Making a difference

Lions Clubs started in 1917 when business men in Chicago got together and decided to give something back to their local community.

Today more than 1.4 million members worldwibe aspire to the same. We are no different in the Cheltenham Lions Club.

Most of the money we raise goes to help local people and local causes although we also contribute to appeals on behalf of international disasters such as tsunamis and earthquakes.

The local causes we support include Sue Ryder, Suicide Crisis, Gloucestershire Oncology Centre(FOCUS),  Cheltenham Guardians, Star College, Butterfly Garden, The Cotswold Listener and many others.

We make donations to local people in need either through self referral or through referral from the social care networks.

Another way we help to make a difference is by taking part in community projects such as litter picking or by helping other charities run their fund raising events.Some of these are shown below:

Litter Picking  
British Heart Foundation Cycle Ride  
Sue Ryder Duck Race  
Gloucestershire Oncology Unit  
Marie Curie  



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