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The Mayfair Lions club was looking for a  community service project all the members could participate in and contribute to in any way that was comfortable to them.  Hence, we started a book collection project for donation to the Albany Park Community Center with the books for Pre K, Kindergarten – what a fun time looking for kids books again – it was amazing to see what is available to kids now to learn – to read – to communicate!     The members had been collecting books over the summer and Lion Georg, Harriet and I brought some 45 of them to the Center in a Winnie the Pooh Back Pack!  I think I felt like a kid again and was slowly realizing that it was still fun being a Lion and doing something in the community. 

Some of the most unusual books were actually gotten from a Cheerios Box – yep a book in a box and bilingual no less!  I have to say I have eaten lot of cereal these past few months – books and breakfast – what a concept!

When we first came in the door we were immediately greeted by Casey – the 6 foot tall kid on the block who greeted the kids as they came in with a “high 5”.  He freely admitted he was definitely still a “kid” at heart so he could spend his work days with all the kids and you could see as they came thundering in – each one wanted to say “hi Casey” to make sure he noticed them.

!  Lion Georg was talking with one of guys who was carefully keeping an eye on all the kids to make sure they were going to their places, hanging up the coats and getting ready for whatever they were going to do that afternoon.  Ahsan, while keeping his dark eyes on the kids told us a bit of his history – perhaps in his late forties, he had been coming to the Center since he was a kid – an over 40 year history!  Can you imagine being a part of something like the Center – a place to come to – to be safe - off the streets – to be cared for – the Center was a refuge for him as a child and he played it forward as he is now as part of the staff!

We were waiting for John who was going around to the local schools to “pick up” the kids to be sure they got to the Center safely – this is every day, 5 days a week until 6 p.m.  John came in - with his group - The "munchkins", the kindergartners -  who quickly marched up to the second floor because they knew something special was going to happen.   After a few minutes we walked up stairs and opened the door of the first room – about 24 heads turned around to see who had come in the room – it was so quiet you have dropped a pin!  We were properly introduced as “Lions” and that we had brought something special for them – the magic word “books”!  As we spread the books out on the table – a couple of the kids came over and very carefully touched the covers to see what was there – The Angry Birds Book seemed to be a very popular one to touch!  I was feeling much better about being a Lion serving in the community! 

In the second room, the same thing happened - eyes glued to us and the books in our hands .  Then two young ladies came forward and presented us with a big green construction paper card that said ‘THANK YOU” – READ TO SUCCEED – signed by all 45 kids – it is now hanging on my living room wall!  Yep – its’ great to be a Lion!

After talking with John and Dina before we left – the best part of the afternoon happened – we received a very special invitation to come to the Center on Thursday October 23rd , to do story time reading to the younger children we visited with the other day. The event is called" Lights on After School" - a nationwide event to call attention to the need for quality after school programs.   If we can attend the Mayfair Lions Club will be listed on the program as part the event!  Yes - It is still fun – it is still definitely great to be a Lion!



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