• Our club provides leadership and funding to organizations in Brookfield and around the state of CT. 
  • Please read through this committee list and consider volunteering your time and talents in support of one or more of our activities. 
  • For further information, please contact a member of the board or your sponsor. 
  • We encourage everyone to reach their full potential as a Brookfield Lion through creativity, leadership, camaraderie, philanthropy, and community service in the spirit of our motto, "We Serve".
Adult and Pediatric Screening Program

R, Monthgomery

J. Reynolds

J. Ondak


J. Rocky

  • Eye screenings at area schools and Lions Club events..  
  • Small amount of "on the job" training necessary for equipment.
  • Volunteers assist with working with the computer, the eye screening camera and the distribution of the completed reports.  
  • Year round, but concentrated during the school calendar year.
Lions Low Vision Center R.Groski
  • Reading devices, training and assistance for the visually impaired
Fidelco, Guiding Eyes R.Cronin
  • Training of guide dogs for visually impaired and autistic individuals
Eyeglass Collection

L. Lyon

M. Lyon

  • Eyeglass collection and distribution to those in need
CRIS Radio  
  • Statewide radio broadcasts of audio readings for the visually impaired
CLERF K. Nielsen
  • CT Lions Eye Research Foundation for vision research projects


Food Drive

A. Diezemann

  • Collection of food at various locations.  
  • All proceeds donated to the Brookfield Food Pantry.
  • Volunteers promote, accept donations and help deliver to the Food Pantry.  
Lions Community Garden K. Hlavac     
  • Oversee the assignment of garden plots.  
  • Coordinate the spring and fall clean up dates.  
  • Oversee the day to day issues occurring at the Community Garden.  
  • Volunteers work with committee and garden plot owners on an as needed basis.  
  • February through November.
Memorial Day Parade

R. Montgomery

S. Slater

L. Peck

  • Contact organizations that will participate in the annual parade.
  • Coordinate the line-up of the participants.
  • Coordinate the volunteers to assist with traffic control and line-up of organizations and participants.
  • Volunteers help from April through May.
Senior Picnic and Brooks Quarry D. Moissonnier
  • Coordinate the purchasing of food and drinks for the residents.
  • Coordinate the volunteers to assist setting up and serving the food.
  • Volunteers help with purchasing, setting up, serving and clean up on event day.  
  • July and early Fall.
Baked Potato Festival R.Pitcher
  • Coordinate picking up the potatoes, cleaning and wrapping all potatoes in aluminum foil.  
  • Cook and serve at the event.  
  • Volunteers prepare, cook, and distribute the potatoes at the first Town outdoor concert.  Mid-June.
Graduation Party  L. Peck
  • Clean up of the All Night party after High School graduation.
  • 3 to 4 hours starting at 5:00 a.m. following the day after graduation.  
  • Mid-June.
Youth Outreach R.Montgomery
  • Peace Poster Contest -- order packets from Lions Club International.  
  • Distribute to area schools for 11 to 13 year olds to participate in the art project.  
  • Pick up completed posters and bring to Board of Directors meeting and/or general club meeting for voting.
  • Fall.
Leos Club

D. Cundari

R. Montgomery

D. Telesco

  • Work with high school students on club projects and assist them with fundraisers and community service projects.  
  • Volunteers work with the students to prepare for and coordinate fundraising events and attend Leos meetings.  
  • School year activity.
Blood Drives

J. Kettunen

  • Coordinates Lions Club sponsored blood drives with the American Red Cross, recruits volunteers for check-in, snack and beverage supplies, etc.
  • Our remaining Blood Drives for 2022 will be held on Wednesday, October 5 and Wednesday, December 28. Both drives will be held at Congregational Church of Brookfield 160 Whisconier Rd, Brookfield, CT
Pediatric Cancer/Cuddles

C. Smith

C. Corsa

  • Cuddles teddy bears are purchased and assembled and packaged for delivery to the Pediatric Cancer Unit at Children's Hospital in Hartford.
Vets Standown R. Montgomery
  • Volunteers from the Club assist with Vets Standown.
Diabetes Awareness

(District & Club)

C. Smith

A. Smith



Road Races

A. Diezemann


A. Peck

  • New Years Day Run (January 1)
  • Strides for a Cure (co-sponsored by JDRF -- end of June)
Shred Day

M. Lyon

L. Lyon

L. Reiss

  • On-location shredding service for personal documents.  
  • Coordinate date with Town Hall usage of property.  
  • Advertise the date and compile volunteers to work on day of event.
  • Volunteers work with customers to accept payment, assist with transporting the items to the shredded to the truck, assist with the disposal of boxes and bags from the shredded items.
  • Help sell club supply of raffle tickets.  
  • Next Shred Day: May 21, 2022
Summer Raffle D. Moissonnier
  • Three cash prizes.
  • Coordinate with the State of Connecticut for compliance with laws of disclosure.  
  • Prepare and print raffle tickets.  
  • Distribute to the entire membership to sell.  
  • Coordinate the drawing of the tickets at time and place disclosed on the raffle ticket.  
  • Notify and distribute the winnings.  
  • Spring to July drawing date.
Golf Tournament

M. Lyon

D. Lombardo

  • Our largest fundraiser, supported by local businesses and members of the community; golfer prizes and raffle gifts.  Coordinate committees.  
  • Compile and confirm donors and sponsors of the event.  
  • Work with committee to communicate the event to the club and beyond.
  • Volunteers must assist with the procurement of sponsors for tees, freens, raffle prizes and ad book.  
  • Communicate event to obtain golf foursomes.  
  • Coordinate the raffle prizes prior to the outing.  
  • Outing day assistance with registration, work with venue for the food and beverage distribution, display the raffle prizes, sell raffle tickets and work on the course as needed.  
  • Our 2022 Golf Tournament will be held on Friday, August 26 at The Fairview Farm Golf Course, 300 Hill Road, Harwinton, CT 06791.
Fall Charity Breakfast C. Smith
  • A breakfast event featuring respected, knowledgeable speakers on vision and/or autism topics.  
  • Coordinate the date and venue for the Friday prior to Thanksgiving.  
  • Volunteers assist with mailings for sponsorship of event for the ad book and/or purchasing of a table.  
  • Coordinate with the venue for the table layout and number of attendees.  
  • Assist with the ad book/brochure.  
  • Determine the speaker and assist with obtaining the speaker and working the table decor with the topic for the event.  
  • Our next Annual Charity Breakfast is scheduled on Friday, November 18, 2022 at Michael's Tap Room, 37 Stony Hill Rd. Bethel, CT.
Pancake Breakfast

K. Noivadhana

J. Tanz

  • One of our largest fundraisers, supported by local businesses and members of the community. 
  • Coordinate the Sunday date and venue.
  • Compile and record payments of sponsors for placemat ads.  Communicate the event to the club and beyond.  
  • Volunteers needed for advertising, set up, clean up, greeting guests, taking payments, cooking, serving and anything else that must be done to ensure a successful event.
  • March/April timeframe.



Sunshine Report  L.Lyon
  • Distribution of news and information of club members' joys and concerns, such as health issues, hospitalizations, deaths in the family, births, marriages.  
  • Year round.

Alan Peck

Communications Committee

  • Maintain timely information regarding the Brookfield Lions Club events and disseminate information regarding Lions Club International and Connecticut Multiple Districts.
Publicity R.Cronin
  • Photography & publication of Lions activities on local news sites
Dinner Liason C. Smith
  • Arrange dinner logistics for club meetings
Speaker Coordinator M. Kettunen
  • Arrange speaker for club meetings
Holiday Party B. Moissonnier
  • Organize themed social event for members and spouses
Newsletter K. Symington
  • Gather information, write and distribute monthly newsletter to all members.
FUN Raising

J. Eagan,

S. Slater

  • Organize fun events for Club members such as duck pin bowling, etc.
Communications A. Peck
  • To improve how we communicate what is going on in the club to all our members in a timely way.
  • Help club members see how, when, and where they can participate.
  • Help inform the Brookfield community and the Lions community of the service work we are doing.
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