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The Olive Garden for Children Outreach in Tanzania

The Olive Branch for Children is one of the organizations the Nobleton Lions Club supported in 2022. The following letter from its founder is an update of its work in Tanzania.

Greeting from the Founder

I hope you have had an incredible start to the new year. We had a wonderful holiday season in Tanzania at The Olive Branch for Children. We loved seeing our kids have a well-deserved break from their studies, before either starting the new school year or continuing with their college and university studies. It has been extremely motivational for our younger students to see the successes of the older students, as they pursue post-secondary studies at the top universities in Tanzania. They are witnessing the culmination of years of hard work and the fruition of dreams.

Our Montessori Academy keeps expanding and improving. It is the actualization of an important Olive Branch dream to provide the city of Mbeya with a safe, loving, creative, fun and high-achieving academic environment. Moving forward, the Academy will continue to become an increasingly important part of our sustainability plan, as we accept more fee-paying students in our highly sought after program.

Our portfolio of Community Outreach programs focused on improved service provision and professional development for our key community-based staff members in 2022. We purchased new Montessori materials, new books and educational materials for our Montessori Outreach and KICKIT Mobile Library Programs. Our Climate Care programs saw their first year of measurable success, with the Rent-to-Own Beekeeping initiatives producing over 110 litres of honey and substantial economic benefit to the group members.

We increased the number of households directly benefiting from our food and basic necessities distribution. We are the only organization in our catchment area addressing the socio-economic issues facing vulnerable older adults. We distributed mattresses, chairs, and important household items, as well as constructing steps to improve accessibility for older adults with decreased mobility. The Olive Branch for Children played a central role in the district government’s older adult awareness campaign.

We provided many medical grants, saving limbs and lives, including subsidizing the surgery for a single mother of 2 who had survived a horrific car crash and would have lost her arm and perhaps even her life to sepsis without The Olive Branch for Children stepping in.

Our focus has always been on improving the quality of individual lives in our care and in our catchment area. Each life and each community we have been able to impact is directly due to your support. You believe in the work being done by our amazing team on the ground in Tanzania. By believing in their work and supporting our projects, you ensure that we can continue to positively impact lives every day.

We directly benefited over 200,000 individuals last year, a sizable and substantial impact. But what is more rewarding and important to me and to our team is when we can absolutely transform someone’s life. When we can make dreams a reality. When we can provide life-saving care. When we can ensure the most vulnerable are provided with love and dignity. These direct impacts on the lives of individuals in our care and catchment area are what make our team members wake up in the morning and go to work. This kind of deep, meaningful impact gives us purpose. The fact that The Olive Branch for Children oscillates so easily between micro and macro programming makes us unique. This model of caring for the community, while never forgetting the value of each individual life, is what makes us special.

Thank you for journeying with us. Thank you for facilitating the work we do every day. You are making dreams come true. You are transforming lives. You are making a huge difference. I wanted to take this opportunity to recognize how important you are to The Olive Branch for Children.

Lastly, I wanted to let you know that we are very excited that this year, we will again hold an in-person gala for the first time in three years. If you are in the Toronto area, or can travel to join us, please mark your calendars for May 5th. We will return to Bellvue Manor in Vaughan, and are planning an exciting new format for the event. There will be information on our website as well as emails about purchasing tickets to the gala.

I really hope you will be able to attend the gala so I can personally thank you for your support and most importantly for helping to make dreams come true.

Also, much gratitude for connecting us to your Lion's Club community. It was a wonderful experience to have the chance to talk to the group. Thank you for the generous donation.

With much gratitude,

Deborah McCracken-Nangereke

Founder, The Olive Branch for Children

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2021 Projects

There were two online auctions which raised over $5000 to help fund local organizations. In addition our Club participated with the other two clubs in King Township in the Reverse Advent Calendar to assemble food packages for the King Township Food Bank. The value of food donated was about $10,000.

Most events in 2020 were cancelled due to COVID-19. The annual Dog Guide Walk was held in Ocober with funds raised to help the Lions Dog Guide Foundation. We were able to provide community support with drugstore deliveries and distribution of Christmas floral arrangements generously donated by BTN Nurseries to seniors in Nobleton.

2019 Community Fundraising Ticket Draw

On Saturday afternoon, October 26, the draw to select the winners of this year’s Nobleton Lions Annual Community Fundraising Ticket Draw took place at the Nobleton Gazebo. The first prize worth $4000 went to Owen Rogers with Ticket #736, sold by Joe Tasca. The second prize worth $750 was won by Tom and Monica Bevil, Ticket #452, and the third prize of $250 went to Bob Carisse, Ticket #679. Once again all tickets were sold and the proceeds in excess of $12000 will support the activities of the numerous community organizations supported by the club. Our thanks is extended to everyone who participated in this very worthwhile event.

2019 Annual Golf Fundraiser

In June over 140 golfers and friends enjoyed a day on the course and dinner at the Nobleton Lakes Golf Club. Over $23,000 was raised in support of local community organizations. Thanks go to Lion Jim Kazzam and helpers for their dedication in organizing this event.


2019 Dog Guide Walk

Once again a successful drive to raise funds for the Lions Guide Dog program was held on May 26 starting at the Nobleton Public Library gazebo. Over $9700 was raised for this important cause.


2019 Texas Hold'em Poker Fundraiser

The Club wishes to thank all those who came out for a sold-out night of Texas Hold’em Poker held on April 26. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Proceeds will be put right back into community groups and activities. The Lions also gratefully acknowledge the support of St. Mary’s Church, and the Knights of Columbus. Pictured with Lion Steve Simonato, event organizer, is the night's big winner, Rob 'The Panda' Campagna.

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