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Arts Coaching Day

Saturday 14th October 2023



Ava Grew with her certificate for taking part in the Drama session.

William Sim with his certificate and the clay tile he made.
               What a lovely smile!

56 young people thoroughly enjoyed taking part in Devizes Lions’ Arts Coaching day as evidenced by their smiley faces and the lovely feedback we have received from them.

Thank You All for supporting the event.
Here's what some of them had to say:
  • People who do it are kind and creative and let you think of your own ideas instead of having to do on thing you can use your imagination.
  • Super friendly - all the kids - you can create your own story and it can be as creative as you want.
  • For any of the Lions stuff [has also done Gymnastics with Sport's Coaching] all the teachers are really nice. There's lots of choice, it'd really fun.
  • Really fun - get to use your own ideas, not told what to think. Work as a group. Get a lot from it.
  • Have your own time to think and make your own story.
  • Not just girls - boys do it too!' [one boy said!]
  • It's creative, not strict, don't worry, have a great time!
  • It's great fun, even though I was nervous at first.
  • I was nervous that I wouldn't know anyone but I did and it was fun meeting people.
  • Really good experience, can really play with your mind and no limits, everyone has a say onto what you're creating.
  • Even though you have free reign it's good to have the feedback, to make better for next time. [feedback on the drama scenes]

And before the event:



If you haven't already applied, there's still time to book your place but to avoid disappointment do it NOW! This is the opportunity for children to have fun, doing something different. Why not give it a try?

BOOKING: Apply for a place on-line through TicketSource using this link:  TicketSource.

DETAILS: On Saturday 14th October 2023 Devizes Lions will be holding an Arts Coaching Day where local primary school children in year groups 4, 5, 6 (ages 8 to 11) are invited to try one of several artistic activities that they might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience. 

We believe the arts should be accessible to everyone. We would like to offer our local primary school children the chance to try something new – from contemporary dance to drama, felt-making to samba. This is the opportunity for children to have fun, doing something different.

You never know, you might find your new favourite hobby!

BOOKING:  To register your child (children), choose three activities from the following list, from which we will select one, and pay your £10 contribution per child using TicketSource.
Please note that TicketSource charges a small admin fee of 48 pence per £10.00

Here are the activities that will be available this year:

This Year's Activities

Click on an activity to find out more about it:

Musical Theatre Clay Tile Making
Street Dance Metalwork
Mosaics Drama

If you would like to download the PowerPoint slide presentation, click on the link:


Booking details:

All applications and payments for this year's Arts Coaching Day will be by TicketSource.

Follow the link and complete the details to register your child (children), choose three activities (from which we will select one) and pay your £10 contribution per child.  Arts Coaching Booking.

Please note that TicketSource charges a small admin fee of 48 pence per £10.00.

The final application deadline has been extended to Tuesday 03 October.  Children will be notified of their allocated activity, venue and time within a few days after that date.

If you have any questions, you can contact us on

Make a note of the date and watch this page for any further updates.




And here's what we did last time:



Arts Coaching Day

 Devizes Lions' first Arts Coaching Day was held  on Saturday 26 October 2019.  Here are a few pictures of the children enjoying their time learning new skills while having a really fun time.

There's an interesting article about the day in the Gazette and Herald:



Metal embossing

Clay tile making




Samba drumming

Metal embossing


Devizes Lions acknowledge the generous support of Wayside Garage who kindly sponsored the 2019 event.


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Activities not available this year (2023) are greyed out.

Musical Theatre

Do you enjoy singing and performing? Then this is perfect for you! A morning filled with singing and movement to children's favourite musicals!

A short performance will be presented to parents at the end of the workshop. 

Children should come dressed suitably, wearing dance shoes or trainers.

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Disney Songs (Not 2023)

If you love Disney and singing then this is for you! Come and enjoy a couple of hours of singing your favourite Disney songs!
We will sing a variety of songs, from golden oldies to the latest films. A short performance will be presented to parents at the end of the workshop.

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Samba (Not 2023)

OK! Who likes making lots of noise?
Really loud noise!

Learn how to play Brazilian percussion known as Samba! The workshop is a brief introduction to the world of rhythm, developing a sense of the beat and playing as an ensemble (in a group).
You will be able to play all the instruments used in Samba 
as the session will regularly swap turns so each instrument group can be played such as: Surdos, the largest drum in the band; Caixa, smaller, like a snare drum; Tambourim which is a drum you can hold in your hand and shakers.
By the end of the workshop you would learn at least three different rhythms and various 'breaks' to go with them, as well as the infectious playing of rhythm!

(Samba has a £5 supplement, payable on the day.)

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 Drumming (Not 2023)
Learn how to play Middle Eastern and Balkan drum rhythms.

You will have fun learning about where in the world the drums come from, and the different types of drums that are used. The lesson will teach you how to hit the drums and how to play some basic rhythms. By the end of the workshop you will understand about musical timing, beats and rhythms.




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   Yoga (Not 2023)

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Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practised for health and relaxation.

Within this Yoga session, you will practise a mixture of Yin and Hatha Yoga. You will then have the opportunity to practise some partner Yoga poses and create your own small Yoga routines. 

Relax and have fun!


Clay Tile Making


Design and make your own decorated clay tiles, based on mediaeval tiles in the Museum's collection, using red and stone coloured air dry clay. You can also look at the carved stone work we have in our mediaeval collections to create gargoyle faces in clay or small figures, or use printing foams and inks to print some of the tile designs you created.

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Felt Making (Not 2023)

Learn wet felting techniques and gain inspiration from Wiltshire landscapes and wildlife to create a felted book mark and picture. You can also make cards and picture using pre-prepared felt pieces and fabrics.
Get your hands wet and have a go!


Metal Embossing and Wire Work

Discover prehistoric treasures made from gold and bronze in our Museum galleries. Use these designs and patterns to make your own embossed and twisted metal pieces. You can make jewellery or use the embossed metal to decorate pictures frames or other shapes.

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If you like to act, you will enjoy this creative workshop exploring characterisation and scene development. You will learn different ways to create characters and scenes in a fun way, whilst building confidence and making friends.

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Hoop Dance (Not 2023)

More than just Hula Hoops!
Hoop Dance was created by Native American tribes; these tribes would use hoops to make shapes and tell stories through their movement. Today Hoop Dance in the Western world is found more within circus companies. 

Within this lesson, students will learn unique Hoop Dance tricks and manoeuvres and choreograph their own Hoop Dance routine. 

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Contemporary Dance (Not 2023)

Contemporary Dance is a genre of dance performance that developed during the mid-twentieth century and has since grown to become one of the dominant genres for formally trained dancers throughout the world. 

Within this Contemporary Dance session, students will learn a Contemporary Dance routine from the GCSE dance syllabus. 


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Street Dance

Street dance is an umbrella term for a large number of social dance styles such as breakdancing, popping, locking, house dance, waacking, voguing etc.

Within this session you will learn the beginning of a Street Dance routine and then work in groups to choreograph and finalise the routine in their own style. 

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Cheerleading (Not 2023)


Cheerleading is not just about shouting in time with others!

It began during the late 18th century. Students at this time rebelled against lecturers' harsh teaching methods by organising their own extracurricular activities. In the 1860s, students from Great Britain began to cheer and chant in unison for their favourite athletes at sporting events. Soon, that gesture of support crossed overseas to the United States. American Cheer learning was originally an all-male activity that started at Princeton University in 1877. lt was not until 1923, at the University of Minnesota, that women were permitted to participate in cheerleading.
In this workshop, you will learn about the history of Cheerleading, learn a routine and develop your own cheer choreography to perform to one another.


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Knitting (Not 2023)

Learn how to knit a garter stitch square and find out about all the possible uses for it. You will leave the workshop armed with a starter kit, your first square and a great idea for your first knitting project.


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Crochet (Not 2023)

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Learn how to crochet using double crochet stitches in the round to make bird bunting. 

You will leave the workshop armed with a starter kit and your first bird with the knowledge to complete your project at home.




In this workshop you will be able to design and create your own mosaic coaster.  

Create designs through drawing and paper mosaics, gaining inspiration from Roman mosaics that have been found.  Then, using a wooden base and glass tiles of different sizes you can make your coaster, learning how to cut the tiles and how to stick them in place for best effect.  These mosaics will be left at the Museum so that they can be grouted, and they will be ready to collect from the Museum reception a week later.

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Upcycling (Not 2023)

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Upcycling is making artistic or practical things from recycled materials. It is also known as recyled nature art.

This session will be a creative one where you  can be inspired by nature and make patterns look fantastic. We will use simple sewing and recycled materials to create a piece of art work which is unique to you.

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