The Eugene Downtown Lions sponsor many events throughout the year to raise funds for various community projects.  They range from Pints For Dollars to annual events like the Raffle and Breakfast with Santa. 

The Eugene Downtown Lions Club annual picnic was held Wednesday, September 11th at Lion Judith Grosenick’s home. Lion Judith’s back yard was the perfect spot again for the picnic. The rainy and much cooler weather moved on just on time.  She began the picnic with a moment of silence for the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Lion Judith’s “girls” Bling and Coco were on hand to greet everyone.
Club members provided side dishes and desserts and, as usual, fried chicken and corn-on-the-cob along with soft drinks were provided. Lion Dr. Craig Ford and his wife Klea performed the cooking of the corn. Lion Craig even served the corn.
The food was excellent as usual and we all had plenty to eat. This picnic gives the members and guests the chance to get to know each other better and to share some relaxing time together.
Lion Judith gave special thanks to all of the Lions who helped with the setup and takedown of the tables and chairs. Of course thanks to everyone who did anything to help out including bringing lots of delicious food to share and for everyone who attended.

14 September 2019

Tim Chuey
Publicity Chairman
Eugene Downtown
Lions Club


The Pat and Annie Picnic was a Big Success
The annual Pat and Annie Picnic for the visually impaired was held by the Eugene Downtown Lions Club in conjunction with the Oregon Commission for the Blind at Emerald Park in Eugene on Saturday, July 13th. 
The Lions provided rides for any of the guests who needed transportation to and from the park. The weather was perfect, sunny and warm, high of 85 degrees, with a nice breeze. About 67 guests attended the picnic including the visually impaired guests, members of the Eugene Downtown Lions Club, and representatives of the Oregon Commission for the Blind. 
Robin Illers, retired Rehabilitation Instructor, from the Oregon Commission for the Blind, returned this year. Steven Eudy, from the Commission, provided informative pamphlets and other items. The Commission’s tech specialist Mike Thomas and his wife Kelli along with counselor Kathleen O’Gieblyn enjoyed their time at the picnic too. A first-timer at the Pat & Annie picnic was Megan Aleman, Programs Specialist with the NW Association for Blind Athletes who spoke to the group about sports for the visually impaired and introduced blind athlete Karissa Whitsell who described her competition in tandem bicycle events.  Former Eugene Downtown Lion Mary Lee Turner traveled down from Portland to attend the picnic and to be guest program speaker at the club’s meeting the following Wednesday.
The food, consisting of fried chicken, potato salad, macaroni salad, coleslaw, rolls, watermelon, and beverages, tasted great out in the open air of the park. The attendees lined up and filled their plates with delicious food. The time was well spent meeting and getting to know the guests and Lions. The group varied from those with some visual impairment to those who are totally blind. Some had their guide dogs with them. We’ll all be looking forward to getting together again next summer.
From Lion Sharon Newton in the club newsletter- A special thank you to all who helped make this a success: Pat Chinn and her family, Lions: Norma Barbisan, Carol Casciato, Tim Chuey, President Mary Fechtel, Judith Grosenick, Diane Landon, Tom McCann, Jim & Sharon Newton, Karen Norton, V.P Susan Pfanner, Wes Reynolds, Darlene Tomasec and Mowhawk Lion Bob Leeper.
13 August 2019
Tim Chuey
Publicity Chairman
Eugene Downtown
Lions Club
Steven Eudy from the Oregon Commission for the Blind manned the information table.
R to L: Lion Judith Grosenick, Lion Pat Richardson’s daughter Kat Chin and her family were great servers at the food table. 
Former Eugene Downtown Lion Mary Lee Turner introduced herself in her usual buoyant style.
Megan Aleman, Programs Specialist with the NW Association for Blind Athletes (L) with blind athlete Karissa Whitsell (R) who described her love for competition.
Lion Jim Newton carrying food plates for one of the guests. 
Lots of great conversation along with the picnic lunch.

Downtown Lions Install New Officers at Annual Awards and Installation Banquet 
The Eugene Downtown Lions Club’s annual Awards and Installation Banquet was held on June 26th, 2019 at the Shadow Hills Country Club. Lion Judith Grosenick was the “MC” for the evening and kept us laughing. She welcomed everyone then led the Pledge of Allegiance. The invocation was presented by Lion Teri Yerton.
Lion Judith addressed the members taking the opportunity to reflect on all of us in the club. She referred to the saying to “Do things that would make your Mother Proud.”
Next up was Doug Thompson, Director of the Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation. After relating a story about some animals at a waterhole he presented the “Norman Ross Award “ to Dr. Tim Arbow for all of his efforts over the years with the Sight and Hearing Committee.
Lion President Jim Origliosso then explained to the members how difficult it is to decide which Lions receive awards since they are all contributing to the success of the Club’s activities. He then went on to explain that there is one member who has given “Service Above and Beyond” and presented Dr. Tim Arbow with the Ralph Robinson Award (the Robbie) which is a unique Club award with a lengthy list of criteria that must be met to receive it.
Lion Jim presented the “Cub of the Year” award to Lion Carol Casciato. He announced that the “Lion of the Year” award, for the first time ever, goes to two Lions - Jim and Sharon Newton who were not able to attend.
“President’s Appreciation” awards were given to Lions Tim Chuey, Darlene Tomasec, Diane Gregoire, and Bill Sarnoff.
“Vision and Fellowship” awards were given to Lions Mary Fechtel, Norma Barbisan, Chuck Blanchard, Teri Yerton, and Karen Norton.
“Spirit of Service” awards were presented to Lions Joan Vaughn and Tom McCann.
The “Melvin Jones Fellowship” award was given to Lion Susan Pfanner (her second one). The Melvin Jones is the highest award in Lionism.
Lion Chuck Blanchard was presented with a “ Membership Advancement Key“.
The installation of Officers and Board of Directors was performed by Past District Governor Dale Bachman. The officers for the new Lions year 2019-2020 are Lions: President Mary Fechtel, 1st VP Susan Pfanner, Secretary Joan Vaughn, Treasurer Teri Yerton, Tail Twister Chuck Blanchard, Lion Tamer, and Immediate Past President Jim Origliosso. Directors for 2019-2020 are Lions: Carol Casciato, Tim Chuey, Craig Ford, Tom Mc Cann, Norma Barbisan, Karen Norton, Wes Reynolds, and Patty Starr.
Immediate Past President Lion Jim Origliosso said our club has been in a relay race of continuous service for 95 years. He said, “The secret is that service makes you happy.”
Newly elected President Mary Fechtel started off by thanking Lion Jim O’ for great work and dedication. The club and board gave Jim presents and he gave a present to Lion Mary. Lion President Mary said we’re not just a club. “We become friends who share humor and fun. We’re a team dedicated to serving others.” She said she was counting on all of us to be members of the team.
21 July 2019
Tim Chuey
Publicity Chairman 
Eugene Downtown
Lions Club

Eugene Downtown Lions Club Annual Raffle Comes To A Successful Close
Every year the Eugene Downtown Lions holds a fundraising raffle to support the many charitable projects and causes we work on all year. The raffle continued for 7 weeks with ticket sales at various locations in the area including 2 Bi-Mart stores, 3 Market of Choice stores, and one Albertsons store. Weather for the outside ticket sellers varied from sunny and warm to cloudy with light rain and drizzle which increased to moderate to heavy rain with gusty winds. Our dedicated ticket sellers did not let the weather get the best of them. The odds of being a winner in this raffle were better than most other raffles because of a limit of 4,000 tickets that can be sold.
One very important fact is that every cent collected goes right back to the people in the form of the various programs we offer from sight and hearing assistance, including vision screening for youngsters in area schools, to the new Heartfelt House being completed at Riverbend, to the annual Pancake Breakfast with Santa and Mrs. Claus, and much much more. This year’s Raffle was again a big success.


The drawing took place in front of the Bi-Mart store at 18th and Chambers on Saturday, June 22nd. Lion President Jim Origliosso picked out the winning tickets. Here are the winners in the order of the prize they won. First prize, a $3,000 travel voucher from Eugene Tour and Travel was won by Sandy Henry. Second prize, a $1,600 Herman Miller “Aeron” office chair from Office World (Thanks to Lion Don Combs) was won by Kat Chinn. Third prize, an iPad and case valued at $515 (Thanks to Lions Tom McCann, Susan Pfanner, and Jim Mueller), was won by Katrina Coelho. Fourth Prize, Electra Townie bicycle valued at $540 from Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life, was won by Jesse Harris. Fifth prize Electra Townie bicycle valued at $540 from Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life, was won by Liz Edgar. (Bicycles thanks to Lions Ann & Wayne Musgrove), Sixth prize, a $500 gift certificate from Bi-Mart, was won by John Musgrove. Seventh prize, a $500 gift certificate from Bi-Mart, was won by David Vodvarka. 
The winners were invited to join the Lions for a free lunch at one of our meetings. The 1st, 4th, 5th, and 6th place winners received the paperwork to claim their prize at the July 3rd meeting. The 3rd place winner attended the August 17th meeting, while the 2nd place winner was not able to attend a meeting so we had a quick get-together at her workplace so she could get the certificate to get her prize. 
The final report from our master raffle “Accountant” Lion Jim Mueller, says that total receipts, including ticket sales and donations, added up to just over $20,000. Thanks to our sponsors Bi-Mart, Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life, Jerry’s, Towers Marketing, Office World, and Eugene Tour and Travel. And, of course, thank you to all of the members of the Eugene Downtown Lions Club who donated money, sold tickets, collected and added up the money, and gave us the support to make this year’s raffle turn out so well.
22 July 2019
Tim Chuey
Publicity Chairman
Eugene Downtown
Lions Club
Lion Susan Pfanner selling tickets at Market of Choice at 29th & Willamette 
 Lion Bob Hixson trying to sell just one more ticket before the drawing.
 Lion President Jim Origliosso picks the 7 winning tickets.
   Raffle winners attending July 3rd meeting, L to R: 1st-Sandy Henry, 4th-Jesse Harris, 5th-Liz Edgar, 6th-Lion Jeff Musgrove accepting for his son John and 7th-David Vodvarka.
John Musgrove {Summer job in California}
Second Prize winner Kat Chin gets prize certificate From Lion Dan French at her workplace.
  Lion Dan French presents Third Prize winner Katrina Coelho with her new iPad.

“Celebrating Mardi Gras”

Crab Feed and Auction

The Eugene Downtown Lions Club enjoyed another Crab Feed and Auction event with a silent auction, an oral auction and a wine raffle on Thursday evening April 25th. About 100 Lions, spouses and guests enjoyed the tasty crab, side dishes, and yummy desserts. Congratulations go to the Crabettes, as they call themselves, Lion Norma Barbisan and Lion Joan Vaughan for organizing such a great event and having everything go perfectly. Special thanks to Lion Sharon Newton for taking on the job this year of creating the detailed auction program that lists all of the wonderful items up for bid in the oral auction and the silent auction. Lion Ed Gear MC’d the evening and with Lion Jim “Newt” Newton picked the 13 wine raffle winners throughout the evening.

Lion Jeff Musgrove was our auctioneer encouraging bidders to vie against each other for the 10 oral auction items. He was the first to admit that he is auction math-challenged, but his assistants helped him keep up with the bidders. The first item up for bids was called “October on the Coast" and was a 3-night stay (17th-20) at The Embarcadero Resort and Marina in Newport. The winning bid came from Gene Norton. The second item,  “A Bird’s Eye View” was won by Bonnie Mueller. It’s a sightseeing trip in a private plane owned and piloted by Lion Jim Origliosso and includes lunch in Sun River, Salem, or Newport. Other items up for bid ranged from “Time To Golf,” a golf outing for 4 at Shadow Hills Country Club including the use of 2 golf carts and range balls to “A Three Rivers Casino and Convention Center Basket” full of Three Rivers swag, a 1-night stay in a deluxe room, and a choice of 2 rounds of golf or $40 in credit at their dining outlets.

Of course, thanks go out to the donors of the oral auction items and the silent auction items. The silent auction tables were full and the bidding was competitive. A big “Thank You” goes out to Lion Jane Olbekson and all of those who helped serve crab and ham, everyone who came to the event, to Hop Valley for providing the beer, and especially to the folks at St. Thomas Episcopal Church for letting us once again utilize their gathering room and kitchen. The profits from the event will go into the Administrative Fund which pays for the operating expenses of the club.


Another Successful and Fun-filled Trivia Night


Over 70 Lions, guests, and others filled the tables Thursday, April 4th at Claim 52 Brewing to compete in a night of trivia for fun and some really nice prizes. Eleven teams competed for the fun and prizes. The following are the creative team names that were chosen this time.

  • No Brainers - Springfield Lions Club, Larry Barnett

  • Jan’s Jesters - Jan Sohlman REMAX/Integrity

  • The Sparklers - Mary Fechtel & other Downtown Lions, 4) I

  • Isaac Newtons - Jim Newton

  • Therapists - Adam Schulz

  • Summit Air - Jim O and other Downtown  Lions

  • Directors - Directors Mortgage

  • Knights of Columbus - K of C

  • Team Oberle - Mark Oberle

  • Article 15 - Veterans Legacy

  • Jelly Squidwards, (Name of a character in SpongeBob SquarePants cartoons), The UO Lions Club Team


The Event Sponsor for Trivia Night was Jan Sohlman with RE/MAX Integrity. Tables were sponsored (paid for) and in addition, each participant paid an entry fee.


There were 9 rounds with three questions per round. Lion Karen Norton was the MC and Trivia Master once again asking the questions and running the video screen. Special raffle tickets were given to each team member based on their team’s number of correct answers for each round. Multiple drawings took place to award prizes which included gift cards, potted plants,  and baskets loaded with goodies all of which were generously donated.


A food truck that was scheduled for the evening canceled so Lion Diane Gregoire took it upon herself to bring the ingredients for and to make  Chili, meatballs, and hot dogs, and don’t forget the Fritos. The food was given out for free just asking for a donation to cover the cost of the ingredients.


Congratulations to the big winner of the night, Veterans Legacy of Oregon.  Veterans Legacy is the recipient of the proceeds, a total of $2,356.25!

Thank you Lions and guests for making this fun event a success.


A table full of prizes to be raffled.

 Lion Karen Norton, MC and ticket master asking questions and giving out raffle tickets for round winners.

Claim 52 Brewing was packed with Trivia teams.

The first of our prize drawing winners, Luke Lonstron of The Therapists.

The “Isaac Newtons" won multiple prizes.

Veterans Legacy also had a team.

[The event was for the benefit of their organization.]

Santa and Mrs. Claus, the most gracious hosts again this year.

The Eugene Downtown Lions Club 11th annual Pancake breakfast with Santa and Mrs. Claus fundraiser was once again a great event. The breakfast was held Saturday, December 8th from 8 AM until Noon at the St. Thomas Episcopal Church Fellowship Hall and served many hungry guests. The Hall was bustling most of the time with Lions, their guests and other hungry patrons. This year’s menu was the usual pancakes with syrup, sausages, eggs, cocoa, and coffee. There were Holiday treats and baked goods available for sale from Mrs. Claus’ kitchen.

This was a wonderful family affair with Santa’s helpers assisting kids with putting frosting and decorative sprinkles on their own Christmas cookies. Members of the Downtown Lions Club flipped pancakes, rolled sausages, and scrambled eggs to prepare the meal. The servers were members of the North Eugene Key Club, the Junction City LEOs and Downtown Lions family members and they did a great job of keeping the guest's tables served with piping hot delicious food. Santa and Mrs. Claus were, as usual, a big hit with the youngsters and adults alike as they gave candy canes to the children.

Raffle tickets were sold for three kids bicycles which were graciously donated by Lion Walt “Babe” Curtis and the Musgroves. Lion Karen Norton and Lion Bob Hixson picked out the winning tickets. The bicycles were won by Jackson Kelly, Krista Swanson, and Phoebe Gerome (who gave the bike she won to Ruby Villanueva - a young girl in attendance). A gift basket donated by Ann Musgrove was won by Sheila Snyder.

Special thanks go to Lions Karen Norton and Jim Origliosso for their great effort in organizing this event and to St. Thomas Episcopal Church for allowing us to use their facilities again this year. Special thanks to All Eugene Downtown Lions, especially the Santa Committee, Kat Chinn & Family and Friends, Dairy Mart, Ye Old Pancake House, Original Pancake House, North Eugene Key Club, Junction City Leos, Klea Ford, Vet’s Club of Eugene, Lions Tom McCann, Jim Origliosso, Norma Barbisan, Babe Curtis, all of the Great Lions Elves, Our wonderful volunteers, all of the Lions who worked so hard setting up, cooking, selling tickets and baked goods, and cleaning up afterward, and of course Santa and Mrs. Claus. A job well done!

 Lions (L to R ): Teri Yerton & Jim Mueller at the ticket table 
Servers taking plates from the kitchen to the guests.
Youngsters making their own Christmas cookies. 
Lion Diane Gregoire ( foreground) and Lion Norma Barbisan (background right) enjoying their work as folks enjoyed the food.
Santa and Mrs. Claus posed for family pictures. 

6 January 2019

Tim Chuey

Publicity Chairman

Eugene Downtown

Lions Club


















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