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Our 2025 Sierra Vista Lions Club scholarship applications will be available after Sep 3, 2024. 


The Sierra Vista Lions Club recognizes the importance of continuing one’s education beyond high school. To that end, the Club annually awards a scholarship to two deserving students to help defer the growing costs of secondary education.  We pride ourselves on this annual tradition and last year awarded scholarships to two local high school students who demonstrated good academic achievement , good leadership qualities, and a willingness to give back to their communities.


The Sierra Vista Lions Club Scholarship competition for 2025 will award a first and second place scholarship payable directly to an accredited college; university; junior or community college; technical or business school. 

  • Lion Don Roll Memorial Scholarship:  Maximum of $1,000 scholarship to be paid directly to the financial office of the recipient’s school. 
  • Lion Dorothy McGiver Memorial Scholarship:  Maximum of $500 scholarship to be paid directly to the financial office of the recipient’s school. 

Scholarship recipients are expected to attend a Sierra Vista Lions Club meeting for introduction to the club at large.

Eligibility.  The following are the scholarship eligibility requirements:

  • Applicants must plan to attend an accredited university, college or trade school for the ensuing academic year. 
  • Applicants attending Buena High School (BHS) or those home schooled in Sierra Vista and surrounding communities will receive first consideration.
  • Grade Point Average (GPA) must be at least 2.5 on a scale of 4.0. 
  • Additional hierarchy for consideration is:
    • A graduating senior (non-BHS) planning a secondary education.
    • Renewal of previous scholarship award
    • Student presently in a studies program
    • A student returning to a studies program after dropping out for financial need.

Selection criteria.  The motto of all Lions Clubs is “We Serve”.  While we certainly encourage good academic performance, it is not necessarily the primary factor that we consider when deciding who will receive our scholarships.  A student with good grades and an outstanding record of community service stands a better chance to receive one of our scholarships than a student with top grades but who has only a so-so record of service.

The Sierra Vista Lions Club’s Scholarship Committee will review applications and make the final selection on the successful recipients.  Our scholarship judges rate each candidate in the following areas:

  • Academic Record
    • Difficulty of classes
    • Class rank/GPA
    • Performance and promise of applicants; scholastic honors, activities, awards and distinctions
    • School citizenship and leadership
  • Community involvement (community service, volunteer work, church/civic activities)
  • Community Service Essay
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Financial need
  • General achievements
  • Leadership
  • Personal Statement (Used to assess character, common sense, future goals, integrity, personal commitment and relative maturity.)
  • Special circumstances/Special needs/Personal challenges

Application Guidelines

Only one application is necessary to apply for both scholarships.  Return the completed scholarship application to the Buena High School counseling office by the deadline.

In order for your application to be considered, your scholarship application packet MUST include the following (in hard copy, legible form):

           Part A.  Completed application form; signed by both applicant and/or parent/legal guardian.  This part contains the applicant’s ''Personally Identifiable Information” and is retained by Buena High School; thus ensuring complete anonymity during the selection process.

  • Part B.  Completed academic record; verified/signed by school counselor or school official.
  • Part C.  Information Provided by Applicant.  (Do not list your name or address.)
  • Part D.  Personal statement expressing your educational goals, future plans, and why you should be considered for this scholarship.  (Size:  300 words or less; Font size:  12 pt.; Spacing:  1.5)

  • Part E.  Short essay on the importance of community service.  (Size:  300 words or less;  Font size:  12 pt.; Spacing:  1.5)

Note:  The quality of the community service essay is extremely important to the selection of the winning applicant(s). 

  • Two letters of recommendation as outlined below.  Each must be in a sealed envelope with the recommender’s signature on the seal.
  • One letter must be written by a school official who is aware of the applicant’s potential for academic success. Performance and promise of applicants; scholastic honors, activities, awards and distinctions
  • One from a community member who provided oversight/guidance during community service that you performed during your time in high school.  (If no community service was performed, the letter may be from a person in the community (non-family member) such as a business owner, non-profit or religious group leader who personally knows the applicant and can attest to the applicant’s good character.

Please provide the below guidelines to persons writing the recommendation letter:

You have been selected to provide your honest assessment of an applicant for a scholarship.  Please take the time to accurately assess the applicant’s character, common sense, integrity, personal commitment, and relative maturity.  Keep in mind that your recommendation is designed to give us the most comprehensive view of the applicant.  

Please include your name and title. When you have completed this form, please sign it, put it in an envelope, seal the envelope, sign on the seal of the envelope and return the sealed envelope to the applicant. 

To ensure complete anonymity during the selection process, please DO NOT use the applicant’s/family’s name or address. 

PLEASE NOTE:  The scholarship packet requires you to write a personal statement, a short essay, obtain two letters of recommendation AND obtain your school counselor, registrar or principal’s signature verifying accuracy of your application packet.  Please allow sufficient time to submit the application by the TBD deadline.  Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted.

FORFEITURE OF SCHOLARSHIP:  Failure to enroll by the fall semester 2025 and provide the name/address of the accredited college you will attend, along with a copy of your acceptance letter, to the address delineated in the recipient’s scholarship award letter constitutes forfeiture of the scholarship. 

On behalf of the Sierra Vista Lions Club, good luck to all applicants.

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