The Eugene Downtown Lions sponsor many events throughout the year, some to raise funds for various community projects and some to provide fellowship and fun.  In 2022 we were elated to return to some of our favorite events after our pandemic hiatus.  

Santa's Back in Town!


EDLC Breakfast with Santa was huge a success!! After a 3 year hiatus due to Covid, the turnout was great, so many smiling kids! A special thanks to all our sponsors (Ronald McDonald Charities, NBS, Parties to Go!, OCCU, Murphy Plywood, BiMart, Ye Olde Pancake House). It was great to partner w/ Eugene Active 20-30 Club!! 


Trivia Night

What a great turnout for our Fundraising Trivia Night last night at the Vet's Club. More than 90 participants enjoyed trying to answer the 9 rounds of questions. Round winners were awarded prizes. Adam Schultz was our great Trivia Master and MC. Thanks to everyone who came to this event to raise funds for the Club's Centennial Project to provide play equipment to the Arc Park for kids.



Annual Pat & Annie Picnic for the Visually Impaired


On Saturday, August 13th the Eugene Downtown Lions Club held its annual “Pat and Annie Picnic for the Visually Impaired.” The name honors two Lions - Annie Harris and Pat Richardson.   Lion Annie Harris was legally blind and her vision continued to deteriorate as the years went by. She was a dedicated Lion who never let her impaired vision or short stature deter her from her activities as a Lion. She and Pat were buddies who, over the years, also paired up to sell tickets for our annual raffle. We lost Lion Annie in 2018 to cancer.

Lion Pat Richardson can be described as a very dedicated and active Lion whose blindness never interfered with her participation in Lions activities. She also was very active in the blind community and the Oregon Commission for the Blind. Pat would have continued those activities if it weren’t for having to deal with the ravages of Alzheimer's Disease. Lion Pat passed away on October 16, 2021. Due to the pandemic, a public Celebration of Life wasn’t possible at the time. Kat Chin, Pat’s daughter, celebrated Lion Pat’s life at this year's Pat and Annie Picnic. A fitting way to celebrate the life of such a dedicated Lion. 

Lion President Jim Newton welcomed everyone and explained the naming of this picnic for those who didn’t know. Kat Chin addressed the group and talked about her mother’s dedication to life, the Lions Club, and the Oregon Commission for the Blind. Speaking of the Commission, Mike Thomas Technology Specialist for the Oregon Commission for the blind also spoke fondly of Lion Pat. Lion President Newt read aloud the published obituary highlighting the life of Lion Pat. 

The picnic was a great time for many from the visually impaired community to get together and share a meal and a beautiful August afternoon together. Kat Chin and her family along with Lions volunteers served the food. Lion James Koch brought a group of Boy Scouts, including his two sons, to assist those who needed help getting to and from their table with their plates of food. 

The meal was the typical picnic fare consisting of fried chicken, hot dogs and condiments, salads and soft drinks. Watermelon was the perfect summertime dessert.

About 65 people were in attendance including 42 guests from the Oregon Commission for the Blind, Lions and the Boy Scouts. I’m sure the Pat and Annie Picnic for the Visually Impaired will live on well into the future continuing to honor the lives of two wonderful and dedicated Lions.

2 September 2022

Tim Chuey

Publicity Chairman

Eugene Downtown

Lions Club






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