New Member

Past Pres. Phil Dzurnak initiates Tony Cuozzo, Sponsor Mike

Yuchunas looks on.


2019 Lion & Leo of the year.  

Lion of the year Bobbi Jo Klug & Pres. Donna Robideau.

Outstanding Leo of the year Zach Sweeney.

2018-2019 Officers & Directors  
Newly installed members once again line up for picture.  
Out going Pres. Norm presents New Pres. Donna Robideau her gavel.  Installing Officer, PCC/PDG Dan DiVirgilio looks on. Past Pres. Norm showing one of his outgoing gifts.
2017 Club Christmas Party  
Members at this year's Party.  
Newest club Awards 2018  


Norm Nejaime receives his 50yr certificate from Torrington Mayor Elinor Carbone and Club President Donna Robideau looks on.

John Gelormino receives his 50yr certificate from Torrington Mayor Elinor Carbone and Club President Donna Robideau looks on.  

Past Pres. Norm Nejaime receives his Knight of the Blind.

award from Past Pres. Phil Dzurnak.


Past Pres. Phil Dzurnak receives a Master Key Award

from 2VDG Heidi Zacchera for sporsoring 20 members.


Kathy Oligny receives her 10yr chevron   Kiki Tucker receives her 10yr

from 2VDG Heidi Zacchera.                    cheveron from 2VDG Heidi.


John Gelormino revceives his 50yr           Norm Nejaime receives his

chevron from 2VDG Heide Zacchera.       50yr chevron from Heidi.


Phil Dzurnak receives his 40yr

chevron from 2VDG Heidi Zacchera.

Lion Bill Knight & DGE Harry Schuh presented Bill his 30 year pin.          Leo Leo Gia Hoa Lam & Pres. Norm.  Leo Club's 5th year anniversary.
   DG Bob Clark,Lion Phil Dzurnak & DGE Harry Schuh 100% Secretary.     

DG Bob Clark, Lion Mike Yuchunas & Pres. Norm Nejaime.

Lion of the Year award.

New Officers and Directors 2017-2018  
Newly installed members line up for picture.  
New Members recently installed in 2018  

Sponsor Phil Dzurnak, New member Kim Brown,

New member Donna Groccia-Lubik, Sponsor Donna Robideau


Sponsor Elaine Dzurnak, New member Bob Diamond,

New member Martha Diamond, Sponsor Phil Dzurnak

and installing Officer 2VDG Heidi Zacchera.

New Members  

New member Major Tina Streck,Sponsor Phil Dzurnak, Installing

Officer DGE Harry Schuh (2018)

Another New member  
Lion Elaine Dzurnak, stand-in Sponsor, New Member Michael Rodgerson and Lion Phil Dzurnak (Sponsor and installer) Elaine, Michael listen as Phil explains the significant meaning behind the white candle.
2018 Picnic  
Members waiting for the food to finish cooking.                                      Members enjoying the food.
Annual Club Picnic  
Some members getting ready to chow down. Some members enjoying each other company.
Jean and John Gelormino (picnic hosts) and Pres. Norm Nejaime. More members getting ready to chow down.
Newest Members  

Denise Calkins, Sponsor Donna Robideau,Mitchell Liuiza being installed by PDG Ron Storms and PDG Maryanne Bannan.

    Paul Rabeuf and Sponsor Phil Dzurnak
Past Presidents Kiki Tucker and Phil Dzurnak installing Bobbi Jo Klug with Sponsor Doreen Whitney's help. Lion Mike Yuchunas, Rev. Pilletere's wile and newly transferred Lion Member Rev. Mark Pilletere.

Lion of the Year 2016

DG Kathy Randall and Zone Chairman Dave Boilard look on as Pres, Norm Nejaime reads the accomplishment of Torrington Club's lion of the year Elaine Dzurnak. Lion Elaine Dzurnak with her certificate as the Torrington Club's Lion of the Year.
Touch a Truck Event 2016  
Pres. Rob Stango, the Club;s Lion Mascot and V.P. Joe Fazzino. Two of our Torrington Firemen, Pres. Rob Stango and the Club's Lion Mascot.
Club's 2016 Christmas Party  
Members gathering around before the dinner. More members gathering around before the dinner.
Lion Elaine Dzurnak opens her grab bag as Lions Janet Morrill and Pres. Norm Nejaime look on. Lions Nancy Snopkowski, Denise Calkins, and Kathy Oligny look on as Betsy Quartiero opens her grab bag.

New Member Installation

President Phil Dzurnak conducts installation. New Member Nancy Snopkowski & Sponsor Kathy Oligny during candle part of installlation.
New member Nancy & Sponsoer Kathy at mid-point of installation. New member Nancy & Sponsor Kathy complete the final part of the installation, pinning the new member.
Treasurer Doreeen Whitney being pinned by President Phil. The Club presented her with an Ambassador of Sight award.
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