Lions offers a diverse universe of service and leadershp opportunities, leadership training, charity fellowships for members to serve and support. Here are on this page is listing of resources available for Lions to grow and learn in their Lionism journey.  Also featured on this page is a variety of technology and coummunity resources. This page is a work in progress. 

Lions Web Sites

District 4-C4

District 4-C4 covers all Lions Clubs in San Francisco and San Mateo Counties and City of Palto. Our District has over 50 clubs and 2 Cyber Clubs. We have special interest clubs and community clubs. Our special interest clubs feature cultural clubs for Chinese, Korean American, Fiplino American, and Hispanic members; Veterans; First Responders; Health Care; and much more. We have 1 corporate club. Many of our clubs have Leos clubs for youith under 18 to belong to the Lions family and do service for their communities.  Our District is adding new clubs each year. Here in this section, we'll list links to leadership teams, notable web sites, and leadership training, and other resources available for club members. 

District YouTube Channel 

District videos featuring training, district events, cabinet meetings, tech workshops, etc.


MD4 - California Lions  

All Lions clubs throguhout California are part of Multiple District 4. These above sites are two web sites the Multiple District 4 leadership team provides for Lions and community to view. The California Lions site is primary for public to view and features a variety of Lions chairites the Multiple District supports. 

Lions Clubs International 

Lions Leadership Teams - District 4-C4

The District is full of leadership opportunities for members to serve. Some officer roles are elected by either the entire District or just clubs of given jurisdiction. For non elected roles, appointments are made by the District Governor. Most roles are 1 year term and some committee role are mutliple year terms. The Cabinet and District Committees are appointed by the incoming District Governor except for a few elected roles. The VDG and DG are elected by the district membershp. The coordinating council leadership teams are elected by the clubs of their respecdtive councils. 


District Committees (Includes Peninsula Council of Lions Clubs and SF Coordinating Council of Lions Clubs leadership teams)

Our district has two coordinating councils which provide monthly gatherings of Lions clubs in their council service area to share ideas and cooridnate activiies. Peninsula Council of Lions Clubs includes all Lions clubs in San Mateo County and City of Palo Alto. San Francisco Coordainting Council of Lions Clubs includes all Lions clubs in San Francisco. Each council presents an annual awards dinner and banquet to honor Police & Fire heroes in their local communities. They each provide monthly meetings for clubs to get together for fellowship, sharing ideas, and promoting club events. District executive leadership is invited and present reports on district news. Many of our past council preisdents have become district govenors. 

Lions Charities 

Our Districrt and organization has a vareity of charities we support and serve in fundraisers and serice projects. 

Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF)

Fellowships with applicable donations:

Melvin Jones Fellowship - $1,000 donation to LCIF

Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship - additional $1,000 donations to LCIF, each additional one adds a diamond to the pin. There are 54 additional levels.

Lions Share Supporter - 1 star - $50 | 2 star - $100 | 3 star - $200  | Annual program, counts towards Melvin Jones Fellowship | Clubs can earn a patch and chevron for their banner with 100% membership achieving a Lion Share minimum donation of $50

California Lions Foundation

Fellowships that can be earned through applicable donations:

Reginald Harris Fellowship - $2500 donation to CLF

Progressive Reginald Harris Fellowships - additonal levels of $2500 donations

President Kay K. Fukushima Fellowship - $1000 donation to CLF

Progressive President Kay K. Fukushima Fellowship - additional levels of $1000 donations to CLF

Contributing Member - $100 donation to CLF

Life Member - $500 donation to CLF 

Lions Eye Foundation 

Fellowships that can be earned through applicable donations:

Helen Keller Fellow - $1000 donation to LEF

Progressive Helen Keller Fellow - additional donations of $1000 donations to LEF

Don Stanaway Life Fellow - $500 donation to LEF

Don Stanaway Fellow - $250 donation to LEF

Club Membership - $100 application fee & annual donations to LEF by a Lions Club

Lions Veteras Charities, Inc.

City of Hope

Lions Project For Canine Companions for Independence, Inc. 

Fellowships and sponsorships that can be earned through applicable donations to LPCCI:

LPCCI Fellowship - $1000 donation 

Family Life Members - $500 donation 

Life Membership - $300 donation

Distinguished Service - $300 donation 

LPCCI Veterans - $250 donation

Member Club - $125 donation  by Lions Club

Abdul Award - $100 donation 


Puppy Sponsorship - $500 donation 

Breeding Program Sponsorship - $1000 donation

Kennel Sponsorship - $1500 donation

Graduation Sponsorship - $2500 donation

Matriculation Sponsorship - $5000 donation

Professional Training Sponsorship - $10,000 donation

Follow Up Sponsorship - $25,000 donation

Student Speaker Foundation

Student Speaker Contest

White Cane Safety Day 

History of White Cane 

Clubs typically have fundraisers to support White Cane Day.  Links above will share info about this project. 

Diabetes Awareness

Strides for Diabetes Awareness

Diabetes Partnerships & Organizations

Diabetes Grants

World Diabetes Day


Club Resources at LCI Web Site

Club Officer Training Resources

Standard Club Structure

District 4-C4 Governing Documents 

Constituition and Bylaws

Policy Manual

Leos District 4-C4 Constituition and Bylaws

Lions Clubs International Members Resource Center

Lions Clubs International Constituition and Bylaws

Lions Clubs International Board Policy Manual

Leadership Training

USA / Cananda Forum

Lions University

District 4-C4 YouTube Channel 

Officer Training Playlist 

Tech Training Playlist

MD4 Leadership Instiute Training

Community Info & Technololgy Resources

Foster City

Bair Island

Online Meeting Tools



Microsoft Teams

Google Meet

Online Bingo Game for Bingo Feeds 

Online Raffle - Wheel of Names to Pick Winners

Survey Monkey 

Google Forms


A few YouTube Channels for Tech How-to's


Collaboration Coach

Flipped Classroom Tutorials

Tech wtih Brett




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