Annual Roast Beef Supper

In March we have our annula Bemis- Dumont Rost Beef Supper to benefit MarlHarris Emergency Medical Services and Lions Sight and Hearing


Memorial Day Parade

In May we march in the annual Memorial Day parade to remember thous that gave thier all.

Year end Celebration

In June when the Lion's year ends we celebrate our 1960 charter. We have a hamburger and hot dog picnic. We give out year end rewards and just have a great time.

Lion's Golf

In July we form one or two  4 member teams and play in the Chesterfield Lions anual golf tournament at Brentwood golf course. 

Veteran Day Observance

On November 11th at the 11th hour we join the American Legion in the Veteran'a Day observance.

Community Tree

In November we put up the Community Tree at the Marlborough Community House. 

Selling Christmas Trees

At the end of November and into December we sell Christmas trees to raise money for our charities.

Santa's Visit

In December we host Santa's visit along with the American Legion. 


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