Havre Lions Club Historical Highlights

"A Lions Club is a group of community-minded individuals who pool their talents on behalf of local needs."







·          Funds raised for football field lights


·          Transported injured boy from Browning to Havre and provided him with the proper medical attention


·          Funds contributed towards maintaining American Legion Ice Skating rink to provide free skating for children on Saturdays and Sundays


·          Raised funds for completion of chemistry laboratory at NMC

·          Hosted the District Convention


·          Provided a “transient relief camp” at the city limits


·          Sponsored two plays by the “Great Lakes Players” for the benefit of a city playground project

·          Donated to help construct bleachers and build fence around the athletic field

·          Contributed to Helena Lions Club for relief work in that city after the earthquake


·          Staged a football game vs. another service club to raise funds for equipment for grade school football team


·          Sponsored and old-fashioned social dance and joined other service clubs in observing Safety Week and Hospital Day


·          Raised funds for Beaver Creek Playground Association

·          Arranged to supply a Boy Scout Troop with uniforms to attend the Medicine Hat, Alberta Boy Scout Jamboree in honor of a visit by King George and Queen Elizabeth of England


·          Helped form the Country Roads Betterment Committee


·          Financed 30 children to a summer camp


·          Hosted the Zone Meeting

·          Sponsored a “farewell party” for draftees


·          District Governor advised the Club to disband due to adverse conditions (the war, members in armed services)

·          24 members at time of disbanding


·          Havre Lions Club Re-Chartered

·          Lion Robert Graham proposed that the Lions have a Pronto Pup Booth at the Fair….Burt and Francine Jones Donated Franchise to Lions, when they moved to Glasgow.

·          Lion Norm Gorder listed as one of the original Lions Club Charter members (1952) and elected as Second Vice President


·          Wives of Lions members assisted in sponsoring a Betty Crocker cake mix sale to raise proceeds for various youth activities


·          Assisted in new park and recreation area behind Deaconess Hospital

·          Began selling brooms door to door

·          Received exclusive rights to sell pronto pups at the annual Hill County Fair


·          Raised funds from Annual Light Bulb Sale and provided labor to build an official Little League Park, named “Lions Club Park”


·          Purchased North Side Park and playground equipment


·          Ordered new equipment for Lions Club Park Little League Field


·          Donated money to: Hi-Line Bowling School, Hi-Line Choral Club, NMC Booster Club

·          Initiated “Man of the Month” award, recognizing Havre citizens for outstanding community service

·          Havre Lions Little League Park officially dedicated and presented to the City


·          Joined Chinook Lions in statewide collection of eyeglasses to be sent to needy persons overseas

·          Completed building ten outdoor toilet-buildings at Beaver Creek Park.

·          Club meeting place burned, with loss of charter, gong, gavel, flags, dinner badges and song books.


·          Donated eyeglasses for needy children at the Rocky Boy School

·          Established a revolving loan fund  for students attending NMC valued at $500


·          Sponsored state AAU swim meet in Havre and financed local swim team

·          Sponsored ten softball and Little League teams


·          Provided housing for swimmers and timers during swim events

·          Built park at fairgrounds and provided it with shade trees, toilets, and tables

·          Won the “Championship Plaque” for the Christmas bell ringers for 2nd straight year

·          Won Little Sullivan Award for sponsoring the most amateur sports programs in Havre


·          Changed Light Bulb Sale night to Halloween

·          125 members attended the 10th Anniversary Charter Night


·          Planned House to House canvassing for used eye-glasses and placed receptacles in local businesses

·          Several members signed donation cards donating their eyes to the Eye Foundation of Billings


·          1,187 packages of light bulbs sold

·          Contributed to the blind school program held in Kalispell


·          Community Auction held as fund-raising project


·          Sponsored a lazy-eye clinic, 750 children screened, 50 sent to specialist

·          Furnished the first of several trophies to a member of the VFW rifle team earning Marksman honor

·          First Annual Snowmobile Races were held in the Bear Paws, with 55 trophies awarded and over 1,000 spectators


·          Turned over the Lions Park at the Fairgrounds to Hill County Fair Board, with one Lions member serving on the board

·          Participated in golf tournament vs. other service clubs, donating proceeds to the Salvation Army

·          Lions Club paper weights given as thank-you to speakers/programs at meetings

·          New members included: Lion Gerald Bekker


·          Optimist Club challenged Lions to a swim meet to help raise funds for Christmas gifts for needy children.  Over $2,000 was raised

·          New Pronto Pup concession stand was built at the fairgrounds

·          Boxing Equipment Purchased for the program at Rocky Boy

·          Havre Lion Robert Roush elected District 37-C Governor


·          Lions Club overnight trailer park officially named: Carl Helmbrecht Lions Park

·          Hosted the 1971 Mid-Winter Conference


·          Sponsored the Utah Symphony Orchestra

·          Purchased P.A. system for the Pronto Pup booth

·          Competed vs. Kiwanis in a Donkey Basketball Game


·          Hosted dinner for Havre Chamber of Commerce

·          Accepted Challenge from Havre Optimist Club for attendance at Blue Pony and NMC basketball games, and won said challenge


·          Installed new fence and dugouts at Lions Little League Park

·          Helped purchase 80 warm-up jackets for Lions Swim Team

·          Wood cutting project initiated to cut and sell wood.


·          Initiated and led a community fund drive for a civic swimming pool by pledging $10,000 towards the $77,000 project. 

·          Furnished new chairs for Hill County Council on Aging


·          Paid to have an underground sprinkler installed at Lions Little League Park

·          The Downtowner Restaurant and the Lions meeting place burned down, and the Lions moved their meetings to Bob’s House of Ribs

·          New members include: Gregg Carlson


·          Pronto Pup Booth restored and expanded

·          Steak Fry at the Hensley, Helmbrecht, and Spangelo cabins

·          New members include: Jim Ward

·          The Lions meeting place burned for the 5th time, and all Club materials were lost


·          Helped finance the initiation of a pre-competitive swim program

·          Three Lions answered phones for the Montana Easter Seal Telethon

·          Received the “Gold Award” from the United Way of Havre for outstanding service to the community

·          Provided a tour of Beaver Creek Park for 33 Senior Citizens. Entertained with coffee and accordion music by Lion Ernie Hoffman for “World Lions Service Day.”

·          “Bekker’s Beat” club newsletter entered in International Bulletin Competition for District 37-C


·          Distributed 340 Flags and pamphlets to area first-graders

·          Donated Pronto Pup Flour to Eagles Club Christmas Party for children

·          27 Swim Team members and Lion volunteers picked up a 10-mile stretch of highway towards Beaver Creek Park.  Lions then matched the amount the swim team received in returned bottles and cans. 

·          Donated portable bleachers to city swimming pool.

·          Helped purchase new van for Lutheran Home

·          Joint activities with clubs from Redcliff, Alberta, Chester, Harlem, and Chinook

·          24 new members brought membership to 90 total members


·          Sponsored newly formed soccer team

·          12 crews of Lions prepared pre-mix, backfill material and planted trees around town for Havre’s first “Tidy Town” Campaign.

·          Initiated the Leader Dog Project conducted throughout Zone 3-A of District 37-C.

·          Four Lions challenged other service clubs of Havre to a relay swim race to support the Havre Lions Swim Team

·          Over 120 Lions, wives and guests attended the Annual Steak Fry


·          Final $1,000 dollar payment made to city swimming pool fund, which satisfies $10,000 pledge made by club.

·          Purchased video tape machine for Lions Swim Team

·          “Birthday Drink” served as novelty idea to increase attendance at meetings.

·          Recognized as “Outstanding Lions Club” in district 37C. The club was chosen from 41 other clubs in the district.  

·          Lions Gregg Carlson and Bill Smith coordinated efforts to develop plans for a Lions Camp Site at Beaver Creek

·          New Lions included: Roger Meredith, Robert Johnke, and Leonard Deppmeier.


·          Provided new pool cover for city pool

·          Won the Salvation Army Bell Ringing contest for collecting largest amount of money of any of Havre’s service clubs.

·          Hosted District 37-C Convention

·          First “Father-Son” and “Father-Daughter” banquets held

·          New members included: Robert Jestrab


Lion President Jerad Gillen

Secretary: Lion Doug Larson

Treasurer: Lion Steve Jamruszka

Bought Optics Eye Tester and began testing student eyes up and down the high-line. 

2011 - 2012 

President Vicke Schend, 1st VP Wayne Bolken, Secretary Doug Larson, Treasurer Steve Jamruszka

2012 - 2013

President Wayne Bolken, 1st VP Darin Miller, Secretary Doug Larson, Treasurer Steve Jamruszka


2010 - 2011

President Doug Hollingshead 1st VP Vicke Schend, Secretary Doug Larson, Treasurer Steve Jamruszka


2014 - 2015 

President Norton Pease, 1st VP Jerad Gillen Secretary Doug Larson Treasurer Steve Jamruszka

2015 2016

President Jerad Gillen, 1st VP Craig Tilleman, Secretary Doug Larson Treasurer Steve Jamruszka

2016 -2017

President Craig Tilleman  Secretary Doug Larson, Treasurer Steve Jamruszka.                      Melvin Jones Fellows: Doug Larson, Ray Toth, Steve Jamruszka. Salvation Army bell rininging raised $1254.43 and matched it. Donated $500 to IGA for groceries for needy. 

Began work on Campground after FEMA released and approve new pavilion. 

Worked 16th annual Pheasant Jamboree, cooking breakfast and shrimp for dinner

Lion Jerry Kuhn headed up Kids bingo night with heads and tails. 20 kids attended 2/16/17




Lions International Historical Tidbits:

  • Initially, there was some opposition to naming the organization "Lions."  A young Denver attorney named Halsted Ritter convinced people of the worthiness of the name by stating:
    • "The name Lions, represents the king of beasts and all the qualities the members (are) to extol; It stands not only for fraternity, good fellowship, strength of character and purpose, but above all, in it's combinations of letters, LIONS shows the true meaning and basis of American citizenship....Liberty, Intelligence, Our Nation's Safety."
  • In 1932, Lions International honored Melvin Jones as originator of the Lions club and set aside his birtdate, January 13, as "Founder's Day."
  • Lions International was the world's first organization to reach one million members
  • The first Lions convention was held in 1917


President Holly Haas, 1st vp Jim Heavey, Secretary Doug Larson, Treasurer Steve Jamruszka, Melvin Jones Bill Woods

2018 - 2019 

President Jim Heavey, 1st VP Jim Bennett, Secretary Doug Larson, Treasurer Steve Jamruszka

Melvin Jones Award Tom Allen. Projects: Fair, Steak Fry, Sponsored Bag Pipes for Havre Festival Days, Bell rining for Salvation army, raised $1800, donated $1500 matching


Lion President Jim Bennett, 1st VP Becky Toth, Treasurer Steve Mclain, Secretary Doug Larson. 

Pronto Pup Booth: Raised $36,000. Festival Days Pronto Pup Sales, $3,600. September built Shed for Hill County Senior Citizens Center Northern Light AthleticScholarship Foundadion Pheasant Hunt cooked Saturday & Sunday breakfasts and  cooked shrimp for Sunday Dinner. In September and October Havre Lions constructed a shed at Lion Tony Dolphay's shop.  Scott Siedel (A One Towning) volunteered to deliver using his roll back tow truck for North Central Senior Center  Lions Rang bells for Salvation Army Kettle Drive binging in $1,485.61 wich Lions matched with $1500. 

February 13 and 14th 2020

Flags For First Graders

Lions Jerry Kuhn, Doug Larson, Terry Stoppa, Becky Toth, Ray Toth, Stacy Baldwin, Holly Haas, Jim Rowlatt talked to the first graders at Highland Park and St. Jude's Schools about US Flag and gave each one their own US Flag.  182 Flags

March 9th Havre Lions Doug Larson, Gregg Carlson, and Jim Heavey went to Hindsdale to test preschool children's eyes

March 10-14 Lions Steve Jamruszka, Doug Larson, Gregg Carlson, Roger Meredith, Wanda Meredith,, Bob Patera, tested eyes at Young Childs Check Ups at Methodist Church in Havre. 

March 14, 2020 

All nonesential activities in Montana cancelled because of COVID-19 Pandemic throughout the world and United States.

March 19, 2020 meeting canceled because of COVID-19 Pandemic 

June 4, 2020  Officer installation: President Becky Toth, 1st VP Mark Rowlatt, 2nd Vp Scott Doney, 3rd Vp Jerry Kuhn, Secretary: Doug Larson, Treasurer Steve McLain. Melvin Jones Award: Jim Ward. New members initiation Amos McLain and Kaden Keto

September 19 -20 2020, First Lions Drive Through Pronto Pup / cheese fry sale at booth. Lion President Becky Toth planned and headed up sale. Net Profits over $18,500. Lion's donated $1,500 to the High School Group, Close Up, for their help with the sale.

November 24, 2020 Lions donated $1,000 to Havre Food Bank to receive matching funds from Town Pump.

February 2021

Havre Lions presented 160 United States Flags to first graders at Highland Park School along with another 20 at St. Jude's. Lions was not able to present the flags personally this year because of covid. Lions did have a video done by Lion Jerry Kuhn, which was used by some of the classes. The flag presentation is an ongoing yearly event, which Havre Lions has been doing since 1976. This Year LIons made the bases and branded them with a Lion's International brand along with Havre  Lions Brand. Flag stands were made by Havre LIons with wood donated by Builders First Source. The Brand was made complementary by MSU Northern's metal class. The flags were donated by Walmart. 

March 4, 2021 $779.94 donatio to North Central Senior Center for 6 Computer monitors for tax preparation. 

March 12, 2021 Eye Test Chinook 30 Children - 2 referrals

March 24, 2021 Eye test Turner and Harlem - Turner 15 children  2 referrals 1 no test, Harlem 9 cchildren 7 referrals

March 26, 2021 Eye Test  Big Sandy. 34 children tested with 4 referrals

March 29 2021 Hinsdale eye test. 8 children tested 2 failed

March 30 2021 Whitewater Eye Test 7 children 2 failed. Dodson Eye Test 3 children. 1 failed 

March 31 Saco eye test 3 students all passed.

April 16 17 2021 17 Lions formed and poured 7yd slab in front of Feed My Sheep Soup Kitchen

July 14-18 Great Northern Fair Pronto Pup and Cheese fry Sales. Great year 59k

August 12 2021 Lions cooked a meal for the MSUN Football team at Lions Camp Ground 

August 14, 2021 Lions annual Steka fry. 

October 12, 2021 Lions 21 year cooking at the 21 annual Legends Pheasant Hunt. Lions cooked Burritos Friday the 10 for Sunday (12) Breakfast and then cooked Shrimp for their Sunday Banquet.

November 25 2021 - Havre Lions donated $1,000 to Havre Food Bank expecting that Town Pump would match money. Donated $1,500 to Close Up Students of Havre High School to buy the necessary ingredients for their Tamale money making sale. Donated $1,000 to Havre Lions Swim Team toward an upgrade in their counsel for their  touch pad computer system.


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