Pictured left to right: Ken Stommes (1 Year Director), Nathan Molitor ((1st Vice President and Membership Director), Keith Schleper (2nd Vice President and Tail Twister), Aaron Boatz (1 Year Director), Joanne Bechtold (Lion Tamer), Rick Schultz (President), Jim Meyer (Treasurer), Donna Hoskins (Secretary), Jim Waggoner (2 Year Director), Gail Rucks (3rd Vice President), Mary Stommes (Past President). Not pictured: Margie Evens (2 Year Director)

Officers and Board of Directors (2020 - 2021)

  • President:  Lion Rick Schultz
  • Immediate Past President:  Lion Mary Stommes
  • 1st Vice President: Lion Nathan Molitor
  • 2nd Vice President:  Lion Keith Schleper
  • 3rd Vice President:  Lion Gail Rucks
  • Secretary:  Lion Donna Hoskins
  • Treasurer:  Lion Jim Meyer
  • Board of Directors (1 year): 
    Lion Aaron Boatz
    Lion Ken Stommes
  • Board of Directors (2 year):
    Lion Margie Evens
    Lion Jim Waggoner
  • Lion Tamer:  Lion Joanne Bechtold
  • Tail Twister:  Lion Keith Schleper
  • Membership Director: Lion Nathan Molitor 320-492-8898

Click here to view additional officer photos taken at the June 16 officer installation meeting.

Committees and Chairs

The following committees provide many opportunities to serve!

  • Awards:  Lion Donna Hoskins (chair), Lion Jim Meyer (vice chair)
  • Bake Sale:  Lion Donna Hoskins
  • Bingo:  Lion Greg Kacures (chair), Lion Laurie Anderson (vice chair)
  • Brat Sales:  Lion Kyle Jensen (chair), Lion Joe Bechtold (vice chair)
  • Building:  Lion Keith Schleper (chair), Lion Doug Carlson (vice chair)
  • Chicken and Ham Dinner:  Lion Mary Stommes (chair), Lion Ken Stommes (vice chair)
  • Constitution and Bylaws:  Lion Jim Meyer
  • Diabetes Awareness:  Lion Donna Hoskins (vice chair)
  • Ditch Cleanup:  Lion Greg Kacures (chair), Lion Rick Schultz (vice chair)
  • Eyeglass Recycling: Lion Greg Kacures
  • Finance:  Lion Joe Bechtold (chair), Lion Ken Stommes (vice chair)
  • Fish Fry:  Lion Ken Stommes (chair), Lion Mary Stommes (vice chair)
  • Food Service: Lion Ralph Meyer (chair), Lion Len Walz (vice chair)
  • Food Shelf:  Lion Greg Kacures (chair), Lion Doug Carlson (vice chair)
  • Fund Raising: Lion Mary Stommes (chair), Lion Ken Stommes (vice chair)
  • Gambling:  Lion Mary Stommes (chair), Lion Scott Bloch (vice chair)
  • Health Services:  Lion Jim Kuebelbeck (chair), Lion Joanne Bechtold (vice chair)
  • Historian:  Lion Fran Court (chair), Lion Bill Wasner (vice chair)
  • Information Technology:  Lion Sue Kuefler (chair), Lion Rick Schultz (vice chair)
  • Meat Raffles:  Lion Scott Bloch (chair), Lion Ralph Meyer (vice chair)
  • Membership: Lion Nathan Molitor
  • Newsletter Editor:  Lion Donna Hoskins
  • Officer Nominations:  Lion Donna Hoskins (chair), Lion Joanne Bechtold (vice chair)
  • Parade:  Co-Chairs:
    Lions Joe and Joanne Bechtold
    Lions Ken and Mary Stommes
  • Peace Poster:  Lion Donna Hoskins (chair), Lion Mary Stommes (vice chair)
  • Programs and Entertainment:  Lion Scott Bloch (chair), Lion Joanne Bechtold (vice chair)
  • Public Relations:  Lion Fran Court (chair), Lion Rick Schultz (vice chair)
  • Scouting:  Lion Ken Stommes (chair), Lion Doug Carlson (vice chair)
  • Scrapbook:  Lion Scott Bloch (chair), Lion Laurie Anderson (vice chair)
  • Web Site:  Lion Sue Kuefler



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