Scott Stewart,              President

Phil Reese,                  1st Vice President

Shira Lee                     Program Coordinator

Bob Mauger,                Secretary

Jeff Seaman,               Treasurer

Sarah Kinney               Membership Chairman

Dorothy Kavanaugh,    2 Year Director

David Rosen,               2 Year Director

Carol Yurt                     1 Year Director

Jeannie Mauger              1 Year Director

Brian Fox                      Lion Tamer

Jo Ann Seaman            LCIF Coordinator

Dave King,                    Immediate Past President

Ray Anklam                PDG Barb Bachman    PDG George Bachman

Kim Barlag                 Callie Benson               Dr. Pete Bickel

Susie Braskett            Kathie Butler                Jamal Carn

Joel Chaney               Pam Coulter                 Tom DeGeeter             

Pat Deskins                Danny Dickerson         Madeline Douglas       

2nd VDG Lilane Fox   Ashley Geraci              Eric Geraci                 

Don Gesick                 Pam Good                   Mayor Lee Gray         

Paul Gregg                 Kristin Harris                Jim Hatem                 

Bernie Hatem             Bob Hulvey                  Debbie Hulvey           

Shirley Jacobs            Cathy Kilbourn            Phil King                     

Bob Koch                    Cherie Koch                Cris Kraft                   

Darlene Kuzmic          Craig Maxey                Ken Milliser                 

Vanessa Niekamp       Jill O'Callaghan           Paul Parks

Debbie Patton             Tim Patton                  Gary Peterman         

Jill Rider                      Jim Rogers                 Jaclyn Rohaly             

Tom Romine                Melissa Rosen           Tracy Sabetta             

Lori Sanders               Dave Scheetz             Jacquie Self                 

Joe Self                       Sonnie Stewart           Trish Stewart               

Brent Thompson          Andrea Turner            Craign Turner             

Nick Turner                  Ben White                  Lillie Williams          

LuAnn Wolf                 


Pickerington Lions Club History:

77 Years of Service to Others

The Pickerington Lions Club was organized September 23, 1946, with the Canal Winchester Lions Club as our sponsor. There were 38 charter members that year, with Frank W. Fenstermaker serving as our first President.

Adhering to the Lions' motto of "We Serve", the club got right to work sponsoring functions for community entertainment and community improvements.

On June 7, 1947, our first Strawberry Social was held – an annual event for 37 years.  In December 1947, the first of numerous Christmas home decorating contests was held.  In March 1948, the first of four minstrel shows was sponsored.  And in September of 1949, the club held it's first Labor Day homecoming parade and fish fry, a yearly tradition that is eagerly anticipated by community residents even to this day.

December 1951 found the Club decorating the Pickerington Library, something the Lions continued to do at Christmas for many years.  In 1956 the Club planted and harvested a field of corn with proceeds going to Club projects.  The Club operated a booth at the Millersport Lions Sweet Corn Festival for several years and also worked to clean the Festival grounds for a number of years.  Light bulb & broom sales have been held annually for many years, as well.  Other activities have included sales of Halloween candy, Holiday fruit baskets & Entertainment Books, our White Cane Fundraiser and our annual Pickerington Lions Club Pizza Challenge.

Jim Catalfino, of Catalfino's Pizza,
with the Best Specialty Pizza Award
of 2010





So what has the Club done with the money raised from these projects?  A major beneficiary has been our schools: $1600 for a well before we had city water, $3000 for the athletic field, a piano, water fountain, band uniforms, the GOOD Program and support of athletic teams and booster groups.  We have also sponsored delegates to Boys and Girls State.


Innumerable Pickerington citizens have benefited from the Club's donations to pay for eye exams and eyeglasses for those in need.  Donations have also been made for eye operations and for the purchase of close-circuit TVs for magnifying printed material for the visually impaired.  Additionally, the Club provides ongoing monetary support to Pilot Dogs, Eye research, the Diabetes Association, the Cancer Society, the Central Ohio Lions Eye Bank and Laboratory, Radio Reading Service, Camp Echoing Hills and other organizations supporting our common goal of service to those in need.

A project from the Club's very beginning - and one that continues to this day - was our sponsorship of Boy Scout Troop 256.  We also sponsor the Pickerington Leo Club in the high schools.

A large project over the years has been the construction and maintenance of the Terry O’Brien shelter house and storage building in Victory Park.  Over the past 20 years, the club has made several major contributions, including:  $10,000 to the Pickerington Senior Citizens Center, $5,000 to the Sycamore Park Covered Bridge Committee and $1,200 to the New York Firemen’s fund after the terrorist attacks of 9-11.  In the 2003-04 Lions Year, we raised thousands of dollars and put many man-hours into furnishing and dedicating a "soft room" at the Pickerington Police Department.  This room -- which looks like a family living room -- is used by police when interviewing children or victims of domestic violence to give them a more comfortable and safe atmosphere in which to talk to police.

Lion Connie McClellan delivers a portion of the club's food donations to Family Services




Lion Connie McClellen delivers a portion of the club's donated food to Family Services for Thanksgiving.




Most recently, we successfully finished our pledge drive for Campaign SightFirst II by raising over $5,000 for this important sight-saving project.

The members of our club take great pride in our long history of service to the community and we look forward to many decades of service to come.


Historical List of Presidents, Secretaries & Treasurers 

Melvin Jones Fellowship Recipients from the Pickerington Lions  

Recent Club Awards & Honors

District Club of the Year:  2023-24     2021-22      2020-21     2019-20     

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District OH7 Humanitarian Award, March 2024

District OH7 Service Award, March 2024

Ohio Lions Foundation Gold Patron Award, March 2024

LCIF Certificate of Appreciation, March 2023

Russ Williams Chapter Award, March 2024

Eye Bank Supporter Award, March 2024

Pilog Dogs Supporter Award, March 2024

Zone 4 Lions of the Year:  Jeff & JoAnn Seaman, March 2024

Pickerington Chamber's Non-Profit of the Year - May 2022

Pickerington Lion of the Year - Jo Ann Seaman, June 2023

Rookie Lion of the Year - Lillie Williams, June 2023

OLF Founder's Award - Cris Kraft, June 2023

Knight for Sight, June 2023

       Phil Reese     Sarah Kinney     Cathy Kilbourn

Melvin Jones Fellowship, June 2023

       Pat Deskins     Carol Yurt     Jim Hatem

Journey of Hope Award - Lilane Fox, June 2023

OH7 Hall of Fame Inductee:  PDG Paul Kelly, March 2022

International Presidential Award - Brian Fox:  2019

International President's Certificate

       Lilane Fox, 2024, 2022, 2014;  Brian Fox, 2024, 2014;  Debbie Hulvey, 2019;  

Council of Governors' Award

       Brian Fox:  2020, 2018, 2017, 2016;  Lilane Fox:  2018

Council of Governors Chairman's Award of Excellence - Lilane Fox, 2010

Zone 4 Lion of the Year

       Dave King: 2023;  Phil Reese: 2020;  Bob & Jean Mauger: 2016; 

       Jo Ann Seaman: 2013;

James & Betty Coffey Fellowship

       Lilane Fox, JCF, 2023; Cherie Koch, BCF, 2017;  Tom Brubaker, JCF, 2015  

Best Newsletter - 2019, 2018, 2013, 2012, 2011, 1995, 1991, 1983, 1981, 1979, 1978

Honorable Mention - Website:  2012 Lions International Convention

Community Service Award, 2009 from the Pickerington Chamber of Commerce

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