Description of Committees

Program:      Chairman
To arrange for interesting and varied programs for the Club general membership meetings

Attendance:      Chairman
To take attendance at every meeting and project, and to advise the Club Secretary concerning attendance awards.

Auditing:    Chairman
To establish an auditing procedure and conduct an audit of Club financial records as deemed appropriate according to IRS requirements. To develop procedures and guidelines for Club projects where IRS requirements must be followed. To work with the Board of Directors to ensure these requirements are followed.

Membership:      Chairman
Coordinate efforts to increase and retain members. Review applications and recommend applicants for membership. Assist prospective member’s sponsors. Assist the Board of Directors concerning District New Member indoctrination processes and new officer training seminars.   

Constitution and By Laws:      Chairman

To assist the Board of directors when any constitutional or Bylaw changes are to be made. To periodically review and recommend updates to Club bylaws.


Cornea Transport:      Chairman
To coordinate with our local hospital in running the eye bank substation. To find means of transportation to the eye banks, or relay points, when eyes are donated.


Float and Parades:     Chairman
To participate in as many parades as budget and financial restrictions permit. To maintain the float in good operating condition.


Publicity:            Chairman
Design, arrange and distribute all forms of advertising required to promote club activities and fundraising efforts.


Committee Assignments:              Chairman

To annually review all committees and assign members with consideration to members interests and committee staffing needs.


Invocation:        Chairman
To invoke the invocation at club functions when requested.


Sunshine:     Chairman

To report illnesses or deaths of a Club member or an immediate family member and to communicate best wishes or condolences on behalf of the Club.

Song Leader:        Chairman

To lead the club in song at all meetings


Used Eyeglasses:     Chairman
To collect and maintain used eyeglass from pick up points around the city. To accumulate those glasses, store them, and from time, arrange for delivery to designated collection points.


Gumballs:    Chairman
To arrange for the placement, maintenance, and collection of proceeds of Club sponsored gumball machines throughout the city.

Conventions:        Chairman
To make reservations and disseminate Lions Convention information to our Club delegates and any members who may wish to attend.


Fundraising:           Chairman,

To monitor the profitability of current fundraising projects and to promote fundraising opportunities and efforts of the Club.


Newsletter:          Chairman
Will gather information, produce and distribute our monthly newsletter.


Distinguished Service Award:            Chairman
To select an appropriate recipient for the award and to arrange the program honoring that person.


Civic Improvement Projects:        Chairman
To organize clean up nights at City parks. In conjunction with the Parks Dept. ascertaining what needs to be done and the best and most efficient means of doing so.


Sporting Events:        Chairman
To organize and promote Club participation in Lions Club International, State, District, and/or community sponsored sporting events to which the Club may pay all or a portion of the participant’s registration fee.  


Nominating:          Chairman

To secure a slate of officers from qualified candidates, and to present the slate to the general membership for ratification, in accordance with Club Bylaws

Melvin Jones and Birch Strum Awards:         Chairman

To identify and present these two distinguished awards to qualified members who meet the respective award criteria. 

Project Equipment & Safety:            Chairman

To ensure all Club facilities, equipment, and appliances are properly stored, mechanically safe to operate, and in good working order.


Adopt A Highway:              Chairman

To organize Club members to periodically pick up trash and debris along highways assigned to the Club.


Eyeglass Requests:               Chairman

To process requests for eyeglasses and facilitate the purchase if required. To aid in sight conservation efforts including, but not limited to, conducting vision screening programs at designated intervals.


Diabetes Awareness:            Chairman

To work with local health providers and Lions Clubs to promote diabetes awareness, risks and treatments. 


CSC UW Events:                  Chairman

To provide security, ushering services, and ticket taking labor at CSC UW sponsored events


Greeters:                           Chairman

To warmly welcome Lions members and guests attending Club functions.


SCARP:                  Chairman

To arrange sufficient help at the summer Softball Concessionaire’s Stand At Ralph Park and ensure the stand is consistently adequately stocked.



County Fair:                  Chairman

To arrange help, as requested, to monitor entrance and exit gates at the Fair and aid in selling admission tickets


Website & Social Media:                  Chairman

To continually update and promote the presence of our Club and Lionism, using websites and other approved forms of social media.


Tour de Fort:                  Chairman

To organize and provide staff to facilitate the bicycle ride event at our Club Corn & Chicken Roast.


Club Historian:                  Chairman

To preserve the history of our club through written documents, photographs, and social media recordings.


Financial Reporting:                  Chairman

To complete, and timely file, all required State and Federal Tax Returns


President First Vice President Second Vice President Third Vice President
John Anderson Russ Turk Dave Ring Mason Becker
  (Corn & Chicken Chair) (Corn & Chicken Co-Chair) (Smelt Fry Co-Chair)
    (Smelt Fry Chair)  
Distinguished Service Award Fundraising Efforts Tour de Fort  (August) Website & Social Media
Turk, Russ (Chair) Jonas, Trish (Chair) Fiege, Jason (Chair) Jonas, Trish (Chair)
Moen, Gary Ebbert, Michelle Hanke, Dean Hurtgen, Patti (Chair)
Jahnke, Lee Peterson, Donna Woods, Jeff Fiege, Jason
James, Rick Kendrick, Carrie McKenzie, John  
Fiege, Jason Hood, Lisa Ring David Newsletter
Rose, Bob Fiege, Jason Dunlap, Nate Hurtgen, Patti (Chair)
Jonas, Trish Onufur, Nancy Baio, Carl Schaefer, Glen
Nominating Stine, Rob   Brockmann, Janice
Weber, Dan (Chair) Strese, Betty SCARP    (May - August)  
Newell, Pete   Jonas, Trish  (Chair) Publicity
Rose, Bob Used Eye Glasses Ebbert, Michelle   (Chair) Moen, Gary (Chari)
Jonas, Trish  Schaefer, Glen (Chair) Fiege, Jason  (Chair) Hurtgen, Patti (Co-C)
Anderson, John Puener, Gale Emrick, Tom Anderson, John
  Buell, Bob Benoy, Gib  
Conventions Hankowitz, Paul Harden, Autumn Attendance
Anderson, John (Chair) Baio, Carl   Jahnke, Lee (Chair)
Jan Brockman - Club Secretary   County Fair  (July) Gross, Don (Co-C)
Jonas, Trish Eyeglass Requests Trebatoski, Matt (Chair) Rose, Robert
  Grunow, Kim (Chair) Hankowitz, Paul  
Melvin Jones & Birch Stern Cash, Barry Draeger, Roger  New Membership
Newell, Pete (Chair) Petersen, Donna Benoy, Gib Becker, Kevin (Chair)
Jahnke, Lee (Co-C) Onufur, Nancy Mode, Jim Becker, E.G.
Becker, E.G.   Dunlap, Nate Dunlap, Nate
Emrick, Tom Cornea Transport   Zachgo, Brian
Weber, Dan Gross, Don (Chair) Civic Improvement  (May)  
James, Rick   Becker, Kevin (Chair) Greeters
McKenzie, John Diabetes Awareness Jacobson, Chuck (Lions Park) Becker, E.G. (Chair)
Draeger, Roger Cash, Dr. Barry (Chair) Benoy, Gib (Klement sign & park) Mode, Jim (Co-C)
Anderson, John Stine, Rob Beran, Frank (Armory) Anderson, John
Woods, Jeff Jonas, Trish Draeger, Roger (McCoy) James, Rick
Moen, Gary   Emrick, Tom (Milw. Ave) Gebhardt, Tom
  Sporting Events Kendrick, Carrie (Lions Park)  
Committee Assignment Draeger, Roger (Chair) Woods, Jeff (Klement-Block hse) Program
John Anderson (Chair) Roberts, Bill (Co-C) Puerner, Gale Moen, Gary  (Chair)
Rose, Robert Benoy, Gib   Becker, Mason
Trebatoski, Matt Shafer, Jim Adopt A Highway (April/Sept) Anderson, John 
Gross, Don Reel, Matt Anderson, Mark (Chair) Schaefer, Glen
Jahnke, Lee   Brandenberg, Jeff Kunz, Gary
Woods, Jeff Project Equipment & Safety Schafer, Glen Song Leader
  Glynn, Jim (Chair) Jonas, Trish Draeger, Roger
Constitution & By-Laws Jacobson, Chuck (Co-C) Brockmann, Janice James, Rick
Rose, Robert (Chair) Becker, Kevin Wiesmann, Dave  
Newell, Pete (Co-C) Dunlap, Nate McMiller, Peter Invocation
Weber, Dan Ehrke, Bob Porter, John Draeger, Roger
Wiesmann, Dave Fromader, Micah Lovett, Nicholas Gross, Don
Lippert, Jordan Newell, Pete Kline, Joshua  
Schafer, Glen Knaack, Trevor   Sunshine
  Wild, Bill Floats & Parades Mode, Jim (Chair)
Financial Reporting   Becker, Kevin (Chair) Beran, Frank (Co-C)
Jahnke, Lee (Chair) CSC UW Events Becker, E.G. (Co-C) Hershman, John
Keating, Greg Jonas, Trish (Chair) Ring, David Harden, Autumn
Lippert, Jordan Ring, David (Co-C) Shafer, Steve  
  Becker, E.G. Jonas, Trish Club Historian
Audit Committee Fiege, Jason Woods, Jeff Becker, E.G. (Chair)
Keating, Greg  (Chair)   Lovett, Nicholas Buell, Bob (Co-C)
Turk, Russ Gumball Robinson, Eric Day, Chip
Vogel, Ron Ehrke, Bob (Chair)    
  Schafer, Steve (Co-C)    
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