Holiday caravan

The club owns a caravan in Burnham-on-Sea which is made available free of charge to the disadvantaged  and those in need in Cheltenham who would not otherwise be able to have a holiday.

The caravan is fully fitted with facilities for disabled guests including a hoist and roll in shower.

This year, 22 weeks of holiday have been booked giving holidays to  disabled adults and children with their parents and carers. Guests include children from the local Acorns Hospice and the James Hopkins Trust.

This is the third caravan that the club has provided at Burnham. The current one costs £30,000 which was raised single handed by one of our members.

Site fees and maintenance costs are in excess of £4000.00 a year and much of our fund raising activities are focused on raising the money to meet these costs.

The new ramp

In 2015, we found that the existing ramp needed to be replaced. This was going to be a costly affair but thanks to the generosity of Burnham Lions Club who provided the labour for free and much of the materials at cost price, a new ramp is now in service for the 2016 season. A special mention to Colin Rufus and his team of Lions that worked so hard and spent their time building our new ramp which we are delighted with and extremely grateful for.The picture collage below shows them hard at work and the finished product:

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