The Melvin Jones Fellowship, which requires donation by the Club to Lions International of $1,000, is awarded by the Club to recognize singular efforts by a club member on behalf of Lionism.

The Lions Club of Mobile selects a Melvin Jones Fellowship when recognition is due and makes a donation to LCIF in their honor.

Melvin Jones Fellowship Recipients

Ferrell S. Anders

James McM. Backes, Sr. *

Joseph H. Baker, Sr. *

Joseph H. Baker, Jr. *

Yuell Busey *

Jennifer Childress

Todd Denison

Spencer C. Frost

Gus Gary

A. Les Greer

Kevin Harrison 

William J. Hearin, Jr. *

Michelle F. Jones

Mahlon P. McCracken

Joe McDavid

Lawrence J. McKinney *

Mike Payne

Leonard S. Rich

Jack B. Roberts

E.T. Rolison, Jr.

Charlie Story

Raymond H. Sells *

Joel O. Swanson *

Frank H. Summersell *

Sam Winter


* Deceased

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