Georgetown Lions Undertake Random Acts of Kindness

The Georgetown Lions Club for 88 years has provided service to the community making Georgetown a better place to live. The club is always willing to help those less fortunate or having temporary difficulties. Our projects have tended to be large in scope such as donations to the Georgetown Library, the former Dick Licata Swimming Pool or the Georgetown Hospital to name just a few.

Lions’ members felt that they should demonstrate our commitment to the community in a more direct manner and will be undertaking a six month program of doing a Random Act of Kindness each month. These acts may be directed to wherever there is a need and may be a spontaneous act aimed at individuals.

“The purpose of this program is to touch residents in a positive manner and we hope that those people that receive an Act of Kindness will pay it forward” said Lions President Vijay Kaplia. 

Act 6, May 25, 2019

For this Random Act of Kindness  the Georgetown Lions visited the soocer pitch on opening day of the season. The Lions provided complimentary Freezies to the players and famiilies. Over 3,000 local children play this sport in Georgetown and one of our own, Lion John Fini is the coach of his daugher's team. Lions Ed Hretchka and Ivan Damancic provided help at this fun event. For more information about the sport visit  

Act 5, April 18, 2019

The Lions undertook another Random Act of Kindness just in time for Easter. Lion members  visited our local Frescho and provided gift certifcates for groceries for 22 familes. Freshco pitched in as well by providing two of the cerrtifactes. Shoppers were very surprised and of course happy that someone would help with thier purchases. Easter is a time to celebrate renewal and the Georgetown Lions  Club was very pleased that we could bring a smile to so many families.  

Lions Linda Dilks & Jack Ruck with Ngan & Jason 

Act 4,  March 30, 2019

The Georgetown Lions Club was once again on the prowl in the community performing Random Acts of Kindness at Ares Restaurant on March 30, 2019. The Lions were paying for the meals of the breakfast crowd at this popular local eatery. Each diner was given a $10.00 coupon to assist in paying for the meal.

"We know a lot of people head to Ares on the weekend for breakfast it was a good way for our club to reach out to the community to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to Georgetown residents. It may motivate those people to think about joining our club or paying it forward” said Lion Louie Violo. 

Diners at Ares Restaurant enjoy breakfast courtesy of the Lions Club

Ares owner Doreen Govas on the left welcomes her customers while in the back row l to r Lion Loins Louie Violo, Vijay Kaplia and Art Hayes.


Act 3, March 6, 2019

Lion members visited Georgetown Hospital  and provided parking passses to the patients for four hours during the day. Tuesdays are very busy as the Fracture Clinic  is in full operation and with  the icy conditions this year was filled with patients all day.

People were pleasantly surprised when approcached by Lions members and told it was their lucky day and that parking was free thanks to our club.Over the four hours we handed out 135 passes which would represent a value of over $800.00. Thanks to the Georgetown Hospital Foundation for their assistance in orgainizing this event.  

Lion Linda Dilks presents parking passes to Elaine  Griggs (L) and Marvyn Morgan (R) as part of the Georgetown Lions Random Acts of Kindness program

Act 2, January 26, 2019

The Lions club visited the local McDonalds Resturant on Saturday to undertake another Random Act of Kindness by giving out 121 gift coupons for Happy Meals. Patrons were surprised  and grateful that the Lions were reaching out to the community.  It was very fulfilling that such a small gesture was so much appreciated. Lion members had a good time with  the children and their parents. 

This is program will operate until  May 2019 and is another concrete example of the Georgetown Lions serving our community.


Back Row, Lion Jack Ruck and Stacey Low

Front Row,Ryder Burke, Jack Parker, Violet Parker, Jensen Low and Calihan Low

Act 1, December 11, 2018

The first act coincides with the Christmas season with the giving of gift cards for Food Basics to families that have been identified by the Links2Care organization. The Lions provided 20 gift cards and Food Basics generously provided two more cards.

Lions present 22-$25.00 Gift Cards to Links2Care

L-R Lion Linda Dilks, Cathy Gerrow Links2Care and Lion Art Hayes 

More Random Acts of Kindness to Come



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