Five Senses

Written by Dan Tonietti


All of us were born with the five senses that god gave us:  The sense of sight, Touch, Smell, Hearing and Taste.  Over our development into adults, we relate these to family, food, church and work and they bring many smiles and frowns to our facial expressions.  Let's throw into our trials of life, our service men and women, who chose or were chosen to serve our country in time of need.

So many saw suffering of those who were wounded or killed from hostilities.  They touched the innocent youngsters whose parent was lying lifeless, while the child cried.  They smelled the decay of humans left exposed to the elements.  They heard the pounding of ammunitions exploding near and far.  They tasted what was called food; but mostly quieted the hunger pains in their stomachs.

On this Veteran's Day and every day to come, lets remember the sacrifice they made for our way of life when they were younger.  They asked god to protect and guide them in very desperate times and they continue to ask him for the strength they need to calm the memories that haunt them today.

Our veterans are very proud people and they honor our flag and what it represents because they helped to keep it flying for generations.  Whether it was battles fought decades ago or today, those sense have been touched in manners that many do not understand.

Sacrifice, sacrifice, what they have given, Honor is what you can show.

Thank you

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