Club's 2015 annual Christmas Party and Grab Bag fun. Club members at 2015 annual Christmas Party  Club members getting ready for Christmas dinner.      Another table (some not seated yet) Getting set for the Grab bag event.  Lion Carmela Sanzo starts the event. Lion Janet Morrill opens her grab bag.  Lion Claudia Neri Opening her bag. Lion Mike Yuchunas opens his bag.    Lion Doreen Whitney shows off her gift. Lion Jean Gelormino with her crock pot.  Lion Andy Ferencak puts on part of his bag Lion Kiki Tuckers opens her bag.  Lion Kiki Tucker looking for an exchange. Lion Tony Piccolo looks at his prize.  Lion Maryann Ryan checking our her gift    Lion Kathy Oligny opens her bag.  Lion Joe Fazzino admires his bottle.  Lion Rob Stango also admires his bottle.    Lions members who had dinner and fun.        2015 Annual Trunk or Treat Event  Lion Elaine Dzurnak & Club Mascot

Lion Elaine Dzurnak & Mascot kissing

Lions Linda Hamm Rob Stango,Club Mascot,Elaine Dzurnak,Carmela Sanzo,Joe Fazzino,Margaret "Kiki" Tucker,Jean Gelormino and John Gelormino in costumes.    Lion Andy Ferencak joins the group Lion "Kiki" Tucker having fun  Lions Carmela Sanzo & Joe Fazzino Linda Hamm,John Gelermino,Mascot    A couple of Lion Club members car trunk exhibits for the Trunk or Treat Event      2015 Leo Club Haunted Hallways Event    Leos getting ready for Haunted Hallways                Some Leos in costume    More Leos getting ready to have some fun            Two more leos ready for fun    Night time at Haunted Hallways     Leos with the Leo mascot                              Some Children and parents ready for bean bag toss        2015 ANNUAL CLUB PICNIC      Lions socializing before eating.                     Jean Gelormino showing her plants.    More Lions awaiting the food..                NEW MEMBERS INSTALLED AUG 2015    New members and sponsors from L to R  George "Jack" Harmantas, Rosemary Semidey, Rob Stango, Carmela Sanzo & Heidi Parsons.

Sponsor Rob Stango pins new member George "Jack" Harmantas.      


  New members Rosemary Semidey and Heidi Parsons being pinned by Rob Stango and Carmela Sanzo.        CPR Training Trainers from the Torrington Fire Dept.,    

A Fire Trainer, Lions Joe Fazzino, Bill and Lion Bill Knight and Elaine Dzurnak.   

President Phil Dzurnak opening the airway. 
  Lions Betsy Quartiero, Andrea Tallman and President Phil Dzurnak.                              Past Pres. Kiki Tucker, Maryann Ryan, Kathy Oligny getting instructions. 

Past Pres. Kiki Tucker Claudia Neri, Maryann Ryan and George Schmidt.

 Past President Phil Dzurnak congratulates and present President Margaret "Kiki" Tucker with her Knight of the Blind Award and pin.


    Pres. Kiki presents Leo Award Certificate to Leo Advisors Phil & Elaine Dzurnak        New Lions Club Members...


 Lion Rob Stango, sponsor, new member Lion Andrea Tallman and PDG Dan DiVirgilio        Lions Club Meetings...  


PDG Dan DiVirgilio with his special hat for St. Patrick's Day night at our recent club meeting       LEO CLUB'S LOCK IN EVENT AT THS  Leo's in action Lion Leo Advisor Elaine Dzurnak getting ready to hit the beach ball    Leo's camping out and relaxing        Leo sponsored Student/Teacher Basketball  Start of game, Leo's, Students and Teachers. THS facualty advisor Mike Schieb passing the ball after a getting a rebound   Leo President Nate Koplar receives his 100% President certificate from Torrington Lions Club Leo Advisor Elaine Dzurnak


     LEO CLUB INSTALLATION 2015    Leo's and parents observing the installation proceedings. Leo club secretary being installed by Blanche Sewell while THS Leo Club Advisor Mike Schieb looks on.    Leo Club Officers for 2015-2016        NEW LIONS CLUB OFFICER INSTALLATION 2015-2016    Members observing installation proceedings. Outgoing President Kiki receiving a token of appreciation from the club.  Board of Director, Claudia Neri, Janet Morrill, Jean Gelormino and Andrea Tallman. Lion Tamer Andy Ferencak being installed by PDG Marianne Bannan.  Vice President Rob Stango being installed by PDG Marianne Bannan. Incoming President Phil passing the light to outgoing President Kiki.  Incoming President Phil receives his President pin from Outgoing President Kiki. Outgoing President Kiki receives PDG Marianne's banner.        


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