Nelson Lions Equipment Rental

We have the following equipment available for rental. For ordering or more information, please contact us at ren‍tals‍@ne‍lsonlio‍ns.c‍a

Cooking Equipment For Rent!

(includes propane)

(1) Large 3 burner propane stove - $50.00 per event.
Griddle is approx. 20 inches wide & 3 feet long. Includes 1 large matching steel griddle.

(1) Smaller 2 burner propane stove  - $50.00 per event.
Split griddle, each griddle (2) is approx. 18 inches square.
2 cast iron fry pans and one small cast iron griddle are available, if required.

(1) Electric Hot Dog Rotisseie - $10.00 per event.
Includes bun warmer!

(1) Chuckwagon - $200 per event (unmanned*)
Includes set-up and all propane required.
$500.00 per event, fully staffed by lions members while operating.

$2.00/Km - Out of town delivery & return charge (one way only)

No lions staff required while operating.  


Tents For Rent!

(2) 9X9 Tents   $10.00 each, per event.


Casino Equipment For Rent!

Gaming Wheels - Roulette and Crown & Anchor

Black Jack Tables                      

Unmaned -  $25.00 per event for each wheel or table.
Manned -  $50.00 per event for each wheel or table.

* A refundable damage deposit of $50.00 is required. A replacement charge of $0.20 per bill is required for play money not returned with equipment. 


Tables & Chairs For Rent!

Folding Tables - $ 10.00 each per event
Customer self delivery. Lions Delivery negotiable on a case-by-case basis.

Chairs - $ 1.00 each per event
Customer self delivery. 
Lions Delivery negotiable on a case-by-case basis..

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