Steve Jamruszka and Mark Rowlatt serve Pronto Pups and Fries at Festival Days Rock Lotto

Lions Jim Heavey, Jim Ward, Terry Stoppa, Jim Bennett, (Linda Heavey) and Ray Toth cook Pronto Pups and Fries for 2016 Festival Days Rock Lotto. Elks Member Bob Nieuwenhuyse in back looks on 

October 9, 2016

Havre Lions Club support Northern Light Athlettic Scholarship Foundation cooking breakfast and shrimp for dinner for the Pheasant Jamboree October 9, 2016.

Lion John Quinlivan and Lion Tom Klein cook pancakes for Pheasant Jamboree


December 15, 2016

Havre Lions Donated $500 to Gary and Leo's IGA Grocery Bag Donation for the Hungry

December 3, 2016

Lion Jerry Kuhn Raising Money for Salvation Army Kettle Drive

Havre Lions participated in Salvation Army Kettle Drive. Havre Lions raised $1254.43  and matched these funds. 24 Lions particpated.

December 17, 2016 Lions Christmas Party at Beaver Creek Golf Course: New Melvin Jones Fellows Inducted: Doug Larson, Steve Jamruszka, and Ray Toth. 

Pictured Lion Doug Larson recieving congratulations from Lion President Craig Tilleman

April 4-6 2017

Havre Lions worked Havre 3 daysof  preschool screening. Lions Steve Jamruszka, Roger Meredith, and Gregg Carlson tested eyes of 169 kids finding 14 referrals.

July 2018

Lions Wayne Bolken, Steve Jamruszka and Bob Patera go over booth inspection pryor to Fair(Picture by Doug Larson)


August 5. 2017 Steak Fry

Lions Jim Ward, Bill Woods and Mike Wojtowick wait for the Shrimp and Steak


From Laft Lions Tom Klein, Mark Rowlatt, Jim Heavey, Tony Dolphay(crutches) & Jerry Kuhn(in lion)

49 Lions and Guests Celebrated  another good fair at Steak Fry. Held at new pavillion 

2018 Great Northern Fair

Havre Lions support 4H buy purchaasing Angelin Toth and donating back to 4H foundation




December 2017


    1. $500 for IGA food baskets was given to Salvation Army

    2. $2400 was total to Salvation Army with match

September 2017

Havre Lions Cooked Breakfast at Fly In at Hill county Airport


Lion Tom Klein and sons take a break from cooking breakfast

Lion Gregg Carlson serves breakfast while Mrs. Hurd, Lions Becky Toth, Ray Toth, Max Vogel adn Doug Hollingshead look on. Pictures by Lion Doug Larson

Lion Steve McLain takes break from cooking to BS


May 2018

Havre Day Activity reported that the Lions Can collection bins collected 1326 pounds from February 2017 to may 2018. The value was $331.50. 


Lions Wayne Bolken and Vic Velk pose with Sue Swan at blood drive. Lions Steve Jamruszka, Gregg Carlson, Doug Larson also served sandwiches, cookies and drinks to doners. Picture DBL

Septermber 22, 2018

Havre Festival Days

Havre Lions Drove Late Cameron Worstel's Lincoln in Parade, with "Lions" Jerry Kuhn and Kelly Jones walking along handing out candy to the kids.Havre Lions supported Alberta Pipe and Drums by donating $1000 to bring them to Havre for travel and lodging expenses. 

Lions Gregg Carlson, Kelly Jones, Jim Heavey, Jerry Kuhn and 
Ray Toth take time out to pose with Late 
Cameron Worstel's Lincoln. Pic. by Lion Doug Larson

Havre Lions Cooked Pronto Pups at Havre Festival Days making around $850

ltor LIons Mark Rowlatt, Doug Hollingshead, JIm Rowlatt, Gregg Carlson cook and sell pronto pups

South Alberta Bag Pipe Band marches in parade


October 4, 2018

Havre Lions did vision screening at Rocky Boy Reservation - EHS, Head Start and Child Find. There were 131 children screened. 61 passed, 55 failed and 14  were uncooperative. Percentage referred was 42.8%

October 14, 2018

Northern Lights Athletics Scholarship Pheasant Jamboree

Havre Lions supported the NLASF by cooking breakfast and dinner for legends at the Pheasant Hunt

Lion Holly Haas serves sauage at morning breakfast.

L to R Lions Gregg Carlson, Mark Rowlatt, Roger Meredith, Steve Jamruszka, and Wanda Meredith work at cooking shrimp at Legends Dinner. Photo by Doug Larson

December 8, 2018

Havre Lions Rang bells for Salvation Army Kettle Drive collecting nearly $1800 and donating &1500 matching funds. 
Below Lion President Jim Heavey presents matching funds for Kettle Bell Rining to Salvation Army Rep. Trina Crawford


December 2018

Lion Jim Heavey presents check for $500 to Tracy Job of Gary and Leo's IGA for bags of groceries for Hunger Food Drive 

December 15, 2018

Lion Tom Allen Recieves Melvin Jones Award from Lions Jim Rowlatt and Gregg Carlson, with Toms wife Miranda looking on. 



February 28, 2019

Vision Screening Gildford Montana North Star Elementary School. Tested 92 students with 2 referrals. Pictured L to R Lions Gregg Carlson and Jim Rowlatt. Not pictured Lions Doug Larson, President Jim Heavey, & Steve Jamruszka, 



March 12 - 14, 2019

Havre Lions Roger Meredith, Jim Rowlatt, Doug Larson, Gregg Carlson, Wanda Meredithand Steve Jamruszka screened at Havre Child Find 164 Children. 145 passed, 16 referred, 3 incomplete.


From Left to Right: Lion Jim Rowlatt, Dr. Erica Farmer, and Lin Gregg Carlson

March 25, 2019 

Lions Jim Heavey, Jim Rowlatt, Gregg Carlson, and Doug Larson screened 14 children ant Hindsdale Child Find. 12 passed and 2 failed. 

Lion Jim Rowlatt drives part of the 238 miles round trip to Hindsdale Mt. through slush and fog to test eyes at Hindsdale, Mt.

April 9, 2019

Lions Doug Larson, Becky Toth, Ray Toth and Jerry Kuhn barbequed hamburgers for SkillsUSA annual conference at MSU Northern. Serving over 80 high school students and teachers from all over Montana. 

From left to right Jim Bennett, Jerry Kuhn, Ray Toth and Doug Larson


HAVRE LIONS CLEAN THEIR ADOPTED HIGHWAY 2 East of Havre. Pictured from L to R Lions: Mark Rowlatt, Steve Mclain, Jerry Kuhn, Jim Rowlatt, Ray Toth. Not shown Lions Bob Patera, Dan Korb, Kelly Jones, Doug Larson, Steve Jamruszka, Scott Doney. Picture by Doug Larson




Havre Lions traveled over 1200 miles testing eye on the Hi-Line!

Havre Lions Eye Testing concluded for 2018-19 year, after testing eyes at 12 different towns on the high line. They were at child finds: Rocky Boy, North Star (2 Days), Havre (3 days), Hinsdale, Whitewater, Saco, Dodson, Turner, Harlem, Chinook, Chester, and Big Sandy.


Lions tested 577 children (ages 6 months to 8 years) with 84 being referred in the 8 community or town locations. They tested for 10 days. There were 3-4 Team members at each location. They concluded this Lions project is really needed for early detection of visual problems in children. This work is rewarding to the Lions involved and "FUN" getting to work with the little kids. Havre Lions gave each child tested their choice of a "Lion's Paw Button" or a "Havre Lions Pencil", of course the pins/buttons were the favorite choice of most younger kids.


At Havre there was 3-days of screenings. 164 children tested. We were fortunate in working side-side with Dr. Erica Farmer OD in Havre. She of course had ability to read our screen-data for each child. If there was any doubt for the Plus Optix machine's readings, she verified the readings. Dr. Farmer was really impressed with Havre Lion's Plus Optix machine.



Lion Tom Allen presents $1,000 check to Lions Clubs International Foundation, $1,000 Montana Leader Dogs, and $2,462.66 to Montana Sight and Hearing Foundation in the Parade of Green at the 2019 State Lions Convention in Sidney.


May 24-27 Havre Lions Memorial Day Campout and work Party at Lion's Campground  working on Fence around Lions 2nd Pavilion. 

Lion Tom Klein works on fence around new pavilion during Memorial Day Campout and work party.

June 29, 2019

Havre Lions Helped North Montana Pilots cook breakfast at their annual Fly In. 

L to R Lions Jim Ward, Steve Jamruszka, Becky Toth, Jerry Kuhn, Ray Toth. Far right: Lion Gregg Carlson

July 12- 16 2019

Lions Pronto Pup Booth sells nearly 1000 pounds of Pronto Pups and 5000 pounds of french fries. 

Left to right:Front:  Peggy Lamb, Past Lion Dan Weidinger's grandaughter, Darrin Boss, Karla Bolken, in back, Lion President Jim Bennett, Wayne Bolken, Gregg Carlson. Picture by Secretary Doug Larson


Septermber 21, 2019

Havre Festival Days Parade and Pronto Pup Cooking

"Lions" Jerry Kuhn and Kelly Jones walked in Festival Day Parade entertaining kids and handing out candy. 

Lions Laura Gomez and Wanda Meredith work at Pronto Pup Sales for Festival Days. Lions sold over 1300 Pronto Pups.

Southern Alberta Pipe and Drum, $1000 sponsor by Havre Lions perform at Havre Festival Days by Lions Pronto Pup cooking after marching in parade.

September - October 2019

Havre Lions construct 20 x 10 shed for Havre Senior Center

L to R 

Lions Steve Jamruszka, Wanda Meredith, Tony Dolphay. Bob Patera, Gregg Carlson, Jim Rowlatt,Photo/ Doug Larson

September 25, 2019

Havre Lions Gregg Carlson, Steve Jamruszka, and Jim Ward used PlusOptix to conducted Child Vision Screening of 104 Children. 51 were referred,41 passed, 11 incomplete and 1 uncooperative. 49% children were referred. 


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