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August 2020

Giving Until it Feels Good

In this time of COVID-19, our Eugene Downtown Lions Club had to stop our regular indoor meetings and we canceled both our Crab Feed and our annual raffle fundraisers. We started our new fiscal year on July 1st both able to carry on in some essential services and also needing to do things in a new way.

Our club administrative fund and our foundation (activity fund) have enough in the bank that we can continue to help with sight and hearing needs, fund Lane Community College scholarships in health professions, and help Food for Lane County. But if we do not do more fundraising in this new fiscal year, much of our service would have to stop by this time next year.

During a church building fund drive in the last century, a wise minister suggested that the congregation should “Give until it feels good.” Not so much that you cannot pay your own bills nor so little that the programs and services you care about are hampered.

I propose we do a fund drive among the Eugene Downtown Lions Club members to build up our bank account and continue our service and grantmaking ability. One can write a check to the Eugene Downtown Lions Foundation or we can give online at our e-clubhouse website.

In my case, I feel good pledging $600 or an average of $50 per month for the next year to the activity fund (our EDTL Foundation). It is only a little more than I have been spending on Lions meeting for lunch. It gives me the capacity to also give to OLSHF, LCIP, VIM, Red Cross, and other folks doing good work. If we all pitch in we can amass an amount we can proudly ask generous folks in the community to match through whatever fundraisers we are able to come up within our online world.

Thanks for all you do.

Lion Wes Reynolds, current board member, and past president Eugene Downtown Lions Club

News from President Susan Pfanner:

August Get-Together for Eugene Downtown Lions: As your president, I have heard from many members that they would like to have some type of an in-person get-together. Therefore since we cannot meet at the Graduate Eugene, I have reserved the shelter at Hendricks Park on the second Wednesday in August here in Eugene. Please plan on attending the picnic.

When: 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Wednesday, August 12, 2020.

Where: Hendricks Park, Francis M. Wilkins Shelter

2200 Summit Ave.

What: Bring your own picnic lunch including utensils, cup, plate, and mask.

Personal chairs can be set up in the shelter, not on the lawn.

Provisions: Handicapped parking spaces x 2 close to shelter.

Restrooms are located adjacent (southeast) parking area off

Skyline Blvd. Electricity and running water are available

at the shelter.

Picnic tables with ample room for distancing under the pavilion.

Who: Club members are welcome to invite a caregiver, friend or

Family member.

RSVP: Please call (541) 607-7032 or email

Lion Joan Vaughan,

Questions: Lion President Susan (541) 852-3527


Every person in attendance will be expected to complete a Covid-19 consent form (in compliance with the City of Eugene regulation). As much as everyone wants to have time together, there is a possibility Lane County Health and the City of Eugene may prohibit this gathering depending on what current guidelines are mandated.

The Graduate Eugene is currently closed. Our meetings are canceled there through October 7th. The sales staff had communicated via email and will work to accommodate Eugene Downtown Lions Club as soon as they open. I anticipate there will probably be changes when and if we are able to return for the October 21st. meeting.

Thank you,

Lion President Susan Pfanner



District R News: Our new District R Governor is Lion Linda Stent. She is from Florence-Siuslaw Lions Club. Her email is:

She will be visiting one of our meetings.

Membership Roster: Lion Tom has them from the printers. He will be sending them out to you via snail mail.

Email Address Change for Lion Jim Origlioso

Obituary: Weaver William “Bill” Baxter passed away on July 13, 2020. Lion Bill was very active in fundraising for the EDLC. He was an especially good salesman when it came to selling car tickets. A date for a reception in celebration of his life will be announced once gatherings are safe. Lion Bill’s obit was in the Aug. 2 Register-Guard page C10.

Sight and Hearing: Ever on the job, Lion Darlene Thomasec reported that on July 13th

six committee members attended a Zoom/teleconference meeting. Those attending were Lions: Dr. Arbow, Chair, Susan Pfanner, Roger Smith, Chuck Blanchard, Sharon Newton, and Darlene Thomasec. Vision assistance was approved for eleven applicants. No hearing applicants were received for the month of June. Two members could not be present; however, their applications were presented by other members for review. Our next Zoom meeting will be Wednesday, August 5th. If you are interested, please let Lion Darlene know.

OLSHF staff that were in attendance via Zoom teleconferencing: Doug Thompson, Melinda Rhodes, and Kerith Vance.

Following the presentation of the applications, a discussion with OLSHF staff ensued, focusing on the hearing application processes, and vision for distribution of funds gifted by the Eugene Hearing & Speech Foundation and the Jane Eyre McDonald Fund.

Note that EDLC member Jim Origliosso is now on the OLSHF Board of Trustees. Lion Jim’s term goes to 2023.

Fundraising: The Online Auction date is tentatively set for October 14th from 6-7. The Committee will be asking people to hold Watch Parties. At this time the location for the oral online auction will the Boy Scout office on MLK Blvd, across from Autzen.

Dave Hall met with the committee and interested EDLC members and explained the process. Lion Karen noted that she has 19 volunteers so far. All help is appreciated.

A list of possible interview/sponsor candidates has been put together. The thought for a theme will highlight “Help Lions Help Others.” Auction items are being donated. Please consider contacting a business that would donate something for the auction, or if you would like to purchase merchandise or a gift card for the silent auction.

The week before the auction people will be able to bid on silent auction items online. Help will be needed to pick up and delivering auction items.

If you would like to volunteer for a committee, please let Lion Wes know. He has assigned committees but he may have a job just for you.


Food Rescue: Lion Darlene Thomasec has heard from Dan Budd at Food for Lane County. Food Rescue will possibly start in October. They will notify everyone when the date is decided.


News for the EDLC Board: On July 9th, a joint meeting of the outgoing board and the incoming board met, outside, at Roaring Rapids. While social distancing and wearing masks when appropriate, the new officers and Board of Directors were installed. Lion Ed Gear, PDG, PCC, PID conducted the installation. Others that were present were Lion Sid Voorhees, Lion Babe Curtis, and Sandy Mattson and Mrs. Bruce Curtis. Our next board meeting will be at 6:00 on August 11. It will be held in Lion Judith’s back yard.

Board meetings are open to all members but because of the rules for social distancing, please let EDLC President Susan know if you intend to be there and are not on the Board of Directors. We have to limit the number of members attending.

Appreciation of service was given to Lions: Past President Jim Origliosso, Past Tail Twister Chuck Blanchard PDG, and Directors Carol Casciato, Tim Chuey, Craig Ford, and Karen Norton.

On July 14th the board met outside at Roaring Rapids. A gift of appreciation was presented to Immediate Past President, Mary. The purchase of a new microphone set up was discussed.

Lion Wes made a motion that the money, budgeted for the Commission for the Blind picnic, be used for white canes. Mike Thomas, our contact with the Commission for the Blind, said that sponsoring the purchase of white canes for those who are not able to afford a white cane would be a good way to use the money this year. A white can cost between $19 - $32 based on size and if it is constructed of aluminum or graphite. Recently, the Commission, has had many requests for donated white canes and their stock is almost depleted. The motion was approved.

Lion Mary will be the 2020 Membership Chairperson, Lion Jim Kock is going to be the Lion Tamer, Lion Syd is going to be Program Chair, Lion Tim Arbow is chairman of the Sight and Hearing Committee, Lion Chuck Blanchard is the School Vision Screening Chair, Lion Steven Lesetz is Diabetes Chair, and Lions Jim Mueller and Jim Origliosso will be EDLC chairs of the Haan Fund.


Eyeglass Collection: The OLSHF and Eye Promise Optical have closed to the public to help “flatten the curve” and prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus to our team and those we serve. They would, however, set up an appointment out at the LERC to collect donated glasses. The consensus from those EDLC that collect seems to be that we need to wait. If you have questions or concerns please call or email Lion Norma Barbisan, Chair of the committee.


GOOD NEWS: Lion Tom McCann has stepped up to do the scheduling. He asks anyone that is interested in delivering meals to contact him. All members, that have and are delivering, and wish to continue, PLEASE contact LionTom. Routes are changing, Parkview will now be on Mondays and the Agate route will be on Thursday. For more information call Lion Tom.

Lions Len Calvert and Lion Dan French have retired from F00D for Lane.


Thank you Lion Len for 60 years of volunteering.

Thank you Lion n for 20 years of volunteering.


The pool of volunteers has greatly diminished. We need you to serve.



Here is some COVID 19 humor:


  • Picked up a hitch-hiker. Seemed like a nice guy. After a few miles, he asked me if I wasn’t afraid that he might be a serial killer? I told him that the odds of two serial killers being in the same care were extremely unlikely.


  • A wife, being the romantic sort, sent her husband a text: “If you are sleeping, send me your dreams. If you are laughing, send me your smile. If you are eating, send me a bite. If you are drinking send me a sip. If you are crying, send me your tears. I Love You!” The husband, typically nonromantic replies: “ I am on the toilet. Please advise.”


  • I went line dancing last night. Well, it was a roadside sobriety test…same thing.


  • I asked my Grandpa, “After 65 years, you still call Grandma darling, beautiful, and honey. What’s the secret?” He said, “I forgot her name 5 years ago and I’m scared to ask her.”


  • Me: (sobbing my heart out, eyes swollen, nose red)…I can’t see you anymore…I am not going to let you hurt me like this again! Trainer: It was a sit up. You did one sit up.



August 1 Craig Ford (National Mustard Day)

August 5 Tim Chuey (National Underwear Day)

August 5 Sid Voorhees (National Work Like a Dog Day)

August 5 Vi Huynh (National Regatta Day)

August 7 Jim Newton (National Beer Day)

August 8 Mary Lee Turner (National Bowling Day)

August 14 Len Calvert (National Financial Awareness Day)

August 31 Joan Vaughan (Day after National Beach Day)




September ? Gerald Woeste

September 9 Cherry Taylor

September 14 Don Jones

September 16 Bill Sarnoff

September 16 Steven Lesetz

September 18 Norma Barbisan

September 27 Mary Voorhees

September 30 Pat Richardson

Here are pictures from our social distancing and mask

Eugene Downtown Lions Installation and Board Meeting.

Lion Ed Gear, PDG, PCC, PID Installed Newly elected EDLC President, Susan Pfanner and the Officers and Board of Directors. 


Newly elected 1st V.P. Lion Karen Norton Newly elected Tail Twister, Lion Judith Grosenick



Lion President Susan presented Immediate Past President Mary a gift of appreciation from the EDLC.


Members of the Eugene Downtown Lions Board of Directors, Lions Carol Casciato and Diane Landon



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