1.  Membership is by invitation and open to any man or woman interested in service to their community.

2.  Membership is open to women -  Women have been a part of the membership structure of LCI officially for over twenty (20) years and have served as club officers, district officers, state officers and International officers.

3.  Membership is available for youth - Leo clubs are an official part of the LCI membership structure.

4.  Membership is available for college students - Campus Lions Clubs are providing opportunities for the young adult to become volunteers.

5.  Membership can be a "family" affair - families that volunteer together, grow together.  "Family" includes all members in and/or joining the same club and living in the same household related by birth, marriage and other legal means.  The first family member shall pay full annual dues and any applicable entrance fee.  Up to four (4) more subsequent qualifying family members over the age of majority in the same household shall pay one-half of the standard annual dues.

6.  Membership is open to veterans at special rates and discounts.

7.  For more information, contact your local lions club or visit the LCI website at to learn how to be a LION!



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