Community Service

2020 Donations  
Donations to Salvation Army.                       Pres. Kiki Tucker, Lt. Apolinar Marte and  
                                                                 Sect. Phil Dzurnak  
2020Annual Christmas Window Judging  
A couple of business displays involved in the contest.  
2019 Annual Christmas Window Judging  
A couple of business displays involved in the contest.  
New Club Project-Torrington Community Soup Kitchen 2019

Lion Elaine Dzurnak,Jean Gelormino and John        Lion Phil Dzurnak heats up corn

Gelormino gives instruction on pie cutting.

2019 Annual Car Show  
Nancy Brown,50/50 winner,Phil Dzurnak,        Lions Mitch Liuiza,winner,Lion John Liuiza  
Trophy winner & Lion John Liuiza                         Lion Doreen Whitney and Trophy winners  
2018 Annual Car Show  
Leo Club Advisor Mike, baby Emma-Lyn, wife Jaaimi-Lyn Schieb.  
Winner of raffle prize cooler                                 One of our Trophy winner with J.Liuiza.  
Union Bank Best of Show Trophy winner.               Another Trophy winner.  
2019 Memorial Day Parade  
Lions getting ready to march with our mascot.  
2018 Memorial Day Parade  
Members getting ready to march in parade.  
2018 Touch A Truck Event  
Lion Mascot, Lions A.Ferencak,E.Dzurnak, K.Tucker    ::Lion Mascot & New Britian Bees Mascot   
2019 Eye Screening  

Lions Betsy Quartiero, Phil Dzurnak,      Lions Betsy Quartiero, Kiki Tucker,

Elaine Dzurnak, Robert & Martha            Phil Dzurnak and Norm Nejaime.


2017 Eye screening  
Screeners M.Rodgerson, E.Dzurnak, N.Nejaime   Screemers B.Quartiero,P,Dzurnak & E.Dzurnak  
& P.Dzurnak  
Club Party 2019  
Members getting ready for Christmas Dinner.         Member enjoying Christmas Dinner.
club christmas party 2018  
Grab bags to choose by members.        Members waiting to choose grab bags.  
Club Christmas Party 2017  
Members getting ready for Christmas Dinner.         Member enjoying Christmas Dinner.  
Lions Norm Nejaime, Elaine & Phil Dzurnak  
Firemen receiving the toys.  
Christmas for Children 2018  
Lions Phil Dzurnak, Norn Nejaime and Mitch Liuiza  
Members at the checkout station.                Phil Dzurnak, Norm Nejaime & Mitch Liuiza.  

A lion trunk set up for the event.                               Lion Margaret Tucker in costume.
Lion Phil Dzurnak as the Goofy Doctor.            Lion Joe Fazzino as the Clown.  
2019 Donations  
Soup Kitchen donation                                       Friendly Hands donation  
Salvation Army donation  
2018 Holiday Donation  

Michele Marrin Board member Soup Kitchen      Major Tina Streck, Salvation Army and

and Phil Dzurnak.                                             Phil Dzurnak

Mo Hubert, Fridendly Hands and Phil Dzurnak.  
New Donations 2017  
Lions Elaine & Phil Dzurnak, Pres. Norm Nejaime                   Lion Elaine Dzurnak,LisaHageman(Director)_  
Dr, Eglis Bogdanovics and Lois Pelletier, RN                          Pres. Norm Nejaime and Lion Phil Dzurnak.  
Lion Phil Dzurnak, Mo Hubert, Pres Norm Nejaime                 Lion Phil Dzurnak and Major Tina Streck  
New 2017 Eye Screenings  
Pres. Norm Nejaime & Lion Elaine Dzurnak.                             Lions Jean & John Gelormino, Elaine Dzurnak & Bettsy Quartiero                                                                                        
2018 Scholarships  

Joe Scalifini scholarship winner Tyler Day      Torrington Lions Club Scholarship winner

and President Donna Robideau.                     Gia Hoa Lam and President Donna Robideau.

2017 SchoLarships awards  
Alexis Kerr and Thomas Heuschkel award winners along with Doreen Whitney.  
Lions Phil Dzurnak, Pres. Norm Nejaime, Denise Calkins, Janet Morrill, Donna Robideau and Kiki Tucker prepare to check out the items. Lions Pres. Norm Nejaime, Kiki Tucker, Janet Morrill, Phil Dzurnak, Donna robideau and Denise Calkins at the Fire house dropping off the items.
Members who conducted the latest eye screening at East School  2017.  

LLion Tony Trouccolo (Thomaston Lions) watches Lion

Elaine Dzurnak as she screens a student at East School.

Lion screening group at the 2017 East School screening.  Pres. Norm Nejaime, Betsy Quartiero, Elaine Dzurnak, Renee Jarvis and Phil Dzurnak.
2018 Holiday Craft Fair  
Overview of vendors.                          Overview of vendors.  
Vendor Display.                                 Vendor Display.  

Paul Rougeot & Doreen Roy of the      Jean & John Gelormino

Northwest Hills Credit Union      

John Gelormino, Phil Dzurnak and Jean Gelormino.  
Photos from our recent 2016 Fall Craft show.  
Vendor display. Another Vendor diaplay.
Another Vendor display. One more Vendor display.
Holiday Donations 2016  
Captain Renee Jarvis accepts check from Lion Phil Dzurnak. Mo Hubert (Friendly Hands) accepts check from Lion Phil Dzurnak..
Memorial Day Parade 2017  
Lion Phil Dzurnak represents the Club at the Wreath Ceremony. Lions and Leos getting ready to march.
11th Annual Car Show 2017  

Several Lions getting ready at the registration table for thestart of the car show.

Lions Joe Fazzino, Phil Dzurnak, Bobbi Jo Klug and Pres. Norm Nejaime helping with the tickets for the raffel.
Lions Maryann Ryan and Kathy Oligny taking a break. Leos who helped out with the car show event.
2018 Tour of Litchfield Hills  
Members taking a break.                                Members helping Bikers reload.  
Older Community Service Events and Projects  

Lions John Liuiza, Doreen Whitney and Jean Gelormino discussing the goodies for the riders.

Lions Kiki Tucker, Maryann Ryan, Kathy Oligny and Betsy Quartiero await their turns to service the riders.


Lions Betsy Quartiero and Doreen Whitney as well as others mingle with riders during their stop for refreshments.

President Phil congratulates Zoe Alfano while Mother Paula looks on.  
                                            EYE SCREENINGS  

Lion Blanche Sewell (Winsted ), Lion Wayne Frombach (Burlington), Lions Norman Nejaime and Andy Ferencak (Torrington) preparing for an eye screening at the NW CT YMCA. Lion Betsy Quartiero, Lion Captain Rene Jarvis and Lion Elaine Dzurnak prepare for an eye screening at the East School.
Torrington Lions Donna Robideau and Andrea Tallman conducting an eye screent at the 2015 Kindergarten Readiness Fair. Lion Donna Robideau prepares to conduct an eye screening while PDG Dan Uitti (Watertown) and Lion Rob Stango (Torrington) look on at the 2015 Kindergarten Readiness Fair.
Lions Elaine Dzurnak, Phil Dzurnak, Rob Stango and Andy Ferencak are all set to conduct an eye screeening at the Kindercare facility. Lions Phil Dzurnak and Rob Stango conducting an eye screening at the Kindercare facility.
Lions Harry Schuh (Harwinton), Andrea Tallman (Torrington), Carol Kearns and Nancy Schnyer (Harwinton) are ready to conduct eye screenings at the Torrington Child Care Center. Lions Andrea Tallman, Rob Stango and Elaine Dzurnak discussing the eye screening which took place at St Peter/St Francis school.
Lions Andrea Tallman and Betsy Quartiero are ready to conduct an eye screening at Future Foundations.  
Fire Dept. Training Officer David Tripp, Lions Elaine and Phil Dzurnak, Fire Chief Gary Brunoli accepting the checks for CPR training classes and a defibrillator. Representatives from Champion Ambulance, Board of Education, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital and Fire Department at the donation presentation.
  Lion Volunteers Maryann Ryan, Phil Dzurnak and Betsy Quartiero.
THS student Nick Sancillo, Lions Betsy Quartiero and Maryann Ryan,Maureen Mancini Retired Teacher. Cherie Pearson BOD NWCU and Lion Phil Dzurnak at the TV, Phone and Internet booth
Birthday flowers for local residents at nursing homes.  
Lions Carmela Sanzo, Linda Hamm, Valerie Manor resident Edna and Valerie Manor TDR getting ready to make the presentation.. Lions Carmela Sanzo, Linda Hamm, making the presentation to resident Edna while the Valerie Manor TDR looka on.
Car and Sign preparation before parade.  
Lions who are either marching or riding in the parade. Leos who are marching in the parade.
The following photos are courtesy of the Register/Citizen  
Lions Norm Nejaime, Andy Ferencak, John and Jean Gelormino. Lion Carmela Sanzo.
Leos marching with International banner, Lions Club mascot, followed by another Leo and her dog, finally Lion Donna Robideau. Leos holding International banner, Leo and dog, Lions Club Mascot, Lions Phil Dzurnak and Pat Dablain.
Lions Club Mascot followed by Lions Phil & Elaine Dzurnak.  







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