- Lion Carol Van Holt

In our previous article, we covered sites the club met at, the programs and speakers that were heard from, how the club raised money and how that money helped so many people. And, of course, the popular pancake breakfasts and events with special guests.  

As we wrap up the early years, it seems fit to note how our club motto, “Having Fun While Doing Good” was truly exhibited way back when.  We have pictures of the members in costumes and themed parties. Having fun is still as important to our club members as is the doing good.

Most interesting is the long list of lost items that belonged to the club.   As the club moved around to various meeting sites they lost the flag, the banner, the charter night bell, gavels, song chart, International Plaque for 90% attendance, a set of international flags, two Club Historian record books, Club Pictures, the Tail Twister’s pot, name badges, a life size golden Lion, a golf trophy and believe it or not, a piano. How do you lose a life size Lion and a piano?  This piano was purchased from The Madam Modjeska’s Home in Modjeska Canyon.  She was a famous Shakespearean actress from Poland.