One of the first activities of the Lions Club Golden Pelican was creation of the art school “WE DRAW THE WORLD” .

Nowadays about 1500 children from 36 social organizations of St. Petersburg are taking part in the project.  

The art school gives opportunity to talented creative children from children houses, boarding schools, shelters of St. Petersburg to express their own vision of life through art, get skills of the main directions of painting.

Besides the lessons in the art centre (drawing, painting, composition) LC G P organizes master-classes with professional masters (experts) of St. Petersburg, excursions to museums, theatres, suburbs of St. Petersburg, exhibitions of paintings.

The art school arranged about 45 exhibitions of children paintings in St. Petersburg.

-         "Country of the rising sun" in the Japanese Consulate;

-         “I am a hockey player” - Ice Palace, during the World Championship;

-         “Brilliant Saint Petersburg” - Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh", dedicated to the 300 anniversary of St. Petersburg;

-         “The world of theatre” – in the Mariinskiy theatre;

-         “Bread” - House of Friendship;

-         “Christmas fairy-tale” - House of the Actor;

-         “Cars in my life” - House of Journalists;

-         “Lion King” - Museum of Printing;

-         “ Saint Petersburg Cats” and so on

    After some exhibitions the best drawings were chosen for printing on postcards, note-books and posters.

There is another very popular among the young participants project  called “ WE DRAW THE SONG”. Lions Club Golden Pelican asks famous Russian singers to allow to use of their popular songs to be the inspiration for the children to draw this song. The children  listen to the chosen song  and try to imagine and  feel it deeply. After that they draw the vision the song.

The best pictures are chosen to be presented in the exhibitions which usually take place in different palaces of St. Petersburg . All participants are invited there  to meet the famous singer and to see other young artists’ works.

  Members of Lions Club Golden Pelican want  to express gratitude and respect to the singers who t kindly agreed to take part in our program: Alexander Rozembaum, Mikhail Boyarskiy, Vyacheslav Butusov, Yuriy Shevchuk, bands “Chizh and company”, “Tea Together” and many others…
















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