Opening Eyes, Medfest will again be held on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 at the United Center and as each new year rolls around there is always another story to tell. One year it was Mario who was the first child screened by my daughters Colleen and Amy, who make this day a part of their volunteer schedule through work each year. Mario was about 9 years old sat down and Amy showed him the screening card He said there was a circle, a square, a house and the fourth was “love” – that is what the heart and/or apple meant to him. Amy asked him again what the items were and he again said “love” was the fourth item. Mario began his test and passed it flying colors while saying each time the fourth item was “love”.
Each year it is different – there is always one child who makes your day perfect no matter how many children you screen.  The sad part is when the child cannot complete the screenings and you have to fail them.  Tears come very easily in these cases.
Again, there will be Lion volunteers some of who had not participated in this very special community service event before. They will all pitch in and will be amazed at what they were seeing and doing. I am sure they will be back again next year.
There will be children of all ages - all nationalities - some in wheel chairs - and some who can not verbalize. There were at least six (6) different types of vision testing along with a full review of any potential problems by a full group of eye doctors and students and many of the students left with glasses or sun glasses. They will be treated to lunch and a chance to watch to maybe watch the Black Hawks working out while they waited their turn to go through the lines for physicals and eye screenings.












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