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What's a website without links? Some links may open into external windows. Here are a few good places to find out more about Lions and other ways you can help serve your community.

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Other Web Sites of Interest

  • SMLC on Facebook - Visit the San Mateo Lions Page on the social network, Facebook. Opens into external window.
  • City of San Mateo - City Web Site
  • Legacy Through Giving - Charitable organization in the SF Bay Area that was founded to empower any 501 c3 non-profit organizations to raise funds for their missions by providing them with annual venue fundraisers and online referral donation program opportunities (per LTG web site).
  • Net Lingo - an online reference that details web language and popular text messaging abbreviations.  See something online you don't understand, like PayPal for example, and Net Lingo will tell you what it is.
  • Red Cross Blood Donation Facts - Red Cross Facts Sheet about Blood Donations and related Statistics
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