The Manassas Host Lions Club participates in the support of the Lions Sight & Hearing Van.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012.  Three members (Lions John Hartt, Chris Branigan & John Beere) of the club plus John Hartt's father-in-law manned the Sight & Hearing Van as a part of a health fair at Mullen Elementary School in the Manassas area.  


Total screened = 20

  • Hearing Results - 10 Abnormal, 3 Referrals
  • Vision Results - 7 Abnormal, 5 Referrals
  • Glaucoma Testing - 4 Normal, no referrals

Most of those tested were students from the school.


Saturday, April 28, 2012. Five members of the Manassas Host Lions Club (Lions John Hartt, Jack Craig, Chester Smith, Matt McLaughlin & John Beere) plus Park West Lions Ed Rorinson and Phil Smith plus two Manassas Lioness members, Nancy Sligher and Leona, managed the Sight & Hearing Van as a part of the Georgetown South Community Day / Health Fair in Manassas.


Total screened = 24

  • Hearing Results - 2 Abnormal, 2 Referrals
  • Vision Results - 1 Abnormal, 19 Referrals
  • Glaucoma Testing - 17 Normal, 3 referrals

We also had a prospective member join us.


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