Big Horn, Wyoming

Big Horn itself is a small (1.8 square miles) Census Designated Place(CDP).  The Big Horn community is much larger, including people served by the Big Horn Fire District,  the Sheridan County School District 1. Big Horn Campus, and the Big Horn Post Office.  Informally, some assume Big Horn includes areas  from the Census Designated Place south and west to the foot of the Big Horn Mountains.  


In the 1890’s Big Horn was the major town in the area, but when the railroad bypassed Big Horn for Sheridan, population grew rapidly in nearby Sheridan and declined in Big Horn.  

The larger Big Horn area became the home for a number of cattle ranches and smaller farms.  The area attracted some English nobles, and for many years Polo has been an important summer activity. Currently, some of the Nation’s highest rated Polo games are played in the area.


As the population of Sheridan continues to expand, the Big Horn area is seeing a growth in subdivisions on land previously occupied by farms and cattle ranches. 


Big Horn Lions Club


The Big Horn Lions Club has been serving the Big Horn Community since it was founded by thirty charter members in June of 1964.  The range and variety of projects completed is impressive and includes, but is not limited to helping:

  1.  improve the athletic facilities, the school band and music equipment, and the teaching tools at the Big Horn School;
  2. provide college scholarships for select Big Horn High School students;
  3. maintain and upgrade the facilities of the Big Horn Woman’s Club;
  4. finance eye treatment at the local health clinic;
  5. pick up trash along select Big Horn Highways; and
  6. direct traffic and parking at local events.


The Club’s membership has grown with the area population growth and currently includes some sixty-five members, who are always looking for ways to serve the Big Horn community.  This website is a current initiative designed to provide helpful local information which is not readily available.


The President of the Big Horn Lions Club may be contacted for additional information.


Allen Thompson



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