Materials available for school/screening use are listed below.  Please feel free to reproduce/alter and distribute as the school sees fit.


The PlusOptix machine uses a specific type of database for preloading a list of     students. (Required)

An Excel worksheet is necessary for schools’ use in adding information before screening.  The file needs to be organized in a particular format for the machine to accept, so please follow the these guidelines:

1) Do not change column names, order, or attributes in the downloaded file.

2) Add information to the six columns – Family Name (last name); First Name; Date of Birth (format 10/16/2013); ID (optional); Location (suggest abbreviated   school name); and Contact (suggest class ID or teacher’s last name)

3) Be sure the information is consistent across lines of the completed file before saving it.

4) Lions will use a USB memory device to copy your file, resave it in the required format and upload it to the machine for the screening. The file can be returned to you with the results in the same format as the blank downloaded file after the screening is completed.


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