Lions Clubs Eyeglass Recycling

The Lions District (Hartford & Litchfield counties) that the East Windsor Lions are a part of collect the used eyeglasses at two of their regional breakfast events each year. The glasses are then shipped to the New Britain Lions Club, which in turn disposes of broken frames, sun glasses, cases and other non-essential items.

The glasses are then sent to the Lions Clubs International Recycling Center operated by the New Jersey Lions Clubs who have a contract with the N.J. Dept. of Corrections.

 The inmates of a prision in Avonel, N.J. clean the glasses and are sorted according to optometric scale using equipment that detects the power of the lenses. After packing and labeling virtually all of the glasses are sent to third world countries and disaster relief areas.

The glasses are usually sent with medical, optometric or disaster relief missions. Glesses are sometime sent directly to Lions Clubs where needed, but never sent directly to overseas governments or their agencies.

The East Windsor Lions Recycling Boxes are located at the following locations:


 Broad Brook Post Office

EW Senior Center Broad Brook

Warehouse Point Post Office

East Windsor Library

Geisslers East Windsor

Walmart Optical Store East Windsor

Dr. Novak North Rd. East Windsor



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