Club Information:

Meetings:  Before COVID, our meetings would be held in the Multipurpose Room in the Tamworth arena.  They started at 7:00 pm and would last approximately one hour   With the current capacity limits in place, we have been having 'zoom' meetings, meetings in other locations (park, Marlbank hall, etc).  If you would like to join us at a meeting, please contact one of the members at a phone number listed below to obtain current meeting information.

Guests:  If you are interested in attending a meeting, please email or call any of our contact numbers.  Guests are ALWAYS welcome!  

NEW RESIDENTS TO THE AREA:  Welcome!  Our Club is a great way to get to meet your neighbours, business owners, learn about our community, and help in shaping our community.  To join us at a meeting or learn more about our Club and how YOU can help, please contact us!

Email us at:

Or call Al Gordon: 613-377-6446

     Lisa Stienburg: 613-329-8482

    Deb Thompson at 613-217-1819

    Debbie Howell: 613-388-2444


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