Ivan Galanichev was born on the 2nd August 1982 in Dzerzhinsk, Russia. His parents gave him up at birth as he was born disabled.  

He stayed at a children’s home until he was 6 years old when in 1987 he was sent to the Bolkhov boarding school for disabled children. He had to make many trips to St. Petersburg’s Institute of Prosthetics for operations.

After graduating from the boarding school Ivan didn’t have any place to stay in Bolkhov so the town Administration decided to send him to the house for the elderly.

Ivan revealed outstanding talent for drawing. He decorated the hospital of prostheses with his own drawings in spite of missing one leg and his arms up to the elbows. 

 Being an extremely hardworking, neat, friendly, cheerful and independent person Ivan was constantly helping children after operations when he was in the hospital.

 In 1999 Lions Club Golden Pelican helped Ivan to move to St. Petersburg and decided to take care of the talented boy and the Club does it till now.

Lions Club Golden Pelican had been paying for renting a flat for him for seven years, solving most of his financial and everyday problems and paying for his art studies.

Ivan entered the Professional Rehabilitation Centre on specialty wood painter and finished it successfully in 2003.

Since 2004 Ivan Galanichev has been working in the Centre of Creative Rehabilitation for disabled children and orphans “Child’s Soul”.

In 2003 we were happy to celebrate Vania’s and Masha’s wedding in hotel Corinthia Nevskiy Palace (gift of the LC Golden Pelican).

Since 2005 his personal exhibitions in St. Petersburg has been taking place. Ivan presents his paintings on canvas. He loves St. Petersburg so most of his paintings are devoted to this beautiful city.

 In June 2012 their little daughter Vera was born. Now it is a friendly young family that lives in a flat received as an Aid to disabled people from the government. Ivan continues to develop as an artist studying with professional artists, participating in city exhibitions.  

Members of Golden Pelican LC do their best to involve this man in social life, to help him feel as confident as others in everyday activity, fulfilling his dreams and expectations, regardless of his disability.

































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