“Corona edition”

Happy June to everyone in Granville Lions!

Well, I’m sure some of you remember the last time I was club president, things were a little tumultuous. I figured the second time around, things would be calm by comparison. Then the universe said “Hold my beer. How do you feel about a global pandemic?”

So here we are, trying to hold our only fundraiser, our Telescope furniture sale, during a health crisis on scale none of us have ever experienced. With the Capital Region (of which Washington County is part) moving into Phase 2 on June 3, our furniture sale can open for the season on Friday, June 5.

In order to safely conduct our sale, we will be working very differently than we have in the past. To comply with state guidelines, we will have to follow strict conditions:

  1. Every club member working their shift will be required to wear a mask during their shift. The type of face covering can be a standard surgical type mask, a cloth mask, or even a bandanna. The point is to protect yourself, your fellow Lions, and our customers. Of course, if you are sick when it is your turn to work, please stay home and try to find someone to replace you.
  2. Hand sanitizer will be available on the register counter for use by both Lions and our customers. Cashiers especially will need to use sanitizer on their hands after handling a customer’s cash, check or credit card.
  3. The counter will need to be wiped down with sanitizer/cleaner after each customer pays.
  4. The standard 6-foot social distance should be maintained between Lions and customers at all times. We will monitor the number of people in the warehouses, and if it becomes too crowded to keep social distance, we will have to ask customers to wait outside until some people leave.

Please note the attached revised schedule. We will just pick up with the team listed for June 5 and 6, Team D. I have spoken to What’s Up Dawgs and they will be open and are ready for us to call in our lunch order on Saturdays.

Please note: If any club member has health conditions that would make dealing with the public too risky, please let me know by June 3 so that we can make arrangements to fill your spot. While fundraising is important for our club, our members’ health takes priority.


Installation Dinner: Since restaurants are still closed and gatherings of 10 or more people are still not possible, we will not hold our annual Installation Dinner in June. Instead, we are planning to hold it at the first meeting in September. We hope that restaurants will be able to operate by then.

Clambake: Again, with large gatherings a high-risk situation for spread of the virus, we will unfortunately have to skip the clambake in July this year. It has been suggested that we do it at our Sept. 1 meeting. We will see what is available at that time.

Kids Day (July 4): Unfortunately, this is another high-risk event. Last year we had more than 85 kids participate, which is way over the limit for a safe gathering. It is not possible to conduct this event and maintain safe social distancing.

In the meantime, we have to keep our chin up and go about our business as safely as we can. Hopefully, by next summer, this all will be a distant memory. I’m looking forward to a great year with all of you!





















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