Our President, Lion Stephen Moore took up office at the end of June 2023.  His address is below


"I am more usually known, at least to my face as Steve and it is with a sense of pride but trepidation that I announce to the world at large that I am for the second time President of the West Norwich Lions. I am well aware of the illustrious people that I follow and hope that I can step into their giant shoes leaving a good impression over the next 12 months.
The West Norwich Lions has a long history of having fun while raising funds to aid good local causes along with searching out other sometimes national fundraisers we feel a special attachment for. Do be aware that the West Norwich Lions (itself a registered charity) do not have paid employees, rather that where possible, monies raised are passed in full to the nominated charities. As this year’s President, I have chosen two that are close to my heart.
Food Bank locally based in the east Norwich area this food bank is not for profit and supports all in need local to our area. Money can help with fuel poverty as well as food poverty. With the recent cost of living increases across the board, many people are now reliant in some way on this excellent charity.
Meningitis affects both young children as well as teenagers. What people don’t realise is that it doesn’t actually care what your age is. A good friend of mine went to bed feeling off colour and never woke up. For that reason, the Meningitis Research Foundation is my second choice.
Let us hope we can all share in the activities planned by our colleagues, and come forward with new opportunities to raise funds while spreading the news about Lions International. We can achieve so much more together.
Martin Drake was a marvellous President last year so I have an excellent example to follow and to build on. Our club has so many talented members including two new ones in the last twelve months. I’d like to think along with the existing members, your help (new members and helpers are always welcome) we can encourage yet more people of all ages to join us.
Steve Moore President West Norwich Lions”




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