Georgetown Lions Citizen of the Year and the Lion Fred Zorge Service Club Member of the Year 

Halton Hills Ontario 

2019 Citizen of the Year (COTY)

Marilyn Serjeantson

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Since 1972 The Georgetown Lions Club has honoured individuals, couples or organizations for their volunteer work in our community.  They all have one thing in common, the desire to make Georgetown a better community for everyone. Our Lions members contribute thousands of hours of volunteer work each year we know what it takes to serve and it is fitting that we give recognition to a citizen who has served his or her community in an outstanding way.  The final selection is based on the recipient’s achievements and their outstanding contributions to our community.  The committee wishes to acknowledge and thank those Georgetown citizens who write to us and made nominations for the Citizen of the Year Award.

How Do I Nominate Someone?

To nominate an outstanding volunteer send a letter or if you prefer use our application form and return it to Lions Club Citizen of the Year, P.O. Box 73, Georgetown L7G 4T1, or email . Past nominations are carried forward for two years and will be reconsidered.  This is your chance to truly recognize someone in our community that makes a difference in the lives of many in our town. To nominate using the Lions applicaiton form click on the link below:


Past Recipients


1972- Peggy Treahy                                       1995 –Lois Fraser

1973 – Georgetown Volunteer Fire Dept.        1996 –Trevor Williams (d)

1974 – Rev. Peter Barrow                               1997 –Ron (d) & Dorothy Hunt

1975 - Georgetown Volunteer Ambulance      1998 –May (d) & Shell Lawr

           Service                                                  1999- Paul C. Armstrong

1976- Connie Nieuwhof                                    2000- Barry & Sandra Timleck

1977 –Walter H. Gray (d)                                 2001- Manley & Doreen Densmore (d)

1978- Irwin & Joy Noble (d)                              2002- Martin Boomsma

1979 – Karen Harrison                                     2003- Jenny Tuffin

1980- Violet Haines (d)                                    2004- Tom Schenk

1981- A.V. Ab Tennant (d)                               2005- Glenda Benton       

1982- Esme Ball (d)                                         2006- Louise Brown

1983- Ralph Ursel (d)                                      2007- Homecoming Committee 2007

1984- W. “Steamer” Emerson (d)                    2008- Dr. Jeff Sutherland

1985- Jean Layman (d)                                   2009- Ernie Bodnar

1986- Georgetown Girls Pipeband                  2010- Dianne Penrice

1987- Edward “Ted” Gorth (d)                         2011- Laurent Thibault     

1988- Thompson “Tom” Ramautarsingh  (d)   2012- Graeme Goebelle

1989- Jesse Hayes (d)                                    2013- Brenda Sisnett

1990- Siena Van Hoekelen (d)                         2014- Fred Helson (d)

1991- Lena Johnston (d)                                 2015- Kay d’Entremont

1992- A. “Sandy” Booth (d)                             2016- Dave and Dale Cox

1993- Lou Darcie                                            2017- Gerry Kentner                           

1994- Russell Miller (d)                                   2018-Dee Dee Haynes-Ridley

(d) – Deceased

The Lion Fred Zorge Service Club Member of the Year

The Georgetown Lions Club has since 1972 honoured a worthy volunteer by awarding the Annual Citizen of the Year Award.  Over last 47 years the award has been given to individuals, couples or organizations that have made Georgetown a better community.

 The format has remained consistent until this year as the Lions Club will be adding a new award to the evening. The Lions is the largest service club organization in the world with over 1 million members in over 200 countries  we know the dedication that is required to be a good service club member.

Service clubs are unique in that the members join not only to undertake community service but also to form close bonds and friendships that endure for many years. Members may channel all their volunteerism through the service club the success of the projects undertaken benefit the community while the individual member may not get the recognition in the broader community as the whole club undertook the project. The Lions felt that the community should be able to honour and publicly acknowledge those service  club members that give of their time and talents to the community accordingly  a new award is being established commencing in 2019 and will be combined with the Lion’s' Citizen to the Year Award Dinner.  

Criteria for the Award

  •  Member in good standing in a Georgetown Service Club with a minimum of three years service
  • Be nominated by their home club
  • Cannot be a past Citizen of the Year
  • Has worked on projects that have benefited the local community
  • To be awarded at least once every three years
  • Award to be given at the COTY awards dinner

Mariiln Serjeantson 2019 Citizen of the Year


Media Release

Date:  March 3, 2020

Title: Georgetown Citizen of the Year Award

The Georgetown Lions Club is pleased to announce Georgetown’s Citizen of the Year for 2019; Marilyn Serjeantson. The award given out annually since 1972 recognizes the contributions that volunteers make to the community, past recipients have included individuals, organizations and couples.

Lion Doug Penrice Chair of the Citizen of the Year Committee said “We are pleased to once again recognize an outstanding volunteer in our community, the selection committee is always amazed how much our community relies on volunteers to enhance our quality of life”.

Marilyn and her husband the late Ed Serjeantson moved to Georgetown over 50 years ago and raised their four sons here. Both of them became very active in the community Marilyn volunteered at her children’s school, George Kennedy by setting up the first hot dog days to raise funds. Seems fitting that she would volunteer with the school, her grandmother Florence was related to Georgetown’s founder George Kennedy.

 Marilyn moved on to politics being elected as the first woman to be on Council for the Town of Halton Hills, a challenge she described it as the “boys club”. At this time, she launched the Activan which provided much needed transportation for seniors and other with special needs.  In 1985 she moved on to be a Region of Halton Councillor.  In 1994 she took the big step and was elected the Mayor for the Town of Halton Hills again the first female to hold this post.

During her time as Mayor the town had significant growth and many new and exciting public projects came to fruition. The building of the Mountainview Road bridge connecting Georgetown South with the established community, the purchase of the Dominion Gardens Park, twinning of the Mold Master Arena, the fundraising efforts to build the Gellert Centre and initial planning of the Trafalgar Sports Park.

Through the Credit Valley Conservation Authority, she volunteered with the Bruce Trail organization helping to purchase properties that now make up this national treasure

Although a member of council is a paid position, all these projects took a tremendous amount of time and commitment beyond the scope of the salary paid by the town at that time.  Marilyn spent 23 years serving  Halton Hills all the while raising four active boys that were all heavily involved in extra curricular sports. 

Upon leaving politics her energy was redirected to community organizations and projects. She was instrumental in establishing the early childhood centre at the Gary Allan High School, also served on the board of Community Living

She was a member of the 2007 Georgetown Homecoming Committee a project that was so successful it was recognized as Lions Citizen of the Year in 2007. She is a member of the Light up the Hills project which was named a business award winner by the Halton Hills Chamber of Commerce. 

Marilyn served on the Family Council Board at the Extendicare Nursing Home where her 102-year-old mother is a resident. She was a board member of the Devereaux House rehabilitation project which saved a historical building from certain demolition.

She is a long-time member of the Kiwanis Club of Georgetown serving as President and Secretary, her fellow members unanimously supported the nomination.  Through her involvement with the club she plays a key role on the Head for the Hills Craft Beer Festival.

“I have known Marilyn for almost 45 years on a personal and professional level and her tireless energy never ceases to amaze me. As a fellow Kiwanian, I can speak from experience that she is the first to volunteer to tackle any task and I know that a lot of our events could not function without her excessive contributions” wrote Melanie McCracken in her nomination letter. 

Marilyn has always been active in the community including physically, it is not unusual to see her biking around town, playing tennis, walking and in the past actively roller blading the local streets. She is full of energy and enthusiasm and even the loss of her soul mate Ed has not dampened her positive attitude.

The Lions will honour Marilyn at the awards dinner to be held when the COVID -19 virus abates. for information please call Lion Doug Penrice (Dianne) at 416-716-8469.








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