Club Contact Information

We look forward to your input; here are our 2020 - 2021 officers and how to contact us...

Deerfield Valley Lions
PO Box 367
Jacksonville, VT 05342

President: Julie Muller
802-368-9394 - email    

Club Secretary: Darcey Brown
Phone 802-368-2861 - email

Club Co-Secretary: Meg Staloff
Phone 802-380-9417 - email

Treasurer: Harry Byron
Phone 802-464-3048 - email

Vice Treasurer: Alison Ferris
Phone 802-464-8310 - email

Membership Chair: Jenn Beach
Phone 413-824-1170 (cell) - email

Service Chair: Wanda Walkowiak
Phone 802-368-2020 


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