Easy Ways to Make a Difference

San Mateo LIons Club supports a variety of charitable causes in our local community.  Please check out our Club Projects Page for a review of our charitiable causes.  Here are a few easy ways YOU can make a difference. 

San Mateo Lions Club E Scrip Program

Here's an easy way YOU can make a you go about with your day-to-day activities!

Register with eScrip as a supporter of San Mateo Lions Club

  • Go to this link:
  • You can search by name: San Mateo Lions Club or by its ID#: 500029904

Register cards you normally use for purchases such as groceries, booking travel, restaurants, online shopping, etc.

  • You can register up to 9 cards (credit cards, debit cards, retail and gift cards)
  • If you don't have existing eScrip or Grocery cards, skip Step 3 and click "Next" to Step 4 to register your credit / debit / retail cards

Each time you use these cards with a participating merchant, a % is automatically donated to the Club!

  • It doesn't cost you anything extra and will support the club in providing valuable services to the local community!
You're done!  Your everyday purchases with participating merchants will support the San Mateo Lions Club on an ongoing basis!
Here're examples of the vast list of participating merchants

Grocery Stores

  • Mollie Stones
  • Trag's
  • Lunardi's
  • Andronicos
  • Piazza's
  • Draegers
  • (Safeway program is only for schools)

Restaurants, Bars, & Clubs in the eScrip Reward Program

  • You can make a difference just by dining out!
  • 2.5& of what you spend will be earned for the San Mateo Lions Club
  • An additional 2.5% is earned for the club when you complete a post-dining survey for a total of 5%
  • San Francisco: Jillians in the Metreon, Postrio, Maya, as well as over 160 neighborhood favorites
  • Peninsula: Close to 200 eateries just within a 30 mile radius of Burlingame, CA!


  • Airlines - such as American
  • Cruises - Carnival, Princess, Royal Caribbean
  • Travelocity
  • Expedia
  • Hotels -, Marriott, & more!


  • SF Chronicle
  • Web Traffic School
  • More

Extensive Online Mall - Examples of Merchants

  • Amazon, eBay..
  • Bloomingdale's, Macy's, Nordstrom, Ann Taylor, Lands End, Walmart...
  • Apple, iTunes, Best Buy, Radio Shack, Dell, HP...
  • Clinique, Origins...
  • Walgreens, Office Depot, VistPrint...
  • 1-800-Petmeds, PETCO, PetSmart...
  • eHarmony,, TiVo..
See how easy it is to make a difference?    

Donate at Community Thrift Store in SF

Donate your old clothing, furniture, and other items you longer need that may be suitable for thrift store resale and help San Mateo LIons Club earn a share of the proceeds as a fund-rasier to our community fund.

Community Thrift Store in San Francisco is a non-proift thrift store in San Francisco.  Partnered with over 200 local charities, this thrift store provides a share of the sale proceeds from donated items that partnered charities refer to the store.  Each charity has a code number and when that item is sold, the charity receives a percentage of the sale as a fund-raiser to their organization.  Please follow this link to see the roster of charities supported.    San Mateo Lions Club Code is 198.  

You may contact Lion Pat at All American Storage in San Mateo, CA, for details on how you can arrange for items to be dropped off in San Mateo for a later trip to the store. 

Paypal Donation

Coming soon...we will have the abiity to accept PayPal payments for donations. 


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